CSGO500 Referral Code for 2022

If you take a look through any list of top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling sites, then you will always find CSGO500 being listed as one of the best. Not only is it good, but this is one of those CSGO gambling sites that offer some incredible referral codes and bonus codes. These can be claimed not just by new players, but also by existing customers. Get the best promo code offers and you can enjoy goodies such as free coins, free Bux, free CSGO skins and there are also sometimes free case promo codes!

Claim Your Promo Code Below

Obviously, as with most CSGO gambling sites, you can use a promo code to claim the new player offer when you open an account. However, existing players can also enjoy extra referral code and bonus code offers if they successfully refer a friend that deposits and plays at SGO500

When we compare this to other CSGO casino sites, it is really quick and easy to register a new account at CSGO500 – even more so if you already have a Steam Account. You will also find lots of fun games – and if you use some of the bonus codes on offer, you can give them a go without parting with any of your own money.

If you want to enjoy the best of online gambling, you are surely invited to give CSGO500 a try. Smart gamblers know how to seize advantage of special bonuses to enlarge their balances for free, and there is no better way to do it than through referral codes.

With our list of referral codes, you will be able to claim exclusive bonuses that include:

  • Free Welcome Coins
  • 100% Deposit Bonus
  • Free Spins
  • Daily Free Coins
  • Free Skins

Even though the website’s game catalog is fair modest, it allows you to have big fun with CS:GO Roulette, Duels (1 vs. 1), and Crash. On CSGO500, the virtual coins used to wager on games are called BUX, which you can earn for free with our list of referral codes:

  • BETTOR500

Whether you are an experienced online gambler or this is your first step into this world of thrill and risk, CSGO500 offers everything you need for a great gambling experience. In the following guide, you’ll learn the essentials of the website and get ready to win big prizes!

How to Redeem Your CSGO500 Referral Code

Many online gambling platforms have complex rules and hefty wagering requirements that simply ruin the entire gameplay. CSGO500 could not be different, as it allows you to get exciting rewards with no effort involved. All you need to do is:

  1. Visit CSGO500.com
  2. Register using your Steam account or log in using a valid username and password
  3. Click on the “Rewards” tab
  4. Find the “Redeem a Referral Code” section
  5. Enter one of the referral codes available in our recommended list
  6. Click on “Redeem”

Once you’ve clicked on Redeem, you’ll notice that your account will be credited with free bonuses and promotions. Different referral codes grant the ability to claim distinct bonuses, which vary from time to time.

CSGO500 is self-entitled as the “world’s oldest CS:GO skin gambling website.” Be it true or not, they allow you to get a decent amount of BUX, which you can exchange for CS:GO skins and withdraw using different options.

Are CSGO500 Referral Codes Trustworthy?

To prove their loyalty to customers, they offer only reliable referral codes for generous bonuses and promotions.

CSGO500 is a well-established gambling platform in the CS:GO segment. Despite its limited game catalog, they compensate by offering a solid experience, multiple payment methods, CS:GO skins, and non-stop promotions year-round.

In terms of reputation, the website is one of the safest and most trusted platforms among users. Payments are processed fluidly, avoiding stressful experiences with delays and out-of-sync deposits or withdrawals.

The website is owned and operated by Perfect Storm B.V, a company licensed in Curaçao. CSGO500 is one of the two brands owned by the “500 Project,” which is a branch of the main company.

Recently, the government of Curaçao went through a solid regulation process to ensure all gambling companies licensed within the country’s jurisdiction have full legal compliance.

Do you want a safe gambling session with plenty of referral codes available? Sign up for CSGO500!

Opening an Account at CSGO500

The good news is that it is quick and easy to open a new account at CSGO500 – as it is with most CSGO gambling sites. However, the process is slightly different than with some other sites like CSGOEmpire, so here is how you get started…

  1. Open the registration page at CSGO500. You will then be taken to the Steam site and you will have to log into your Steam Account.
  2. You will then be required to change your Steam Account settings to public.
  3. You won’t need to enter data to verify your account – you simply need to wait for the account to be linked.
  4. Once the accounts are linked, you’re ready to play.
  5. pick your preferred payment option and make the minimum deposit necessary to claim your offer.
  6. Make sure you enter your referral code properly
  7. Start playing!

What Games Can You Enjoy with CSGO500 Referral Codes? 

There is no reason to recommend a list of referral codes if there are no good games to wager and enjoy the bonuses on. Here’s how you can make the best out of our recommended referral codes:

CS:GO Roulette

The most traditional gambling option available at CSGO500 is Roulette. Over the years, the website stood out with its version of the game, which is slightly different from the original.

On CSGO500, the Roulette chart features four colors. As expected, the higher the value of the multiplier feature on a spot, the fewer spots and the lower the chance of dropping it.

Unlike other roulette versions, CSGO500’s version features a single yellow square-shaped spot. This unique spot is extremely rare, which results in an overwhelmingly high multiplier.

For example, if you wager 50 BUX on a blue spot and you drop it, you get 250 BUX. Conversely, if you bet 30 BUX on that single yellow spot and drop it in a lucky shot, you can get as much as 1500 BUX.

One Versus One (Duels)

If you liked CSGO500’s version of roulette, you’ll be thrilled to know that the game has other variants available on the platform. Players looking for a different type of challenge and a more direct approach to the game can face other players in special duel rooms.

Often referred to as one vs. one roulette, this interesting game is not complex to understand. First, both players place a bet on one of the two colors shown on the roulette wheel. The player who drops the winning color takes the entire amount home.

The prize pool varies depending on the player who creates the room. When a gambler joins an existing room, he or she must agree to the rate set by the other party.


It is almost impossible to not know anything about the Crash game in 2022. However, if you are not aware, this simplistic-but-exciting game is based on a multiplier graph.

Multiple players place a bet and wait for the multiplier to start rising. If you manage to cash out before the multiplier crashes, you can multiply your bet by the number that appeared on the screen at the withdrawal.

If you take too long and the multiplier crashes, you lose the amount wagered. As long as you play safe, you can work your game up consistently, and aim at modest victories to increasingly multiply a low initial bet.

Additional Promotions Available at CSGO500?

In addition to our list of referral codes, you can enjoy a wide array of promotions and bonuses on CSGO500:

Welcome Bonus

Similar to most world-class gambling sites, CSGO500 offers a deposit bonus for new players. The bonus is referred to as the “Welcome Package,” allowing you to earn up to $1000 in bonuses and 50 free spins.

This neat bonus is available exclusively for deposits of at least $20 made with real money, vouchers, or cryptocurrencies.

Rewards Every Other Day

Another morale booster is the “Daily Rewards” promo. To enjoy this amazing opportunity, you only need to deposit funds and keep wagering consistently. The rewards are based on your level, which you can increase by becoming more active on the website.

Every six hours, users can collect rewards based on their levels. The higher the level, the better the rewards. CSGO500 also offers seasonal promotions that multiply one’s rewards.

Social Media Promotions

Players can collect up to 800 BUX by completing social media-related tasks in the website’s “Rewards” section. For example, you can get:

  • 100 BUX for following CSGO500 on Facebook.
  • 200+100 BUX for following CSGO500 on Twitter
  • 100 BUX for following CSGO on VK
  • 100 BUX for following CSGO500 Discord
  • 100 BUX for connecting with CSGO500’s Google account

From time to time, the platform uses its social media channels to notify users about giveaways and promotions.

VIP Program

CSGO500’s VIP program is one of the best loyalty programs of this type available in 2022. The number and quality of bonuses are ridiculous, including increased Rakeback percentages, raffle tickets, special chat events, free reloads, exclusive VIP hosts, and increased lossback.

The program is based on a system with multiple levels, organized in different ranks:

  • Silver (Level 500)
  • Gold (Level 600)
  • Sapphire (Level 700)
  • Emerald (Level 800)
  • Rubi (Level 900)
  • Diamond (Level 999)
  • Pearl (Level 1100)
  • Opal (Level 1200)
  • Obsidian (Level 1300 to 9999)

So far, no player has ever reached the Opal rank (level 1200). Would you be the first to occupy this spot and receive a unique Rolex watch as a reward? Luck only favors the bold!

Frequently Asked Questions About CSGO500 Referral Codes 

Do you still have any questions? Feel free to let us know about them and we’ll provide you with more information. We’ve prepared this F.A.Q section to clear up the most common doubts about CSGO500 and its exclusive referral codes.

Can I Use Referral Codes to Play Any Games at CSGO500? 

Yes, feel free to use our list of referral codes to claim free BUX and wager on Roulette, Duels, and Crash. This way, you can boost your winning chances without spending a dime.

Does CSGO500 Allow Players to Win Real Money? 

No, you can only win BUX, which is the virtual currency used in the platform. With a nice amount of BUX in your balance, you can exchange it for CS:GO skins and cryptocurrencies.

Does CSGO500 Offer Good Winning Odds? 

When compared to most CS:GO gambling websites, CSGO500 offers good odds for players. The list of games is not extensive, but the platform has been delivering consistent performance over the years.



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