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CSGO Jackpot Sites 2024

CSGO gambling services are now becoming more mainstream – which means that finding the right one for you can become problematic. Some might be looking to play roulette at a new CS:GO roulette site, others might be looking for a variety of crash game modes.

csgo-jackpot-1xOne area that is growing in popularity, however, is the CSGO Jackpot game – after all, who doesn’t want to win the jackpot? Here, we have had our experts go through the very best CSGO Jackpot sites so that you can pick the one that works best for you.


We take a look at our favourite CSGO Jackpot Sites Below:


Here are some of the top CS:GO gambling sites for CSGO jackpot games


First place goes to CSGORoll, for many reasons. They not only offer a variety of CS:GO gambling games and lots of bonuses and promotions for players as well – they also offer customers a way to earn from their own boxes. They provide ‘Case Creator – which allows you to make your own cases! That is, of course, on top of a fantastic CSGO Jackpot game which is why this has made it to the number one spot.


This is a well-established CSGO site that has been around for over four years. It has lots of ways to get hold of free skins – including CSGO jackpot games! They also have lots of CSGO bonus codes and promotional codes as well. The website is super efficient and offers many cool games – and has built up a reputation as a top roulette site as well. This one isn’t just about Jackpot games, this offers the entire CSGO gambling experience!


Another one we are particularly fond of is CSGO500. This is an excellent CSGO jackpot site and is easily up there as one of the best. The only reason it isn’t nearer the top spot is that it doesn’t offer as many advanced features or normal skin purchase options.

However, we love the fact that it is a long-running roulette site – and it always runs super smoothly, with no problems at all. This is evidenced by the fact that there are usually, on average, around 1,000 players online at any one time. Aside from excellent jackpot features, it also offers an unusual CSGO roulette game – that is even more accessible and player-friendly.

This game offers a multiplier which, if hit, can offer even bigger wins. So, this means that if you bet 1000 coins on a 5x multiplier – you get a massive 5000x return! It also offers an excellent Crash game as well – as an added bonus. Basically, this site is pretty much an all-rounder!


Before entering any money or skins, our first recommendation would be that you check whether or not there are any CSGO promo codes on offer – as this will get your jackpot journey off to the very best start. This will allow you to get a feel for the site and try out the game without risking any of your own money or CSGO / VGO skins or coins.

We would recommend you pick from one of our listed CS:GO jackpot sites so that you know it’s trustworthy. Every site that we recommend has been fully checked to make sure that it is both safe and fair to play at. When you have chosen your preferred jackpot gambling site, then you will need to open a new account by entering all of your required details. You will then need to link your Steam account via a Steam authenticator.

Once this has been done, you can start depositing your CSGO skins or VGO skins – or even make real money deposits based on your preference. You can then use this deposit to exchange into the relevant site coins based on the value of your deposit. You can then gamble on the jackpot game and other casino games on the site with the site currency.

In essence, CSGO gambling sites work in very much the same way as casino sites and casino games. Simply look through the list of games – jackpot, roulette, crash, coin flip and others. Some will even offer esports betting on matches including CSGO games, League of Legends and more.


Whether or not you have played jackpot games before, it will be pretty easy for you to pick up the game. One of the reasons this is becoming more popular with CSGO gamblers is because it gives them the chance to gamble with low-value skins – and still have the chance for a huge win! All they need to do is choose which of their skins they want to deposit and gamble – and a Random Number Generator will decide which lucky player will win the jackpot!

However, although the game is ‘random’ per se, the more value you add to the pot, the better your chance of winning. Playing a CSGO jackpot game is considered by many to be one of the most fun ways to gamble on CSGO. Other fun alternatives you might want to try out, if this is your thing, include coin flip and roulette – both of these have a higher chance of winning but that 50/50 element can be pretty enticing!


As soon as you have chosen your deposit value – and as soon as everyone has made their deposits into the pot then the game begins. Remember, the person that has added the highest value to the pot is guaranteed to win, but it does improve the chances. The RNG then picks out the winning ticket – and whoever has that ticket wins the jackpot!


Because there are some great options out there, choosing what CSGO jackpot gambling site you prefer is simply a matter of taste. However, in order to make it to our list of top jackpot sites, there are some key factors we look at:



When you choose your preferred CSGO jackpot site, you want to make sure that it is one that allows you to deposit your CSGO skins or real money quickly and easily. As such, we have personally tested out every site we have listed so that you can feel assured that you won’t be wasting time making your deposits – and withdrawing your skins. You get to spend more time doing what you are there for – playing your favourite CSGO gambling games and winning!


The top jackpot websites will offer their customers a decent promo code or bonus code so that you can get off to the very best start. It has even been known for a player to open an account with nothing but a free bonus code to their name and walk away with some pretty decent VGO skins – and all because that jackpot site had a decent welcome bonus that meant they could play before depositing any of their own money first!


Obviously, we look at the quality of the CSGO jackpot game. However, we also look to make sure that it offers a variety of CSGO betting games and options. Just because you are initially looking for CSGO jackpot sites, that doesn’t mean you should have other options as well. As such, we would always recommend that you find a gambling site that has a variety of games and products!

Ideally, the best CSGO crash sites include betting options such as CSGO roulette games, blackjack, coin flip and, of course, jackpot games. We also prefer it if they offer the chance to bet on esports such as League of Legends, CSGO and PUBG.


Every single one of the sites we recommend has been independently tested and checked to make sure that they are completely fair. That means you can deposit skins and your money with a sense of security and fair play. This is true for all gambling and betting sites we list here on our site.


You should be able to choose how much you want to gamble and how much risk you are prepared to take. Whether you are a player that likes to bet big time, with thousands of dollars worth of skins in your inventory, or whether you are new and barely have a cent to your name – the betting range and pot limits will be a big deal when you choose your jackpot game.

So, depending on what you want, you should be able to bet big or small, depending onyour situation.


CSGO jackpot games are fun – and one of the more high-risk ways to bet on CSGO sites. However, high risk means a high reward. You could be that lucky player who bets $10 on a game and walks away with a $4,000 win. This certainly makes it worth your while.

If you don’t want such high risks but still want some excitement, then why not try out games such as roulette and coinflip. These are 50/50 games and give you a fair chance of walking away a winner.

Remember, whatever you choose, have fun! Keep it fun and play responsibly. If you feel that you are encountering any issues with a gambling addiction, then take some time out and make sure you get all the help you need before coming back.