Farmskins Promo Code 2022

If you’re looking for an excellent CSGO case opening site, then look no further than Farmskins – a case opening site that boasts better value cases than those that can be found at the Steam Market. The CSGO site offers amazing deals when it comes to case value, however, that’s not the only way it offers value to its players. When you sign up at Farmskins, you can save money by making the most of Farmskins promo codes and discount codes.

With these, you could claim a free case and even free money to play with – followed by the chance to get your hands on all sorts of fun and value cases – which can give you even better than many other case opening sites out there! Not only this, but all of their games have fair odds, aren’t rigged – and should you manage to get a win, your wins will be paid out nice and quickly!

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How To Claim Your Farm Skins Promo Code

The good news is that claiming coupon codes and bonus codes at Farmskins is very easy. Here is how to claim your Farmskins promo code:

  1. Click promo code tab you want to claim and this will take you over to the Farmskins website home page.
  2. Register for a new player account either via your Steam account or by linking your social media. Submit your details.
  3. After you have created your new account, click on ‘Add Funds’.
  4. You then need to go to the ‘Affiliate or promo code’ section under the’ Top-up Balance tab.
  5. Enter your first deposit promo code exactly as written and then click on the ‘Use’ button. Your account will then be credited with the promo code $1 offer (or free skins / free cases or other great bargains attached to your chosen promo code).
  6. Remember, not only can you get big savings with a free $1 to play on the site, but you can also open one free covert case as well!

In order to open the free case, simply click on the case that you want, the free case will then open and transfer the free skins or items within into your Steam Inventory.

So, when you sign up at Farmskins, not only can you enjoy attractive discounts and huge savings, but it takes just moments to do so!

What Games do Farmskins Offer?

So, you budget savvy players have signed up to Farmskins – but what can you expect in terms of games? Well, this is more a website to join if you want to save big rather than if you’re looking for a variety of CSGO games. Fanrskins is purely a case opening site, which means no roulette, jackpot or gambling on crash. If you are signing up for Farmskins, then you are purely doing so for case opening. Simple. This is what they focus on, pure and simple, which means that this is what they do well.

That means that you can expect more savings here and a more generous starting price than at many other case opening sites that also offer other CSGO games and match betting opportunities. However, we do generally believe that if they did add a game or two, then they might increase their popularity even more.

That being said, Farmskins does have some involvement in the esports competitive scene. They have had a hand in the organisation of CSGO tournaments for professional players. Players are also available to check the game statistics as well as benefit from Farmskins features such as Upgrades, Case Battles and Contracts.

Other Features and Benefits at Farmskins

It would be unfair to simply say that it’s all about case opening, as Farmskins does offer several features and benefits that make it an attractive CSGO gambling site to register with.

Firstly, it offers its players a neat, clean and welcoming home page, which looks attractive. Its dark background is complemented by brightly coloured charming boxes and cases that look very attractive and lure players into opening them to see whether they hold their favorite items or skins. The website is easy to use and its navigation is very straightforward. This means it’s very unlikely you won’t be able to find what you’re looking for – it’s extremely easy.

At the top right-hand side of the page, you can find a dedicated user functionality to help you make your way through the different functions and numerous options. The tabs at the top of the page take you to ‘top winner pages’, ‘daily bonuses’, FAQS and partners.

As a new player, it’s easy to sign up and start saving. In addition, it’s good to know that the site is developed to work perfectly on mobile. So, you can enjoy the ease of the site whether you’re on desktop or mobile.

As we stated earlier, this is a site for players looking for great deals on cases. This is a perfect site for players that are looking for weapon cases. These include Knives Cases, Quality Only Cases, and Weapon Specific Cases.


There are a wide number of payment methods and withdrawal options available – more so than other gambling sites. Not only can you use popular deposit options including debit cards and credit cards – like MasterCard and Visa. You can also deposit via cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin. In addition, there is the option of depositing with e-wallets such as Neteller, Skrill AliPay, WebMoney and UnionPay. It also offers players a third party option – Skin2Pay, which accepts your skin payments and then sends the remainder directly into your account. In addition, you can deposit via real money using G2A, which allows you to use a minimum deposit of $3.

The skins that you open will go straight into your steam account. In order to make skin withdrawals, you will need to provide your steam trade link to complete the process.

Help & Support at Farm Skins

At any CSGO gambling site, customer care is essential to help its users sort out any issues that might arise. The good news is that at, you can access the site’s customer support team which can be found at the bottom of the page under the contact section.

The experience you can expect with the care team is excellent. Often, there is an issue with CSGO gambling sites not providing live chat, but that is not the case here. The Farskins website lets you talk to a customer service team member via the chat option for a quick resolution.

They also offer players an email address if there isn’t an immediate rush. However, you can expect to get an answer within a few hours. There is also a good FAQS section where you can find answers to the most commonly asked questions.

Is Farmskins Provably Fair?

Yes. As we would expect from such a well-established case opening site, it has been proven to be provably fair. This means that there is a mathematical equation attached to each case, which means that every case you open is completely random – and this is the same every time you open a new case. This means that if you open one case, it has absolutely no bearing on what you get when you open your next case – or the case after that. The chance of getting a low value or high-value case doesn’t change no matter how many cases you open.

Turn Your Free Bonus into New CSGO Skins

The reason that you want to get hold of Farmskins promo codes and discount codes is to get more for your money. Indeed, $1 in itself isn’t enough that you want to withdraw it. What it can do though, is give you more opportunity to turn it into new skins. You can put this $1 towards opening a case and getting a decent value skin.

Once you have a skin, you can then opt to do what you want with this. Either you could withdraw it into your account or you could gamble this skin with the hope of getting a more valuable skin from a different case. How far you make your promotion code or referral code go is down to you.

What Other Case Opening Sites are there?

The good thing about CSGO case opening sites is that you aren’t forced to choose just one. You can check out and register with as many different case opening sites as you like – which means claiming all different promo codes and coupon codes. It also gives you an amazing opportunity to hunt out the best deals to find those best sellers skins. Here are some other excellent CS:GO case opening sites you can try out.

Hellcase is another popular case opening site that is known for its ease of use and attractive design. At Hellcase, compared to other CSGO popular stores you can find some excellent cases and decent prices. What’s more, it also gives players the chance to sell back any unboxed items – either for credits or to withdraw them.

Another popular case opening site well worth a look at is Daddyskins. This is ahead of the game in many ways. Not only can you open cases at the site, but it offers even more, such as the fantastic jackpot system. The site also allows integrations with Bitskins, which gives players even more flexibility.

CSGOLuck is a new CSGO betting site that offers case opening, as well as other games including roulette, crash, coinflip and jackpot games. The case opening on offer allows you to purchase the keys and open the relevant case. There are also plenty of promo codes available for CSGOLuck that you won’t want to miss out on.

Finally, there’s the option of DatDrop, which is excellent for players across the world as it not only has an excellent selection of cases but also provides support in more than ten different languages.

As you can see, the choice out there is plentiful, so check out the coupon codes, claim every deal that you want, checkout what is on offer so that you can enjoy the very best case opening experience. FAQs

Which is the best CSGO case sites?

This is very much a matter of taste. However, Farmskins is definitely one of the very best out there. Because Farmskins devotes itself entirely to case opening, it goes out of its way to provide excellent value case opening. There are also a variety of Farmskins promo code offers, including the $1 new player bonus code. However, if you are a player looking for games, then you might want to check out an alternative site such as CSGOLuck.

Is Farmskins legit?

Yes, Farmskins is completely legit. The case opening site is provably fair, which means that you can feel sure that every single time you open a case, the contents of the case is completely random. There is no one rigging it, making sure that you get a low-value skin, or controlling the number of higher value skins awarded. That means that for every single case you open, you have exactly the same chance of getting a high-value skin even if you get one in the previous case! You can check the results by contacting customer support who can then go over the mathematical equation that led to the result

How long does it take for me to receive my skins on Farmskins?

You can receive your skins pretty much straight away. As soon as you open a case, you will then be rewarded with the skin that is inside the case. As long as you have a Steam Account attached, you can withdraw the skin directly.