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CSGO500 Referral Code for 2022

If you take a look through any list of top Counter-Strike: Global Offensive gambling sites, then you will always find CSGO500 being listed as one of the best. Not only is it good, but this is one of those CSGO gambling sites that offer some incredible referral codes and bonus codes. These can be claimed not just by new players, but also by existing customers. Get the best promo code offers and you can enjoy goodies such as free coins, free Bux, free CSGO skins and there are also sometimes free case promo codes!

Claim Your Promo Code Below

Obviously, as with most CSGO gambling sites, you can use a promo code to claim the new player offer when you open an account. However, existing players can also enjoy extra referral code and bonus code offers if they successfully refer a friend that deposits and plays at SGO500

When we compare this to other CSGO casino sites, it is really quick and easy to register a new account at CSGO500 – even more so if you already have a Steam Account. You will also find lots of fun games – and if you use some of the bonus codes on offer, you can give them a go without parting with any of your own money.

CSGO500 Code:

Use the promo code BETTOR500 when you sign up and get your exclusive welcome bonus today.

How to Redeem Your CSGO500 Referral Code

As soon as you have found the CSGO500 referral code that is the one you are looking for, it is very easy to claim the offer and receive free coins to use on the site!

  1. Open a new account by attaching your Steam Account to CSGO500
  2. As soon as you have done this, click on ‘Rewards’ at the top of the page.
  3. Click on ‘Redeem a Referral Code’
  4. You then need to enter the referral code exactly as written and then click on redeem. They will then credit your new account with free BUX as soon as you fulfil the requirements and enter a minimum deposit.

Free CSGO500 Coins for New Players

The best thing about the vast amount of referral codes and promo codes available at CSGO500 is that there are lots on offer. When you sign up, your first available bonus is 500 free bux, which is available for all new players. However, there’s a lot more in store for you…

This is a website that offers its players rewards every single day, offering codes and coupons including free coins offers that are available – especially when you start referring friends to the site. You can also get promos for following them on Twitter and Facebook.

More often than not, your bonus will be rewarded in BUX – the site’s virtual currency. This currency can then be used to play the games before you deposit your own money and skins.

You could also opt to use the BUX in the shop and trade it for a new skin that you can then withdraw into your Steam account. Some of the CSGO500 offers currently include:

  • A coupon for 100 BUX if you follow CSGO500 on Twitter or Facebook
  • A coupon for 100 BUX if you link your CSGO500 account with Discord
  • Up to 1025 per day just for using the site

How to Find and Claim Your CSGO500 Referral Code

As soon as you open up the CSGO500 website, you will be asked to enter your given coupon code. If entered correctly, you will then be rewarded with either free BUX, discounts or other freebies.

But – sometimes you might have to dig them out – you sometimes have to make the effort to get hold of them as they won’t always fall straight into your lap. As well as the bonus codes you find here in our review, there might also be other offers available on other sources, such as CSGO YouTubers promo videos etc.

In these instances, the CSGO YouTuber will get a free code from CSGO500 which they will then pass on to you and the rest of their viewers. However, you can always simply open our review, go through our link and enter our code – which will get you started with free money to start playing the games.

Opening an Account at CSGO500

The good news is that it is quick and easy to open a new account at CSGO500 – as it is with most CSGO gambling sites. However, the process is slightly different than with some other sites, so here is how you get started…

  1. Open the registration page at CSGO500. You will then be taken to the Steam site and you will have to log into your Steam Account.
  2. You will then be required to change your Steam Account settings to public.
  3. You won’t need to enter data to verify your account – you simply need to wait for the account to be linked.
  4. Once the accounts are linked, you’re ready to play.
  5. pick your preferred payment option and make the minimum deposit necessary to claim your offer.
  6. Make sure you enter your referral code properly
  7. Start playing!

The CSGO500 Login Process

If you are already registered and have logged into your Steam account, then logging into your CSGO500 account is easy. Because both of the accounts are now connected when registration has been completed, you are logged into your CSGO500 the second you log into your Steam account.

This is a simple way of being able to log in and out of your account and it gives you even more control, which is another reason it is so popular with CSGO players.

The CSGO Referral System

As well as the new player bonus code and the regular re-tweet offers, the CSGO500 site also offers an excellent referral system, rewarding both the player who refers and the one who is referred.

When you get a referral code, you can earn even more free BUX to spend on the games – and your friends can enjoy free virtual currency that can get them started. As such, both of you can enjoy even more playing time on the site – whether it be on the roulette wheel or the crash game. This means even more chances of winning! Additionally, referral code offers don’t even have a time or use limit – so you can keep giving it out and getting the rewards.

Games Available at CSGO500

If we compare CSGO500 with other CSGO betting sites, there aren’t a great deal of casino games to play. However, the games they have are fun. They include:

  1. CSGO Match bet
  2. CSGO Roulette
  3. 1 v 1 Duels
  4. CSGO Crash

Thi CSGO500 website is getting better all the time and is constantly updated, with new features, games and game modes.

CSGO500 Match Betting

Betting on CSGO matches is now more popular than it has ever been and it is similar to sports betting in how it works. You simply tune into any CSGO matches that are being shown – or even the top tournaments and make a bet on which team you think will win.

Match betting is easy and it is fun. You simply scroll through live games, choose the one you want to bet on, decide which team you think is better and place a bet on them. If they win, you win.

CSGO Roulette Game

One of the most popular CSGO gambling games at CSGO500 – and other betting sites is roulette. However, the CSGO500 version of the game is different to a traditional roulette casino game. In CSGO500, the roulette wheel is made of four different colours.

The fewer squares there are in that colour, the less chance there is that it will land on that colour. This means a higher multiplier and a bigger win. The most valuable square on the CSGO500 roulette wheel is yellow. There is only one yellow square, which means that you can win the most if you bet and win on it.

1v1 Duels

This is another way to play the CSGO roulette game. This involves you going head to head with another player. You just place a wager on one of the two colours that are on the roulette wheel. The other player wagers on the other colour. This is a 50-50 bet and whoever wins gets the pot!

CSGO Crash

CSGO Crash gives you a quicker way to increase your winnings – and it works in exactly the same way as Crash on other CSGO gambling sites. You simply place your money on the Crash game – and watch as the multiplier increases. The more you wait, the more the multiplier increases – and the more you can potentially win. However, the higher it goes, the more chance there is that it crashes. If it crashes before you cash in, you lose your stake.

This game is all about risk v rewards.

Sports Betting on CSGO500

As well as CSGO match betting, some CSGO betting sites give players the opportunity to enjoy sports betting as well. For example, if you check out CSGOAtse, they have an excellent sports betting product.

Unfortunately, at this time, CSGO500 doesn’t offer sports betting right now.

Depositing at CSGO500

SGO500 offers players numerous ways to deposit into their account, some of the deposit options include:

  • CSGO skins
  • Bank transfers
  • Bank cards – Visa and Mastercard
  • eWallets including Skrill
  • Cryptocurrencies including Ethereum

However, the site is constantly adding new and better ways to deposit into your account, so you will always be able to find a method that suits you.

Deposit and Withdrawal Reviews at CSGO500

However, you don’t need to just take our word for it – as it’s the players’ opinions that matter. So, when looking at how real-life and regular players experienced deposits and withdrawals, we were pleased to see plenty of positive reviews. If you withdraw skins, then they will be delivered immediately into your account.

Because the CSGO500 account is directly connected to the Steam platform, it is quick and easy to enter the skin into your inventory. Skin deposits are just as quick and easy. If you are looking for an alternative, then any BUX you win can also be exchanged for Bitcoin. If you are a crypto fan then this is excellent. There is a BUX-Bitcoin convertor on the CSGO5oo website.

Making a Deposit: Step By Step

Step 1

Simply log into your account by syncing your steam account with your CSGO500 account.

Step 2

Head over to the Skinx website and you will be able to deposit your skins and exchange them for the value of the skin in BUX. You could also use an alternative payment option available.

Step 3

Claim your BUX and start enjoying all the games on CSGO500

IS CSGO500 Legit

We only ever recommend fair and legit sites – and it goes without saying that CSGO500 is both a legitimate and fair CSGO gambling site. It works on a provably fair system, which means that every game result is worked out by a mathematical equation and every game and round has a hash code. This allows you to check the result afterwards.

CSGO500 Customer Support

It’s fair to say that the customer service available isn’t the most extensive. The only method of contact at the moment is via email. However, the team is both helpful and quick to respond.

Advantages of CSGO500

  • It’s easy to register – simply by linking your Steam login with your CSGO500 account
  • You can access bonuses and promotions just by following them on Social Media
  • It has developed a good command system
  • The CSGO500 has a well-designed user interface
  • There is an excellent selection of skins available
  • There are numerous players on the site at any one time
  • It offers 1 v 1 player duels

Disadvantages of CSGO500

  • There aren’t many ways to contact them
  • There is a minimal selection of games.

CSGO500 Referral Code FAQs

Is CSGO500 a Legitimate Site?

Yes, CSGO500 is an excellent and licensed online casino that offers numerous ways to win better skins to add to your inventory. It has been well-designed, it offers fun CSGO games and plenty of CSGO500 referral code offers.

What Deals Are On Offer If I Sign Up?

When registering for CSGO500, you can use our promo code to claim free coins to play on the site. There are also CSGO500 referral codes available if you introduce a new player.

Is CSGO500 Available in Other Countries?

Yes, CSGO500 is one of the many CSGO gambling sites that can offer gambling services in countries other than the UK as well. You can also use your CSGO referral code offers outside of the UK.



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