Best CSGO Case Opening Sites

There are a few things you need to consider when looking for the best case opening CSGO sites. We’ll be looking at some of the most popular CSGO sites that offer case opening, so you can feel assured you’re on a trustworthy gambling site. Our experienced team has reviewed, tried and tested all the best sites for CSGO case opening. We’ve even gone ahead and provided promo codes for some free money to get started with.

Top Case Opening CSGO Sites

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  • Good Deposit Options
  • Legit Site
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  • Crypto Currencies Accepted
  • Good Promos & Bonus Codes
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Getting started on CSGO Case Sites

Beginning at a site offering CSGO case opening is relatively straightforward. The first thing you’ll need to do is pick a case opening site to play at. We suggest looking at the bonuses and promotions available, as most sites are quite similar in how they operate. A good bonus means that you can try the site out with a little extra in your account, so you don’t always have to reach into your own pocket right away.

A few csgo case sites provide players a free bonus without having to make a deposit. The most common type of bonus you’ll find at a case opening csgo site is the match bonus and these are always worth claiming.

How do Case Opening Sites work?

Opening the CSGO cases online is similar to opening cases you get by playing CSGO or buying from the Steam Marketplace. You click to open the case and a marker will start.  The CSGO skin or knife you’ve won will be displayed and added to your Steam inventory.

Instead of buying a key to unlock the case through the Steam Marketplace, you buy the case on the site and open it straight away. Depending on which case you bought will affect what sort of items you can expect to loot. The most expensive cases have a far higher chance of dropping valuable loot, but this doesn’t mean you can’t win expensive items in the cheaper cases, it’s just more unlikely.

What are the Odds of Getting Good Skins?

Whether you open skins through Steam or at CSGO case sites, the chances you’ll get a skin you want or to make a profit is a gamble. This doesn’t mean it’s impossible but you should definitely consider what the chances of getting the different skin rarities are.

The following information was revealed from a test of opening 125 CSGO cases and these are the results:

Blue Skin – 79.92%

Purple Skin – 15.98%

Pink Skin – 0.64%

Yellow Skin – 0.26%

This should give you some idea of the drop percentage of the different quality skins. Opening a yellow skin is very rare but if you decide to spend more money on the more expensive cases, you’ll have more chance of receiving a good skin or item.

The chances that you’ll open a case with a higher value than the case you opened is rare but by opening enough, you’re almost guaranteed to see this happen.