How to a Find CS:GO Team and Players

CS GO is not only about aim and personal skill. The success in the game relies a lot on team work. It’s fun to play CS GO but it’s more fun if you play with friends.

If your friends don’t play CS GO don’t worry. There are more people like you looking for someone to play with.
Playing with people you know will bring you more wins and more fun into the game. So let’s learn how to find a cs go team.

How to register:

  • Register on
  • Choose CS GO on the right column
  • Press the “Register” button on top right of the site
  • Choose CS GO as your primary game
  • Insert your community link (Go to your steam profile and copy the link)
  • Configure your Gamurs profile (set your Rank, location and language)

Now that you registered it now depends on what you want to do next. Are you looking for some players to join your team or are you a solo player looking for a team?

Find CS GO players

Just click on “Players” on the top menu and it will list all the CS GO players looking for a team. You can now filter the players on the left column and choose minimum and maximum rank, language, location and role in-game. After filtering you can open the player profiles and message them on Gamurs.

You can also click on “Teams” and create your Team post to allow other players to find and message you to join your team. Just click on the button “Create Team Post” on the left column and set the team name, location, language, roles needed on team, and you can mention more info on team description.

Find CS GO team

You can click on “Players” on top menu and create your ad so that teams can find you. You just have to fill in what kind of team you are looking for, available time to play, if you are looking for matchmaking team, pug or simply casual and your favorite playstyle role.

You can also go to “Teams” on top menu to list and filter teams based on rank, language, location and roles needed on team. Choose the team you want to by opening their profile and press the big green button “Join Team”. The team leader will get a request that you want to join in so that you can exchange info and start playing together.

Also if you need a server to practice with your team check this guide on how to setup a free CSGO server.

CS GO Player Roles

If you have never been in a team you may not understand some of the roles on the team so let’s take a quick look into them:

  • AWP

Well this one is very clear. If you like and have good frag ability with AWP you clearly belong in AWP role.

  • Lurker

The lurker is the sneaky player on the team and sometimes a good source of info to his team because he usually places himself on the mid of the battle instead of usual positions.

As counter-terrorist a lurker sometimes pushes and tries to kill enemies on their back and gather info for the team.

As a terrorist the lurker usually plays to cut rotations of the CTs. So he relies a lot on sound and rotation knowledge.

  • Riffler

Pretty obvious name. If you like to use M4 and AK then you are a riffler.

  • IGL (In Game Leader)

Very good knowledge of the game, strats and ability to read his team and enemies. IGL has to realize during game what is the best plan for his team. Understand mistakes and strength of his team and enemy teams. IGL should have a good mental visualization of game so he can read players positions and pick the best decisions. Usually IGL may not frag as much as the other team members because he’s more focus in reading the game to his team than to himself.

  • Supporter

Supporter is usually a player that knows how to use utility nades to give the advantage to his team. So a support knows how to place smokes, how to pop flash enemies so the Entry Fragger on the team can have the upper hand when gaining position over the map. The supporter also plays close to the entry fragger to trade the kill if his teammate dies.

  • Entry Fragger

The entry fragger is a agressive player with great fragging ability because as the name states he’s the first one to push. Entry fraggers usually use high mouse sensitivity because they have to do quick pushes and clear corners in the way.

Requirements to join a team

This requirements are not mandatory but will help you a lot to integrate a team.

  • Use a microphone

Information is very important in a fast paced game like CS GO. In a matter of seconds you can have a lot things happening and info from team mates plays a big roll on success. Writing on team chat doesn’t work because you can’t play and type at the same time and your team mates will have to lose focus on the screen to read your messages.

So if you don’t have one you can buy one very cheap. Avoid using Laptops mics because their capture quality it’s usually very poor and it catches a lot of ambient noise that will make your voice hard to understand. Use a voice chat software like TeamSpeak or Mumble because the audio quality is better than in-game.

  • Learn how to call

It’s very important to learn how to communicate with team on CS GO. When you have 5 players talking at the same time things can get messy and no one will understand. So keep your information short and straight. If you hear steps but don’t know how many enemies are close, just call “steps on mid”. If you see 3 enemies rushing just say “3 pushing long”, don’t just say “all pushing long” because you are not sure.

When you die use the deathcam to give your team precious information but when dead don’t talk anymore unless you really think it’s important. If your teammate is clutching (last standing player) let him play. Don’t keep saying on microphone “Throw flash!” “Hide”, etc… Let him make his decisions and hear footsteps. After the round is over you can say what you think he did right or wrong but don’t do it on middle of the round.

Also if you are going somewhere else than your usual position or if you are gonna push let your team mates know on the beginning on round. Planing the round as a team is really important so use the freeze time to exchange ideas on what to do.

So the important thing here is to keep your information short and clear. Don’t over talk and don’t be quiet all round. Share information that you find it’s useful for your team’s success.

It’s also very important to know the callouts on maps so you can tell your team mates the exact position of enemies.

  • Be polite and positive

You will win some games with ease and other games will seem that you are powerless and can’t do anything about it. Well whatever happens don’t start blaming and flaming your teammates. Keeping a positive mood is important to success. Saying simple things like “Nice one!” or “Good job!” will help your teammates to gain some confidence but complaining and flaming in mid game will bring them down and most of the times they will perform worse.

If you feel like someone made a mistake let them know in the end of the round politely like “You should have….”. Don’t say things “What the fuck were you thinking?”.

So it’s not bad correct mistakes of your teammates as long as you know what you are saying and you are polite to your team. Joking a bit it’s ok to keep the mood up but keep it balance. Don’t take the game too serious but don’t make it a joke all game long.

  • Listen to your IGL (In game leader)

IGL is a very important roll on a team. They will tell you what’s the plan for the next round. Being a IGL is hard work too so sometimes teammates may not like some strats or plans of the IGL and decide to do whatever they want instead. A lot of times the plan of your IGL may not work but if the whole team listens and executes the same plan it will help to succeed.

Even if you are the top fragger on the team don’t ignore the team plan or strat. Stick with the plan and you will see it works better than going alone.