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Are you on the lookout for whats the best csgo gambling sites? Well welcome to, one of the oldest CSGO gambling aggregator sites. We specialise in reviewing any CSGO gambling site that comes onto the market and ranking them so you can make an informed decision on which site to sign up to!

Top CSGO Betting Sites right now:

Take a look at some of the best CSGO Gambling Sites for 2023, we review and list only authentic CSGO Gambling sites for you to play at!


Rated 98 of 100%

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3 Free Cases + 5% on Deposits

  • Great Atmosphere
  • E-Sports Betting
  • Great Withdrawal Page


Rated 95 of 100%

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  • Quick withdrawals and deposits
  • Impeccable customer service features
  • Crypto and Fiat payments accepted


Rated 95 of 100%

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  • Well Established CSGO Site
  • Great P2P Market
  • Active Community


Rated 94 of 100%

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Free Coins

  • Plenty of Games
  • Crypto Withdrawals
  • Active Community


Rated 93 of 100%

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100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Free Spins

  • Established Crypto Casino
  • Licensed & Regulated
  • Active Community


Rated 93 of 100%

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Free Bonus Up To 1 Btc

  • Crypto Deposits
  • Great Selection of Games
  • Top Customer Support


Rated 94 of 100%

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11% Deposit Bonus

  • New Case Opening Site
  • Case Battles
  • Daily Bonuses


Rated 90 of 100%

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Free Coins

  • Crypto Withdrawals
  • E-Sports Betting Platform
  • Video Slots & Casino Games


Rated 92 of 100%

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Cash Back Bonuses

  • Tursted Crypto Casino
  • Complete Casino Suite
  • Sports Betting

Dat Drop

Rated 89 of 100%

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Daily Cases

  • Easy Deposits
  • Great Game Modes
  • Great Case Designs

What is CSGO Gambling?

CSGO Gambling isn’t too dissimilar to normal gambling sites, but instead of cashing out real money you’ll be playing for CSGO Skins which can be used in the game Counter Strike Global Offensive. Sites will allow you to deposit in a variety of ways, whether thats actual CSGO Skins, real money, crypto or gift cards.

You can then use this on site balance and play your favourite games such as, CSGO Roulette, CSGO coinflip, CSGO Case opening and even Case battles. When you’ve won some games and increased your balance you’ll then be able to cash out for CSGO skins. Some sites like CSGOempire and CSGO500 do allow crypto cash-outs also.

How to sign up to CS:GO Gambling Sites

Signing up to CSGO skin gambling sites is actually a very straight forward process and generally only requires you to have a steam account. You dont even need to have any skins in your account either.

Once you’ve made a choice on which of the CS:GO Gambling sites we’ve listed above, click on the button. This will take you to the CS:GO gambling site of your choice. You’ll then need to click on the log in button which will direct you to a steam login, make sure you enter your details correctly and dont be worried if the url on the steam page is different than the gambling site you signed up to as some sites do this.

Once you’ve registered your account you can claim your free skins and free coins on sign up and start skin gambling. Keep in mind though, while KYC didnt used to be much of a thing in the past some sites will start asking for it now to verify their customers age.

How do I know which sites to trust?

We’ve all seen in the past unscrupulous skin gambling sites popping up and exit scamming, sites like CSGOWild. This has made CSGO gamblers quite untrustworthy of new sites, this is why we do the research for you. We run through every one of the gambling sites that you see listed here ensuring that they’re up to scratch. Below you’ll find our exact criteria that we put all the best csgo gambling sites through before we list them on our site.

Our Review Criteria

For ever single CSGO gambling site we look at our team of testers apply the following criteria. Rating each section of the site before we cast our final opinion.


Here we take a look at the history of the skin gambling sites in question, how long its been in operation, whether its licensed, where the company is based and any other bits of general information that would be useful for you the reader to find out.

Site Design

Site designs are an important factor when it comes to CS:GO gambling sites, while most CSGO gambling sites are behind in designs compared to classic online casinos its still important that each site is clearly laid out and easy to use. Theres nothing worse than playing crash or roulette at csgo casinos and not being able to easily work out what to do.

Bonus & Promotions

One of the main ways csgo betting sites try to attract new customers is via bonuses and promotions. Now we compare this to the online casino industry then they’re worlds apart. You’ll tend to find only small offers such as a free $.5 or 3 free cases where theres very little chance of winning anything more than a few coins.

We look at everything that the gambling sites offer no matter what the size of the bonus. Some offer more classic casino bonuses like CSGOLuck who have both a welcome bonus and a monthly reload bonus. Others offer daily case rewards like CSGORoll and CSGOEmpire which work out as free bonuses each time you claim them.


Each site has their own stack of CSGO gambling games, some CSGO sites like empire only offer CSGO coin flip, roulette and match betting. Where as other sites like CSGORoll have a whole selection of games to play from such as Case Battles, Case opening, CSGO Crash, dice and plinko.

Some CSGO betting sites even go as far to have traditional casino games on their websites, like CSGO500 where you’ll be able to play roulette, live casino games and video slots.

Provably Fair

Each of the sites you see in our Best csgo gambling sites table has been verified as offering provably fair games. Unlike online casino games which are independently tested and verified by auditors we dont have this luxury in the CSGO gambling industry and instead have to rely on sites implementing provably fair into their code. This works in a variety of ways but most csgo betting sites listed choose to use the blockchain as their provably fair system as to ensure all their csgo casino games can be verified by the user to ensure that everything is fair.

Deposit & Withdrawals

Deposit methods can really make or break CS:GO gambling sites, they’ve got to offer a range of ways of players being able to deposit skins and other methods to fund their accounts.

We like to see a range of deposit methods from card payments, skins, rust skins, gift cards, crypto and even NFTs.

Withdrawal methods are equally as important. Depending on whether you’re wanting to cash out crypto or withdraw skins. Crypto withdrawals are relatively straight forward. We like to see a variety of methods and the quicker they’re processed the better.

When it comes to skin withdrawals from the market place this this where it can differ greatly, some CS:GO gambling sites have a p2p market which is a living breathing market where players are depositing their own csgo skins into the market for other players to withdraw, others have a static market stocked with their own skins, and some sites use a Skin marketplace like waxpeer to stock their CSGO skins. You’ll also want to be on the look out for if there are any rare skins that you cant find elsehwere.

Customer Support

This is always an often overlooked area of a review, but customer support is a big factor at a CS:GO gambling site. Often trades can go wrong or you may just need a bit of help, we test out the support thats on offer to ensure you’ll always be able to get help whether thats via support tickets, live chat or through the mods on site.


Finally we then tie everything together with our verdict, remember this is just our opinion based on everything that we’ve seen above. Feel free to try out any of the CS:Go gambling sites whether we’ve reviewed them or not. Or if you see a gambling site not listed here reach out and we can take a look for you.


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CSGO Gambling Sites Promo Codes

New Site Reviews

Check out the latest sites we've reviewed for skins betting and crypto gambling:


Rated 94 of 100%

welcome bonus

11% Deposit Bonus

  • New Case Opening Site
  • Case Battles
  • Daily Bonuses


Rated 90 of 100%

welcome bonus

Free Cases

  • Rust Cases
  • Giveaways


Rated 90 of 100%

welcome bonus

Free Cases & Bonuses

  • Case Opening
  • Promotions &. Bonuses

Pro's & Con's of Playing at CSGO Gambling Sites


  • Dedicated CSGO gambling sites tend to have a better stock of skins.
  • They have a greater variety of games available.
  • CSGO themed games and slots.


  • CSGO gambling space can sometimes be hard to navigate

What are the types of games you’ll find at CSGO gambling sites

Below we will be taking a quick look at some of the popular csgo casino games that you’ll see on these online gambling sites.

Crash Game

Crash is an exhilarating game which is basically where you place a bet and then a multiplier will appear on screen which will increase as time goes on, the higher the multiplier then the higher the payout will be. But you’ll have to be quick as if it crashes before you cash out then you’ll lose your bet. Check out more CSGO Crash Sites here if you’d like to play crash with csgo skins.

Match Betting

Only the most popular gambling sites have Match betting available for their customers, here is where you can get involved in CSGO betting properly. Placing bets on live csgo matches and tournaments. Some betting sites even allow you to place bets on normal sports like soccer, football and basketball.


On a CS:GO gambling site you’ll find a very simplified version of roulette, its the same concept as classic roulette, but you’ll only be able to bet on 3 options, black/red and green. The odds are as follows 2 x for black/red and 14 x your bet if it lands on green. This is one of the many csgo themed games you’ll find. Head over to our csgo roulette site page and see who we’ve ranked top of the list.


If you’ve ever played minesweeper on the PC back in the day then you’ll instantly recognised this CSGO themed game. You pick how many mines you want on the board between 1 – 24, you then place a bet and try and clear as many tiles from the board without hitting a mine. The more you clear the board the higher the payout will be.

Case Opening

Case opening tends to be one of the most popular games at any of the gambling websites we’ve got listed. Here you will select a case which has a range of csgo skins inside it. An animation will appear on screen which will then reveal which CSGO Skin you have won. This can be more or less than the amount you paid to open the case.

Case Battles

Case battles is like Case opening on steroids, rather than playing against the house you’ll be able to play against other players. You can either create a case battle where you select a range of cases that you want to open and then the other player will join. Once they join it becomes a winner takes all scenario where who ever has the highest amount of coins in skins will win the pot.

CSGO Jackpot

CSGO Jackpot was the original game on any betting sites when CS:GO gambling started getting popular. You just need to add coins to the pot, other players will then join with their own amount of coins. All participants will then be given a % chance of winning.


If you’ve ever played a penny machine at an arcade you’ll be familiar with plinko. You drop your coins in the top and it will then land at the bottom in a container with a multiplier on it. Depending on the multiplier will result in a payout.


Any of the recommended sites that you see listed can be trusted to gamble at provided you’re above the age of 18.

What is CS:GO?

CSGO or ‘Counter-Strike: Global Offensive’ is a highly competitive FPS game released on Steam back in 2012 by Valve Corporation. Counter-Strike had been around for years before then and has been known as the most acclaimed team-based ever released. In 2013, Valve released CS:GO skins which could be traded between users and were a way of customizing what your favorite weapons and gloves looked like. CSGO skins being so sought after and the gameplay of CS:GO being so well executed undoubtedly helped the game climb to the heights it’s reached over its 9 years. CSGO gambling is another reason why Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has stayed so popular. Players that unbox rare or new CS:GO skins through the game can then deposit them at CSGO gambling sites and can then win better CSGO skins or items to use in-game.

Check out the table above for our list of best CS:GO Gambling sites. As you can see we’ve currently got CSGORoll listed as the number one gambling website.

In order to prevent CSGO gambling, steam introduced a trade hold which is a 7 day waiting period when sending a skin.

No you dont, content creators get their own promo code that they can use to try and get players to sign up to them in return for getting free bets or free cases to test out a site.

You dont have to play Counter Strike Global Offensive to play at any of the betting sites we’ve listed. However it wouldnt make much sense unless you understood the value of CSGO Skins themselves as very few of the sites we’ve listed allow crypto withdrawals.



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