Best Mystery Boxes/Loot Boxes for 2022

Mystery boxes are a perfect item to gift yourself and others if you are wanting a basket of surprise showing up at your doorstep. Mystery boxes also come as subscription boxes, should you be looking for a regular sprinkle of magic every single month. While each mystery box is prepared and curated by the sellers, sellers understand what to put within the box, to appeal to the excitement that builds up when a person places their first order for one.

Loot boxes on the other hand, are purchased by video gamers online, who seek to redeem random in-game items, that can aid to their gaming experience overall, therefore very similar to mystery boxes. Either way, if you are wanted to dive into the unknown, a Mystery box or a Loot box is definitely perfect to subscribe to each and every month, for some new excitement!

Best Sites for Loot Boxes/Mystery Boxes in 2022

What are Mystery Boxes?

The UK mystery box scheme is perfect to deliver a gift to someone you find hard to shop for. The shopping experience requires no search, just complete trust in the seller’s selection of items, to make the package a perfect present for yourself or a special someone. Some examples of popular peak purchases of mystery boxes and loot boxes are during celebrations like Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Valentine’s day. However, the gifts that are hand-lovingly selected for the customer can alternate depending on the cause and celebration. Most sellers such as Etsy, eBay, and Amazon, allow the customer to make special requests for alterations to the mystery boxes.

What are Loot Boxes?

Loot boxes are a mysterious in-game box purchase that you can make on a loot box site specially created for the video game that you are playing. The exciting package will contain an arrangement and theme of different in-game items that can be used as weaponry and so on. Often gamers can serendipitously find rare collections of in-game items being included within the loot boxes, making the mystery of opening a loot box exciting and a real treat. 

Just like a mystery box, loot boxes can be used as a one-off purchase, or they can be purchased continuously via a life subscription scheme that can save you money when calculated for each box you buy within the year. While the search for the right place to find loot boxes is difficult, there are deals that can be found, if you look to the right places for merchandise.

Are there any legit mystery boxes?

Many mystery boxes available online, are legitimate, if you purchase them from the right retail sites. Some of the most popular selling points for mystery boxes today are in Etsy, Amazon, and eBay. Interested buyers can always check out the reviews that are available online. Reviews are the best way of evaluating how trustworthy retailers are, as they provide real-time examples of past experiences when purchasing mystery boxes online.

Are Amazon mystery boxes legit?

Amazon mystery boxes are legitimate due to Amazon’s regulations and safety protocols that are available in favour of the customer. Before purchasing a mystery box from an Amazon business and seller, however, consider reading the reviews of past experiences of customers. This should help you figure out if the mystery box is worth it or not.

Which companies do mystery boxes?

The best companies on the market today for selling mystery boxes, are Etsy, eBay, and Amazon. They have various mystery box examples with different minimum price ranges for those that wish to have fun and buy one yet keep to a certain budget. 

Mystery boxes on eBay were once illegal, however with many appeals from the collective community on eBay, they were re-introduced. Sellers on eBay needed however, to ensure they follow the community guidelines for listing mystery boxes. The correct terms needed to be used, in addition to a vague idea and listing of the niche of the items. The problem with mystery box items, was that they were seen as a huge gamble for customers, and it was for that reason that the guidelines around selling and buying them had to be looked at again and altered. 

Sold mystery boxes need to have information access with a category of items listed, so the consumer can have a better idea of what they are buying. Otherwise, it is seen too much like gambling.