Best CSGO Coinflip Sites 2021

Picking a good CSGO coinflip site isn’t easy and with more popping up all over the internet, this only makes finding the right site for CSGO gambling more difficult. This is where we step in, our team has years of experience in the esports and gambling industry and here to help you find the best CSGO coinflip sites!
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History of Coinflip

As one of the oldest types of gambling there is, coinflip even dates back as far as ancient China where Chinese coins would have the image of the emperor’s head on one side and a ship on the other. There is evidence that coinflip was used as a game to gamble throughout history, so there’s no surprise CS:GO coinflip is such a popular game today.

Getting Started

The first thing to do is pick from one of the coin flip CSGO sites we’ve provided. These have all been independently tested and audited to prove their legitimacy. All the sites we recommend are fair. Once you’ve picked a site, you can enter your details and link your steam account as you would with any other CSGO betting site. We suggest you look for any bonuses or promo codes which will help you get started with your best foot forward!

Most of the coinflip sites available will provide you with a small amount of free coins to begin with. This is a great way of getting the feel of how the site works, before committing any of your own money. Once you’re happy with the site, you can then play for free or make a deposit using CS:GO skins, VGO skins, crypto currencies, e-wallets or real money methods like debit and credit cards.

You’re now ready to play! Remember that CSGO coin flip sites will often provide other great gamble games for you to play, including CSGO case opening, roulette games, jackpot, crash game, slots, CSGO jackpot, esports betting and much more. A lot of these will have more than one game mode to mix it up and keep things interesting.

How to Play CS:GO Coinflip

CS:GO Coinflip games at CSGO gamble sites follow the same principles in real life. Players gamble their own CSGO skins/VGO skins, coins or keys for a chance to win the other players’. CSGO coin flip has similar odds to playing roulette and the win chance is right down the middle at 50% (slightly higher than roulette because of the 0).

Once you’ve navigated to the coinflip games, you can then challenge a member who’s in the lobby. From here, simply select the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive items or VGO skins you wish to gamble. A coin will then be tossed and will land on one of two symbols. The winner will receive what their opponent wagered, as well as keeping the items they wagered.

The reason coin flip is such a popular game is that the win chance is so high. You have a 50% chance to win skins or the prize pool, also known as the pot.

Choosing a good CSGO Coinflip Site

It’s important when selecting from CS:GO coinflip sites that you pick one that’s right for you. We always apply the same criteria to each site, which gauges whether they are worth recommending to you.

Game Variety: Coinflip is an exhilaratingly fun game to play. However, there’s plenty of other types of csgo betting which is equally if not more fun. We suggest you choose a site that has as much variety and games modes as possible. Lots of sites will often have games like dice, jackpot coinflip, roulette jackpot, crash gambling, blackjack, raffle, slots and much more!

There are more esports than just CS:GO. PUBG gambling is incredibly fun and definitely worth checking out. If you enjoy match betting on games like Dota 2 or League of Legends, it pays to check that the site you’re interested in provides these.

Banking Options: We all like to win skins but winning real money is even better! A lot of sites will allow you to deposit skins, which will turn into coins. Each coin will have a value, which you will then be paid when it’s time to withdraw your winnings. All the coinflip CSGO sites on our list have quick payout times, meaning that you won’t have to wait long before your united with your winnings.

Choosing a gamble site with a good selection of payment methods means that you’re not just limited to depositing CSGO or VGO skins and instead will allow you to pay by e-wallets, credit cards, debit cards and crypto currencies.

Promo Codes & Bonus Codes: Choosing CS:GO coinflip sites with some free stuff like a promo code is a good option for two main reasons. It allows you to get a feel of the site before you commit your own cash. A promo code also gives you the chance to turn that free money into real money you can then withdraw.

It’s not uncommon for CSGO betting sites to have a deposit bonus for you to snap up. These forms of welcome bonus rely on you making a deposit and upon successfully doing so, the site will then match your deposit by a certain amount.

How legit the site is: Picking the wrong skin gambling sites can be devastating for a few reasons. This is something you must avoid at all costs and it’s our aim to ensure you do! Every CS:GO coin flip site on our list has been double checked and played at, by our experienced team and meet our rigid standards. Whether you’re playing roulette, dice, coinflip or blackjack, you know you’re in safe hands!

CSGO Coinflip Sites FAQ

How does coinflip work?

CSGO coin flip games are a common game found at CSGO gambling sites and allows 2 players to battle it out over the flip of a coin! A coin flip game is a quick way to make some money and you’ve got a 50% chance to double your returns (minus the house edge). Simply choose how much you want to bet, pick heads or tails and wait for someone to join your coinflip game. You can also join other players’ games of coinflip if you have enough balance.

Can I use a promo code at a coinflip gambling site?

Yes! Many gambling sites offering coinflip will also provide a promo code to begin with. Simply enter the promo code and receive the free coins bonus – a great way to begin your gambling experience.

What is the best CSGO Coinflip site?

The best CSGO gambling platforms with coinflip bets are the ones offering a bonus like free coins, games are provably fair and have good customer service. If the gambling site has other games available you enjoy, this is also worth considering. Many gamblers like opening CSGO cases whilst they play, this is another great way of winning CSGO skins and improving your gaming experiences at betting sites.

What payment methods can I use to play coinflip?

The most common deposit method at gambling sites is to use CS:GO skins. Nearly all CSGO betting sites accept skins, as well as FIAT like VISA and MasterCard and cryptocurrency.