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Looking for a safe and secure platform for your CS:GO gambling needs? Well, you’re in luck because at CSGOBook, we’ve got your back!

We’re all about providing CS:GO gamblers like yourself with the necessary information to make informed choices and indulge in your passion for CS:GO gaming and gambling. Our team at CSGOBook is made up of veterans in the CS:GO gaming and gambling scenes, gambling pros, CSGO casino specialists, and esports/CSGO gambling content writers.

We even reward players for reporting scam sites and are the only site to GUARANTEE your first deposit More on this in a second.

We – Your Safe Bet
Against Scams!


  • What We Do at CSGOBook

    So, what exactly does CSGOBook do? Well, we carefully review CS:GO gambling websites to ensure they meet the necessary criteria for a convenient and secure gambling experience. We only feature sites that pass our strict review process, and we’re open to recommendations for new CS:GO gambling sites as well.

    Our website is here to educate users about how each gambling site works, whether it’s real money betting or Skin CS:GO betting. We’ll also let you know about the different games available on these platforms and the currency or « Skins » used for wagering. For example, sites like FarmSkins and CSGOFast offer games like CSGO roulette , Crash, and coin-flip, where you can use skins that can be converted into the site’s currency.

  • We Take Deposits From Our Partners To Ensure You Have The Best Time

    To ensure you always have the best experience possible from any site we list. We actually take deposits from the sites we partner with in case there are any issues with you claiming a bonus. If there is an issue when you use one of our promo codes, we will personally investigate the problem and fully reimburse you for your first deposit. How’s that for going above and beyond!

Our Criteria for Sites

  • At CSGOBook, we have established strict criteria for reviewing CS:GO gambling sites. Here are just some of the factors we consider to ensure a safe user experience:

    • User-base/Safety/Popularity/Reliability: We look
      for sites that are trusted and reliable, with a large user
    • Ease of communication: We focus on sites that
      have English as their language of correspondence.
    • Design: We rate and recommend sites with
      user-friendly interfaces and easy navigation.
    • Performance: We prioritize sites that offer fast
      and responsive performance for a seamless gambling experience.
    • Deposit & withdrawal methods: We check for
      trustworthy deposit and withdrawal systems, including options
      for real money, cryptocurrencies, and e-wallets.
    • Customer support: We understand the importance of
      reliable customer support, so we recommend sites that provide
      effective assistance to users.
  • Now, why should you use CSGOBook? Here are some benefits:

    • We only list secure and top-rated gambling sites that meet our
      criteria, ensuring a convenient and safe gaming experience.
      Some of the sites we recommend include CSGOEmpire,
      CSGORoll, WTFSkins, CSGO500, CSGOFast, and many
    • We also inform you about sites that didn’t meet our criteria,
      so you can approach them with caution or avoid them
    • CSGOBook keeps you updated on sites where you can earn
      free CS:GO Skins and bonuses. We provide a list of
      sites each month, so you can take advantage of these
    • We pay attention to licensed CS:GO gambling sites, giving you
      a greater sense of security and reliability. While many sites
      in this niche may not be licensed, we guide you in the right
      direction, so you know which ones to embrace and which ones to
      approach with caution.
    • And our special Bounty Reward Programme…
  • The Bounty Reward Programme – Earn up to $100

    Here at CSGOBook, we’re committed to finding and weeding out any scam CSGO gambling sites out there. That’s why we offer a reward of up to to $100 when you send us a report of a scam site with valid photographic proof. You can help clean up the Counter Strike gambling scene whilst earning yourself some cash!

  • Our Mission at CSGOBook

    Our mission at CSGOBook is to help you find the best CS:GO gambling website amidst the sea of shady and insecure platforms out there. We continuously review existing and new CS:GO websites, rating them based on our strict criteria, so you can gamble with confidence.

    If you have any questions or just want to say hello, be sure to send us a message!

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