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The Best New CSGO Sites 2023

Over the past few years, CS:GO gambling has become increasingly popular, with new sites popping up daily.

But weeding out the best new CSGO gambling sites from the not-so-great ones (and even ones trying to scam you out of your hard-earned cash) can be a long process. We are here to help you find the best CSGO gambling sites while avoiding scams. Think of us as a kind of CS:GO police!


This guide will uncover everything you need to know about the newest Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling sites. We’ll cover everything from what CSGO gambling is to the bonuses you can get, how we discover what makes a good CSGO gambling site, and much more. We’ve even included a handy list of the top gambling sites in the CS:GO niche so you can get started immediately. Let’s get into the best new sites around so you can start playing ASAP!

List of the Best CS:GO New Gambling Sites

  • CSGOEmpire



    Rated 95 of 100%


    welcome bonus

    $0.5 Free

    • check

      Well Established CSGO Site

    • check

      Great P2P Market

    • check

      Active Community

  • CSGOLuck



    Rated 95 of 100%


    welcome bonus

    Deposit 10 play with 30 coins

    • check

      Quick withdrawals and deposits

    • check

      Impeccable customer service features

    • check

      Crypto and Fiat payments accepted

  • CSGOPolygon



    Rated 90 of 100%


    welcome bonus

    Free Coins

    • check

      Crypto Withdrawals

    • check

      E-Sports Betting Platform

    • check

      Video Slots & Casino Games



    Rated 87 of 100%


    welcome bonus


    • check

      No tags

  • RustClash



    Rated 90 of 100%


    welcome bonus

    Free Cases & Bonuses

    • check


    • check

      Case Opening

    • check

      Promotions &. Bonuses




    Rated 90 of 100%


    welcome bonus

    Free Cases

    • check

      Rust Cases

    • check


Above, you’ll see a list of the top new CS:GO gambling sites. We’ve hand-picked these sites using rigorous methods to ensure they meet our strict quality standards (we’ll tell you exactly what our standards are in a second). When you choose a CS:GO gambling site from this list, you’re playing in a safe environment and getting a great bonus, and your money isn’t going to somehow ‘disappear’.

To get started, click on a CSGO gambling site for more information and read a review, just like our CSGORoll review . We cover everything you would need to know before signing up.

Why Play On The Best New CSGO Gambling Sites

You may be wondering why you should play on a new CS:GO gambling website – there’s a great selection of older, more established sites. Let’s break down some of the biggest advantages of a new gambling site:

The latest advancements in tech

Because these new CSGO betting sites don’t have an established platform already built on tech, they aren’t burdened with the huge costs of upgrading all of the tech. They can be built on the latest mobile-friendly, high-speed platforms. This means you’ll not just get brilliant games at these fresh CS:GO gambling sites and crazy good bonuses, but you’re also going to be playing on superior platforms technologically.

Mobile gaming has become the most predominant method players use to enjoy a gambling site and being able to play on the move adds a whole new world of freedom. Enjoy some crash whilst on the way to work, play mines during some downtime or even have a case battle in bed. The world is truly your oyster at new CS:GO gambling sites!


Huge bonuses

One of the biggest benefits of newer CS:GO gambling sites is they often have bigger and better bonuses than more established sites. These new brands compete against more established ones like CSGORoll, CSGOLuck and CSGOEmpire, so they must work harder to attract new players.

This is great news as a CSGO gambling fan. You will have the pick of the bunch of lucrative bonuses on offer. These include free coins, free cases skins giveaways , a big deposit bonus, free bonuses and more. These new skin gambling sites offer a chance for your money to go further, thanks to these bonuses. They are ideal for beginners who want to dip their toes into the world of skin gambling.


A selection of tried and tested games

Thanks to the CS:GO gambling websites that came before, the new CSGO casinos will be stocked with the most popular CS:GO casino games. You can  play Crash , roulette and enjoy a Coin flip game and your favourite fan games.

That’s not all, as some new CSGO online gambling sites have started integrating classic online casino games. Along with the usual CS:GO games, there will also be poker games, a classic roulette game, and some sites even offer match betting on CS:GO tournaments.


Games Available at New CSGO Gambling Sites

Just like slots and other casino software, CS:GO skin gambling offers a bunch of different game types to spice up your journey to winning awesome skins. Let’s dive in and check ’em out!

  • coinflip-1x CS:GO Coinflip

    CSGO coinflip one’s a classic on CSGO gambling sites. You choose a side (Counter-Terrorists or Terrorists), place your bet, flip the coin, and if you guess right, you’ll double your original bet. It’s an easy and fun way to score more skins and coins. Plus, since it’s PvP, your odds are pretty good without any house edge. You’ll go head-to-head against another player in real-time, with a 50%-50% chance of snagging that main prize. Just hop on our selected CSGO gambling sites, create a Coinflip duel, place your bet, let others join, and flip that coin to see who comes out on top!

  • roulette-1x CS:GO Roulette

    CSGO gambling sites have their own take on the fan-favorite Roulette game. Instead of a bunch of betting options, here you’ll stick to colors: Red, Black, and Green. Red and Black pay 1:1 (x2), while Green pays 13:1 (x14). Some versions even let you bet on Counter-Terrorists or Terrorist symbols, both paying 1:1 (x2). If the traditional Red or Black bets aren’t doing it for you, give these alternatives a shot. And guess what? these Roulette sites host rounds every 10 to 12 seconds, 24/7, so you’ll have plenty of chances to play roulette and win some sweet prizes.

  • crash-game-1x CSGO Crash

    Crash is THE game when it comes to these sites. It’s super easy to play and has the potential to multiply your bet by thousands. That’s why it attracts so many users. Just place your bet, watch the multiplier rise, and get out before it crashes. Let’s say you bet 10 coins and get out with a multiplier of x9.75, you’d walk away with a total of 97.50 coins. It’s a thrilling ride, my friend! And just like Roulette, CSGO gambling sites host Crash rounds every 10-12 seconds, 24/7. So you can jump in whenever you’re ready!

  • blackjack-1x CSGO Blackjack

    If you’re familiar with classic Blackjack, then CS:GO Blackjack will be a breeze. It follows the same rules and payouts, with the only difference being that you can use coins, crypto, or CS:GO skins to place your bets. CS:GO Blackjack is a great way to lower the risk of your gambling sessions since it boasts an excellent RTP (Return to Player) of 99.54%. So if you’ve been playing a lot of Crash and want to recover some losses or reduce the risk, give Blackjack a shot.

  • csgo-jackpot-1x CSGO Jackpot

    CS:GO Jackpot gives you a chance to place a bet, grab your entries, and wait for the final result to see if you’ve won a share of the main prize. Our recommended CSGO jackpot sites host these games regularly throughout the day, so you’ll have plenty of opportunities to participate and grab your share of the pot.

  • dice-1x CSGO Dice

    Here’s another PvP classic for you. In Dice duels, you’ll roll the dice against another player, and the one with the highest score takes home the whole bounty. You can bet a few skins or go all out with high-value skins worth thousands of dollars. It’s all about the thrill and excitement at our selected CSGO Sites.

  • csgo-poker-1x CsGO Poker

    If you’re a poker fan, you’re in luck! Our recommended CSGO betting sites offer a wide variety of poker games to choose from. Whether you prefer Texas Hold’em, Omaha, Hi-Lo, Caribbean Stud, or Five-Card, you can bet and win CS:GO skins and coins. The best part? You can apply the same strategies you use in traditional or online casinos. So if you’re experienced in a specific type of poker, you can put that knowledge to work and score some legendary skins or a hefty stash of coins.
    So there you have it! A rundown of the exciting CS:GO skin gambling games available on reputable platforms. Whether you’re into Coinflip, Roulette, Crash, Blackjack, Jackpot, Roll Dice, or Poker, there’s something for everyone.

How Do Skin Gambling Sites Work?

If you’re new to skins gambling, let us break it down for you so you can start betting today and take advantage of awesome welcome bonuses.

CSGO Match Betting

Let us break down skins gambling for you so you can start betting today and take advantage of awesome welcome bonuses.

In skin gambling, you place bets on CS:GO tournaments and matches, as well as classic casino games like roulette, coin flips, and dice. As a currency, you use your CS:GO skins instead of regular money.

To get started with gambling, follow these steps:

  1. Deposit your skins on the CS:GO gambling site that you’ve chosen.
  2. Trade your skins.
  3. You’ll receive a corresponding amount of coins in exchange for your skin.
  4. Use those coins to bet on tournaments, matches, and casino games!

Some CS:GO gambling sites let you directly deposit real money to purchase coins or tokens.

If you’re happy with your winnings, you can buy skins on the marketplace with your coins. These skins can then be withdrawn and used in your CS:GO matches.

If you have a strategy for CSGO betting or casino games, CS:GO skin gambling is an easy and fast way to upgrade and expand your inventory. You can get your hands on valuable skins that enhance your gaming experience.


CSGO Match Betting

Alright, before you dive into betting on CS:GO matches, you gotta get your hands on some skins. No worries, though! Snag skins from the Steam marketplace or other cool spots like CS.Deals or Skinport. Just make sure they’re tradeable, then send them over to one of our recommended CS:GO Betting Sites.

Once you’ve deposited your skins on the site, they’ll give you coins that match the value of your skins. Now it’s time to get in on the action! Head to the website and click the “E-sports” or “Match Betting” tab. From there, you can bet your desired coins on any e-sports match. And hey, some CS:GO Betting Sites even let you bet on other games like League of Legends, Dota 2, or Valorant.

Now, depending on how the game plays out, you’ll either rake in more coins or lose ’em. If luck is on your side and you win your bet, you can exchange those coins for skins again and trade ’em right back to your Steam account. Easy peasy!



  • Are CSGO Gambling sites rigged? arrow down

    These casinos are transparent in their game results thanks to provably fair technology. In this way, players can rest assured that the games cannot be rigged.

  • Are these sites safe? arrow down

    Any site we list is safe and secure. We carelessly root out scam sites and ensure you’re only playing on legitimate Counter: Strike online casinos. We get feedback from the CS:GO gambling community to add extra assurance of a site’s safety and reputation.

  • Are there live casino games? arrow down

    It depends on which CS:GO casino you’re playing at. Most CS:GO gambling sites are a CS:GO Crash site, and they will have other common games, Some will have live games, and you can play normal roulette and bet on sports.

  • Does these gambling sites offer free credits? arrow down

    Yes, some do. You can view the bonuses that each Counter-Strike: Global Offensive betting site offers in our reviews so you can cherry-pick the bonuses you want to get your hands on

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