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CSGO500 Promo Code

Are you after CSGO500 promo codes to get your hands on loads of free goodies when you join up? Well, you’re in the right place! We’re going to unveil not just a special CSGO500 promo code exclusive to us – which is backed by our guarantee – and go more into this incredible site.

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CSGO500 Free Referral Promo Code – 100% Up To $1,000 + 50 Free Spins

Above you’ll find our exclusive promo code for CSGO500. This promo code will bag you a great 100% deposit bonus of up to $1000 as well as a great 50 free spins. When it comes to CSGO gambling site promo codes, this ranks up there as one of the best out there!

Claiming Your Bonus with Our Promo Code

Here’s a simple guide on how to activate the referral code on CSGO500, along with alternative codes.

To begin, you should visit CSGO500 and sign in using their username, email, and other required details. If you haven’t got an account with CSGO500 yet, then follow the simple instructions to create one. Once logged in, navigate to the ‘Rewards’ section. If you want to know more about CSGO500, check out our CSGO500 review for all the details.

From there, you can select a referral code from the provided list. After choosing our code, copy and paste it into the promotions section on CSGO500.

Following these steps, you’ll successfully sign up and activate the referral code. This enables them to conveniently make deposits, place bets, and enjoy live match viewing.

If you require further assistance regarding any bonus codes or registration-related queries, feel free to seek help from CSGO500’s live chat support or contact their customer support via email.

CSGO500 Promo Code – Get free spins and bonuses

Other Promotions

As well as the great sign-up bonus you can claim from our promo code, there are plenty of other goodies to be grabbed. These include:

Free Case Bonus

This is also known as the “Daily Rewards” feature, which rewards you for staying active on the website with free cases – who doesn’t love a case opening? The more you deposit and bet on games, the higher your level becomes. And as you level up, you unlock even better rewards.

But that’s not all! Every six hours, users receive additional incentives, and the rewards get even better as your level increases. Plus, keep an eye out for seasonal promotions that can further boost the benefits of this system. When exciting promotions are launched, active website users are promptly notified.

If you’re a social media enthusiast, following 500 Casino’s social media pages on multiple platforms can earn you extra benefits. By engaging in social media-related “Rewards” behaviours, you can earn up to 800 BUX. That includes following their Facebook page (100 BUX), their Twitter account (200+100 BUX), their VK page (100 BUX), joining their Discord community (100 BUX), and connecting with 500 Casino on Google (100 BUX).

Make sure to also check out CSGO500 Casino’s Twitter account for valuable opportunities. They frequently run giveaways and provide updates on current and upcoming promotions. It’s a smart move to stay tuned and take advantage of these exciting offers.

So, dive into the world of CSGO500 Casino and make the most of these ongoing free case promotions. Good luck and enjoy the rewards!

VIP Promotions & Rewards

At CSGO500 Casino, they’ve got an impressive VIP program that takes your gaming experience to a whole new level. As you climb up the ranks, you’ll unlock a wide range of unique rewards that will make your time at the casino even more exciting. Check out what awaits you:

  • Promotional bonuses: Get access to exclusive bonuses and promotions tailored specifically for VIP members.
  • Increased Rakeback percentage: Enjoy a higher percentage of Rakeback, giving you more value for your wagers.
  • Extra raffle tickets: Increase your chances of winning by receiving additional raffle tickets for exciting prize draws.
  • Special chat events: Participate in exclusive chat events where you can interact with other VIP members and win fantastic prizes.
  • Increased weekly reloads: Receive enhanced weekly reload bonuses to boost your playing funds.
  • Personal VIP hosts: Enjoy personalized assistance from dedicated VIP hosts who will cater to your every need.
  • Increased ‘loss back’: In the event of losses, receive a higher percentage of loss back to help you bounce back.
  • Preferential limits: Enjoy higher limits for deposits, withdrawals, and bets, giving you more flexibility and freedom.

As you progress through the VIP program, the incentives and rewards become even more enticing. It all starts with the Silver level (Level 500), followed by Gold, Sapphire, Emerald, Rubi, and Diamond (Level 999). However, the excitement doesn’t stop there! You can aim for even greater heights by reaching Pearl (Level 1100), Opal (Level 1200), and Obsidian (Level 1300 to 9999) levels.

It’s worth noting that no one has reached level 1200 yet. But here’s where it gets interesting: 500 Casino has a special surprise in store. The first player to reach the Opal level (Level 1200) will receive a customized Rolex as a remarkable reward. So, if you’re up for the challenge, you might just be the lucky recipient of this exclusive timepiece.

Join 500 Casino’s VIP program and embark on a thrilling journey filled with incredible rewards. Climb the ranks, enjoy the perks, and aim for that coveted Opal level. The ultimate prize awaits, and it could be yours!

Payment and Withdrawals

What Games Can You Enjoy with CSGO500 Referral Codes?

It’s essential to have great games to wager on and fully enjoy the bonuses when using referral codes. Let’s dive into how you can make the most out of our recommended referral codes at CSGO500:


CS:GO Roulette

Roulette is a classic gambling option offered by CSGO500. Their version of the game has its own unique twist that sets it apart from the original.

On CSGO500, the Roulette chart showcases four different colours. The spots with higher multiplier values are rarer, making them more challenging to land.

What makes CSGO500’s version truly special is the single yellow square-shaped spot. This spot is incredibly rare but offers an overwhelmingly high multiplier.

For example, let’s say you wager 50 BUX on a blue spot and hit it. You’ll receive 250 BUX. However, if you bet 30 BUX on that elusive yellow spot and manage to hit it, you can win as much as 1500 BUX!

Slots image


If you enjoyed CSGO500’s roulette, you’re in for a treat because the platform offers other exciting variants of the game. For players seeking a different challenge and a more direct approach, there are special duel rooms available.

Known as one vs. one roulette, this game is easy to understand. Both players place their bets on one of the two colours displayed on the roulette wheel. The player who lands on the winning colour takes home the entire amount wagered.

The prize pool in these duel rooms depends on the player who creates the room. When joining an existing room, you’ll need to agree on the rate set by the other player.


CSGO500 Crash

By now, it’s almost impossible not to have heard about the Crash game. In case you’re unfamiliar, this simple yet exhilarating game revolves around a multiplier graph.

Multiple players place their bets and eagerly watch as the multiplier starts to rise. The goal is to cash out before the multiplier crashes. If you successfully cash out, your bet gets multiplied by the number displayed on the screen at the moment of withdrawal.

However, if you wait too long and the multiplier crashes, you’ll lose the amount you wagered. By playing it safe and aiming for consistent, modest victories, you can gradually multiply a small initial bet.

So, when utilizing our recommended referral codes at CSGO500, make sure to explore these exciting game options. Enjoy the thrill of roulette with unique twists and challenge other players in intense one vs. one duels. And don’t forget to try your luck with the popular Crash game for a chance to multiply your bets


Sports Betting

Guess what? On CSGO500, you can even place bets on professional CS:GO matches! It’s called Match Betting, and it’s similar to regular sports betting. Just like how people wager on the outcome of soccer or basketball games, you have the opportunity to bet on CS:GO matches.

But here’s the deal: Match Betting requires some knowledge about the teams competing. It’s not a good idea to bet on matches if you’re not familiar with which teams are strong and which ones are not. However, if you’re really up to date with the CS:GO pro scene and know what’s happening, Match Betting can be highly rewarding.

The key is to be confident in your predictions and only bet on matches where you have a strong sense of who will emerge victorious. It’s best to avoid those 50/50 matches where the outcome is uncertain.

So, if you’re well-versed in the CS:GO pro scene and can make informed decisions, Match Betting on CSGO500 can be a thrilling and potentially profitable experience.



Guess what? The CS:GO Gambling universe has expanded to include Slot games, and they’re now available in various online casinos. Leading the way, CSGO500, Duelbits, and Gamdom were among the first sites to introduce these exciting Slot games.

At CSGO500 Casino, you can enjoy all the popular classics like Sweet Bonanza, Book of Dead, and The Dog House. These well-known Slot games provide endless entertainment and opportunities to win big.

To bring you the best gaming experience, CSGO500 partners with renowned third-party companies such as Pragmatic Play, Evolution Gaming, Play’n Go, and other top-notch gambling software developers. They provide high-quality Slot games that you can find on the site.

So, if you’re a fan of CS:GO and looking to spice up your gambling adventures, don’t miss out on the Slot games available at CSGO500. Play your favourite classics and discover new thrilling titles, all from reputable software developers. Get ready for an unforgettable gaming experience!

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods for CSGO500

Like all gambling websites, you’ll need to get your money in and out of CSGO500 in a safe and speedy manner. To make full use of our referral code, you’ll want to know about banking options.

When it comes to CSGO500, you don’t need to worry about depositing real money on the website. All transactions revolve around buxs, which are obtained by trading in your skins.

Here’s how it works: Initially, you’ll need to either win or purchase skins, typically through Steam. These skins act as the currency on CSGO500.

To facilitate skin transactions, Skinx serves as the intermediary. It grants access to our Steam clipboard, allowing us to sell any of our skins for the suggested number of bux. It’s a seamless process that keeps things simple and secure.

However, if you prefer, you also have the option to deposit real money into your account on the site. Once deposited, you can exchange that money for coins, giving you an alternative way to participate in the games and enjoy the CSGO500 experience.

Is CSGO500 legit?

Absolutely! CSGO500 is a totally legit and licensed online casino, so you can play and use our referral code with confidence. They hold a valid license that allows them to offer gambling services to players in many countries. However, there are a few limitations to keep in mind.

CSGO500 operates under a license issued by Antillephone, which is authorized by the government of Curacao to grant gambling licenses. This ensures that CSGO500 follows the necessary regulations and guidelines. However, due to licensing restrictions, there are certain countries where access to CSGO500 is not available.

Some of the excluded territories include the Netherlands, France, and the USA, among others. If you’re located in one of these countries, unfortunately, you won’t be able to access CSGO500.

CSGO500 and 500 Casino are owned and operated by Perfect Storm B.V., a company based in Fransche Bloemweg 4, Willemstad, Curaçao. It’s worth noting that this is the same location where other popular gambling sites like CSGOEmpire and Stake are also located.

So, rest assured that CSGO500 is a reputable online casino with a valid license, ensuring a safe and secure gaming environment. Just make sure to check if your country is eligible to access their services. This gives you peace of mind for you, your money, your skins and your Steam account.

CSGO500 Promo Code FAQS

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