CSGOFast Codes 2022

If you’re looking for free coins and fee skins at one of the best CSGO gambling sites in the US then look no further. If you are familiar with CSGO gambling then you will know about CSGO skins – and how high-value CSGO skins and VGO skins add a new dimension to your Counter-Strike Global Offensive experience. You will also probably know the value of starting your CSGO gambling journey with free coins, free skins or even a free case. That’s where promo codes come into it. – and that’s why we are here.

Getting hold of valuable CSGO skins can be expensive – and that’s why many people choose to try out their luck at a gambling site like CSGOFast. You can play all different games to win better and more valuable awesome skins and have fun whilst you’re doing so… made even better if you get to start your journey with free coins by using our top CSGOFast promo codes!

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Directions on How to Use CSGO Fast Code

The great news is that using your promo codes to get hold of free money, free coins or free skins couldn’t be quicker or easier. Simply follow these simple steps:

  1. Register for a new CSGOFast account either via steam or with other social networks.
  2. When you have registered, click on the ‘Free Coins’ button.
  3. Enter your promo code into the box that says ‘Input bonus code’ and then click on ‘Activate’
  4. You will then receive your free coins or free case that you can use to play on one of their three games.

Why Choose CSGOFast

So, what makes this website stand out from the rest and why has it attracted and kept so many users – apart from the quality of promo codes and coupons? Well, there are several reasons to deposit and play at the CSGOFast website. Firstly the number of deposit options available. Not only can you deposit using real money, but you can also deposit using CSGO and VGO skins as well. This means that you can convert your real money or skins into site currency and enjoy the games. You can also play with a coupon code as well to get you started.

There are also some very high-quality games and game modes available at CSGOFast. There are three in total on the website, all of which are fun, provably fair – and offer excellent opportunities to win bigger and better skins.

About CSGOFast.com

This is a jackpot site that has been around for several years and garnered plenty of users in that time. Partly because it is hi-tech and visually stunning, partly because it is safe, secure and provably fair, offering an excellent user experience – but mostly because it offers its customers some excellent categories of games.

The CS:GO gambling website offers players three main games – as well as a shop to purchase skins. However, we found that playing the games on the CSGOFast website to be a much more fun and exciting way of getting hold of more valuable skins.

The first of the website’s games is the ‘Classic Game’. This is a game where the player puts their wager down on one of the symbols in a row of symbols. The website will then randomly pick one of those symbols in the row. If the computer picks the same symbol that you have chosen then you will be in for quite a tasty reward. The amount you win depends on how many players are playing and how much they are betting. This game is excellent for players looking for a high-risk high reward game.

The second game is the ‘Fast Game’. This is where three players (or friends) all compete against each other – and the player whose chosen logo gets drawn twice by the computer will win the stakes of the other two users.

The third and final game is called the double game, which is very reminiscent of a roulette game. The participating players all need to choose between red, black or green. If they choose red or black and their color comes in then they stand to withdraw twice their original stake from the game. However, if they bet on green and it comes in, then the player can withdraw 14-times their original stake.

Is CSGOFast Legit?

CSGO Fast is completely, one hundred per cent legit as far as online CS:GO gambling sites go. We would never recommend using a promo code or making a deposit at any site we felt could be a scam or fraud. Firstly, when claiming your free coins, you can feel free to check out the site yourself to make sure you feel comfortable with it before depositing your own funds.

Once you have used your coupons or codes to check it out and make your deposit, you can rest assured that you are playing at a website that offers a provably fair system. This means that every single game on the site has its results calculated by a mathematical formula. This can then be checked and confirmed afterwards so that the results can be verified by a customer service agent.

CSGO Fast Customer Support

This is one area that CSGOFast really excels at – especially in comparison with other CSGO gambling sites. Whereas many simply offer users a ticket system, where the player submits a ticket and waits for an answer, there are a number of ways to contact the customer support team at CSGOFast. If you do have any trouble placing a new, claiming a coupon or promo code – or even playing the games, or claiming the money you have won, then you can access live chat straight away. This means that you can speak to a support agent straight away, without needing to wait for hours. Most cases are dealt with quickly and easily.

On the other hand, if there is a less urgent problem, then there is also the option to contact the support team via email. This can take hours to get a response. Alternatively, there is a ticket system, which can also take hours or days.

Don’t forget, if it is a simple query regarding registration and bets etc, you may be able to find the answer in the comprehensive FAQ section of the site.

User Interface & UX

On one hand, while the quality of games and safety and security are seen as the most important factors of a CSGO gambling site, often the devil is in the details – and in order to keep their users, they need to provide customers with a well designed and attractive user interface as well as a quality user experience.

Signing up with the site was very quick and easy when following the clear instructions given. Then, to the left-hand side of the website, this is where you can find the command centre and access all areas of the site, including the games, the support, the banking and the chat. All of these services are just one click of the link away! They make it very easy to enter the referral code as well. Simply use the code by entering it in the field that says ‘Input bonus code’ and you get your freebies quickly.

To top it all off, it looks excellent. The site is modern, clean and attractive. The graphics are of a very high quality and this makes the user experience not just easy, but fun.

Deposits and Withdrawals

One main aspect of any user experience on a gambling site – whether it’s a CSGO casino site or a classic casino site, is the quality of deposits and withdrawals available to players.

Firstly, you can deposit in a variety of ways. There is the option of depositing with skins via your Steam account. However, you can also deposit using real money methods such as credit cards and debit cards like Visa and MasterCard. In addition, there are eWallet options including PayPal, which allows you to make immediate deposits into your account.

Whether you deposit skins or money, the amount you deposit will be exchanged for coins to play on the site. You can then make your bets using these coins. Once you want to withdraw however much you have won, you can head over to the store. Shoppers can then see what deals are on offer and redeem CSGO skins based on how many coins they have won. These skins can then be withdrawn directly into the Steam account.

The whole deposit and withdrawal process is quick, easy whilst also being safe and secure.


There may not be the variety of games available as there are at certain other CSGO sites – there are no slots, and no raffle games, but the games that they do offer really are excellent, high quality and lots of fun – which is what players keep coming back for. You can try your luck on high risk or lower risk games depending on what suits you more.

The whole website is easy to use, quick to register with and offer a whole variety of promo codes – which means you can enjoy goodies such as free coins or even a free case, depending on the promo code. The customer service is fantastic, and the site is designed to be user friendly and attractive. Moreover, deposits and withdrawals are quick, easy and reliable. Ultimately, CSGOFast is fun, exciting and provably fair!

CSGOFast Promo Codes FAQs

Can I Claim a Free Case at CSGOFast?

The promo codes at CSGOFast generally offer free coins with their referral code offers and promo codes. However, there are all sorts of different codes available all the time. Don’t forget to check out our site regularly to see what is currently on offer so that you can get hold of the best value bonuses and enjoy your time at CSGOFast even more. These promo codes can get your journey off to a very profitable start!

How Do I Claim CSGO Promo Codes?

Once you have chosen the bonus code or promo code that you want to use, simply copy it then click on our link over to the CSGO Fast website. All you need to do after this is register a new account using your Steam log in or a social network login. After this is done, simply enter the code in the box that says ‘Use Code’ then click on ‘Activate’. Your free coins or bonus will then be deposited directly into your account. In most cases, it takes just a matter of seconds to come through.

Can I Play CS GO Roulette at CSGOFast?

There is a CSGO roulette game on the website which is called ‘Double’. It works in almost the same way as roulette. There are three colors – red, black and green. You need to place your bets on one of those colors. If you place your wager on red or black and it comes in, then you will win double your wager. However, if you place your money on the one green symbol (the equivalent of the 0 in roulette), then you will win 14-times your original stake.

Can I Get Free Coins at CSGOFast?

Of course. Simply copy and save one of our promo codes or referral codes and enter it in the ‘Use Code’ box at the CSGOFast website. You will then be able to claim free coins to enjoy on a variety of games.

How Can I Find More CSGOFast Promo Codes and Coupons?

Aside from clicking on our links above, you may find that if you follow the site on social media sites such as Twitter, then you will be able to find even more deals and promo codes to use on the website!

Does CSGOFast Let Me Bet on Matches?

No, at this time there is no match betting offered at CSGOFast

Are There New Promo Codes Every Week?

You will find several different promo code offers being added at regular intervals. It may be every week – or even every day. One promo code may give you a free case while another promo code may offer free money. Don’t forget to check out our promo code list regularly and follow the website on social media to get your hands on all the available bonuses and deals.