CS:GO Betting Odds & Formats

Betting Odds Explained

Over the past few years, eSports betting has seen a big increase in the number of people placing wagers. This has been helped by the bookmakers being open to taking eSports bets and creating many new markets and ways to bet to cope with the demand that punters are putting on their betting companies.

The choice for those looking to bet on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive has never been as good, and the guess is that this will only continue to improve. Over the coming decade, this trend looks set to continue, and if that is the case then eSports punters should be in for a great time with an even bigger and better service created for them by the bookmakers.

The Growth of CS:GO

When eSports betting first began, only a handful of bookmakers accepted bets on the events taking place. CS:GO was one of the first games to be used for betting purposes, and the big worldwide tournaments that take place each year means that there are plenty of betting opportunities for punters. For the players who enjoy the casino side of what CSGO brings to the table, good news! It’s not important that you understand what the odds mean to play games like crash or even coin flip.

CS:GO is both liked by the bookmakers and liked by event organisers, both of those together have helped grow the game worldwide. Organisers are happy to create new events, and with bookmakers offering betting and streaming, this is opening the door for big-name sponsors to put their money into the event. That makes the prize money pot a nice one, which then attracts the best players in the world and all of a sudden you have a fantastic CS:GO tournament that has global coverage and betting markets made available.

CS:GO Betting Odds

When bookmakers first began offering betting odds on CS:GO they could pretty much decide the odds and margins they wanted to set themselves. This was because of the low amount of bookmakers that were offering odds, meaning that competition was really low.

However, now we are seeing a large number of sites jump on board and accept CS:GO bets from their customers and that has seen a rise in the competitiveness of the odds on offer. With just a few bookmakers giving odds, they could set higher margins and offer poor value to their customers, but now that is not the case at all.

A growing number of bookmakers taking bets on CS:GO means that competition has grown and each bookmaker is trying to offer the best possible service they can. This means lowering the margins and offering bigger odds to customers, as well as expanding the number of different betting markets that are available.

The deal that is on offer for eSports punters who are looking to bet on CS:GO has never been as good, and over the next few years, it could get even better.

CS:GO Odds Formats

Many punters who bet on eSports are new to betting and learn about how things work as they place their bets. One of the biggest areas that punters need to learn is regarding the odds on offer.

When you view the odds for the latest CS:GO events, you can view them in three different ways. These are traditional fractional odds, decimal odds and American odds.

American Odds

American odds are the lesser-known of the three types of odds, but as the name suggests they are popular in America. With a lot of eSports events taking place across the United States, American odds are used more on events such as CS:GO than many other sports that don’t take place in America.

If you use this type of odds for your betting already and you are in America then you will probably be able to use American odds when placing your bets. However, if you are elsewhere and you have no knowledge of American odds then the best thing to do may be to ignore them and stick with one of the other two odds types.

These are far better to understand for punters, especially decimal odds which offer a simple and easy way to bet and work out your returns. Traditional odds are used by those betting on more than eSports, but if you are completely new to betting then these may be a little difficult to understand, especially the ones that have smaller fractions as these can be hard to differentiate.

Fractional Odds

Fractional betting odds are seen as the traditional way of showing odds and have been tied to sports such as horse racing for many years. Those betting on eSports who are also betting on other sports are likely to already use fractional odds when they place their bets. If this is the case for you then it is better to stick to what you know, rather than learning something else new specifically for eSports.

Some smaller fractional odds can be very difficult to work out and compare against each other and because of this, many newer punters have turned to decimal odds. While these are new, they are used a lot on the European continent by sports betting fans and continue to grow in popularity.

Decimal Odds

These are used by players all over the world but are especially popular in Europe. The big advantage of decimal odds is that they are very easy to compare, so if you are looking to find the best value then you can do so with ease if you are a decimal odds gambler.

One of the reasons why fractional odds are still so popular is due to tradition, but newer punters don’t have ties with this and because of that, they are favouring decimal.

If you are a brand new eSports punter who hasn’t placed bets before and you know nothing about the different types of betting odds then decimal odds are more than likely the best one for you to use. These offer a simple way to bet, you can easily work out your returns from a single bet as well as comparing the odds from different bookmakers and always ensuring you get the biggest available.