Csgo500 Referral Code for 2022

If you have looked through our list of top CSGO gambling sites, then you will be in no doubt that CSGO500 is one of the best out there. Moreover, there are a number of referral codes and bonus codes available to offer new and existing players rewards such as free coins, free BUX, free CSGO skins and more. Not only can you use a code as a new player to start playing on the site, but you can also claim additional bonus code and referral code offers for referring friends and following them on CSGO500.

In comparison to other sites, registration at CSGO500 is easy and quick, especially if you already have a Steam Account. There are also plenty of games available and with the use of a code, you can try it all out for yourself without spending any of your own money.

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How to Redeem Code

Once you have the CSGO500 referral code that you want to use, redeeming the code is very easy and takes just a few moments.

  • Register a new account via your Steam Account at CSGO500.com
  • When this is done, click on the ‘Rewards’ button found at the second top menu.
  • Click on ‘Redeem a Referral Code’
  • Enter your referral code or gift card code and press ‘redeem’. Your online account will then be credited with 500 BUX.

Does CSGO500 Offer Free Coins for New Players?

The great thing about referral codes and promo codes at CSGO500 is that they come in all shapes and sizes. The first of the bonuses you can claim is 500 free Bux for new players to take advantage of. However, it doesn’t just stop there. The CSGO500 website also offers players daily rewards and coupons such as free coins etc that you can get for referring friends, following the site on Facebook and Twitter, retweeting tweets etc. Your bonuses will be rewarded in BUX – and you can use these to have fun and bet on the games, without having to deposit your own money or skins first.

You can either play the BUX on the website or trade it for new skins to withdraw into your Steam inventory. Some of the website’s rewards include:

  • Up to 1025 bux every day simply for using the website.
  • A 100 BUX coupon for following CSGO500 on Facebook and Twitter.
  • A 100 BUX coupon when you link your account on the CSGO500 site with Discord.

How to Find a CSGO500 Referral Code

When you enter the CSGO500 site, you will need to enter your unique coupon code. This will reward you with Free Bux or other discounts, offers and benefits. However, these are not always obvious and available and you may need to put some effort into finding them. aside from the links on our review, you may be able to find codes for the CSGO site on other websites such as promo videos for famous CSGO YouTubers etc.

In these situations, The YouTuber will usually receive a free code from CSGO500 that they can share with their followers. However, you will always have the option to go through our link by entering our free codes which will give you 500 free Bux to start betting on the games.

Registering at CSGO500

Registering a new account at all CSGO gambling sites is generally an easy process and CSGO500 is no different. However, it is slightly different from some other CSGO betting sites. Here is a step by step guide to registering at CSGO500.

  1. When opening and registering on the CSGO500 home page, you will be taken to the Steam website and into your Steam Account
  2. You have to change the settings in your Steam Account to public.
  3. No data to verify your account will be required, you will just need to wait for the accounts to be linked
  4. Your accounts will then be linked and you’ll be ready to play
  5. Choose a deposit method to pay into your account
  6. Don’t forget to enter your discount code
  7. Start placing your bets!

CSGO500 login

As long as you manage to log in to your Steam Account okay then the log in to CSGO500 is very simple. Since both sites are connected after the initial registration process, if you are logged into your Steam account then you will automatically be logged in to your CSGO500 account. You will be interested to know that you don’t additional log in details, as long as you log into your Steam account, you will automatically log into CSGO500 – with no separate login and password required at all.

Because this is such a simple way to log in in the long run and it gives you more control, this form of logging in is very popular with players and is an example of why the site is so good.

How the Referral System Works at CSGO500

Aside from a welcome bonus and a re tweet offer, the site also offers players a very good referral system – that benefits the referrer and referee.

With a referral code, players on the site can earn even more BUXs to play on the games and their friends can also get some free onsite currency to start enjoying what the site has to offer. With a referral code, you can claim 50 free BUX and at the same time, your friend could earn 100 BUX to start winning their CSGO fortune.

This means that you can both spend more time playing on the roulette wheel and increasing your winning potential. Moreover, there is no limit to referral code opportunities, so you can keep on referring and keep getting a CSGO500 referral code.

Gambling Games Available at CSGO500

In comparison with other CSGO500 betting sites, the selection of games is relatively modest but there’s no fear that you will miss out. Here are some of the games you can enjoy:

The CSGO500 site is constantly improving and new games and features are always being added.

Match Betting at CSGO500

CSGO match betting is becoming ever more popular, and it works very much in the same way as sports betting. You can enjoy watching a classic CSGO game between two teams, or enjoy a top CSGO tournament and bet on the outcome.

It’s simple and fun. You decide which of the CSGO teams will win and place a wager or the outcome. If your team wins, you win. If they lose, you lose.

CSGO Roulette

The most popular of all the games at CSGO500 is their version of roulette. However, the CSGO500 version of the game is very different from the traditional casino version or the regular CSGO version of the game. The CSGO500 roulette wheel consists of four different colours.

The fewer roulette squares of that colour, the lower the chance of landing on that square, then the higher the multiplier value and the more you will win. On the CSGO500 roulette wheel, there is only one yellow square – which makes it the highest value bet – with the highest multiplier. So, if you bet 50BUX on blue and win, then you would win 250 BUX. However, if you bet just 30BUX on yellow, you could potentially win 1500BUX


Aside from standard roulette, you could try out a different challenge – a one on one duel, where you can go head to head with another player

Simply place a bet on one of the two colours on the duel roulette wheel. The other player bets on the other colour. Whoever wins will take the pot. This is a 50/50 game which makes it very popular.

Win Big on Crash

A quick way to up your winnings is by playing Crash. This works in the same way as other Crash games. You place your BUX on the Crash game as watch as the multiplier goes up. The more you wait, the higher the multiplier and the more you win. However, there will also be more chance the graph will crash. If the graph crashes before you cash in your bet then you will lose your bet.

This is an exciting and fun way of winning higher BUX but can come with higher risk.

Deposits at the CSGO500 Website

There are a number of ways you can deposit at the CSGO500 website, these include:

  • CSGO skin betting
  • Bank transfers
  • Visa and MasterCard
  • Skrill
  • Ethereum

There are always additional methods being added to the site. So, pick the deposit method that suits you best and start playing.

IS CSGO500 Legit

CSGO500 is legit and fair. The CSGO gambling site makes sure that all of its games are worked out by correct mathematical equations and all games have a hash code, which means that you can check the result of the game afterwards. As such, if you do decide to register and deposit your own money, you can be assured that you are playing on a safe site.

CSGO500 Customer Services

Although the customer service at the website isn’t extensive, it is adequate. You can currently only contact the support team via email, but the response time is pretty quick.

CSGO500 Referral Code FAQs

Is CSGO500 a Good Site?

Yes, CSGO500 is a great site that offers a great way to win more skins for your Steam Inventory. The website is well designed, the games are fun – although there could be more – and there are a great number of CSGO500 referral codes.

What Deals Can I Get on Sign Up?

When you register for CSGO500 you can use our promo code to claim free BUX to play the games available on the site.

Can I Play CSGO500 in Other Countries

Yes, you can play CSGO500 and claim the CSGO500 referral code in a number of other countries.