Get Souvenir Drops

How to get Souvenir Drops

One of the best drops you can get on CSGO are Souvenir Drops. These drops are cases with signed weapons that can be worth a lot if you manage to get a rare one.

To get the drops you just need to be watching the Major matches on GOTV or Twitch.

  • Watching on GOTV

Open CSGO, and go to the tab “Watch”, then if a game is being played simply click to watch it.

  • Watching on

You need to have a twitch account. If you don’t have it already you can create one. It’s easy and fast to sign-up on Twitch. Then connect your twitch account to your steam account.

To connect your twitch to your steam, just login on twitch, click on your twitch nickname on top page then choose “Settings”. On settings page, click on “Connections”.

You will see Steam below, click on the check sign on the right. You will be redirected to a Steam login page. Login with your steam and the check sign on Twitch will turn from grey to green, meaning that now your accounts are connected.

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When do Souvenirs Drop?

Souvenirs drop during Major events sponsored by Valve like ESL and now MLG Columbus 2016. This events are announced on CSGO news on Steam so don’t worry. If you play CSGO regularly you will know about it.

How do I get Souvenir Case Drop?

You just need to be watching the games. After every round several cases are dropped randomly to the viewers. Chances of getting a drop is around 1% or even lower so it can be a bit hard. It’s all about luck!

Souvenir Drops Myths:

  • Typing !drop in stream chat

Typing commands on stream chat doesn’t increase your chances. People just type it to troll or because they see others do it and try it too.

  • Watching on GOTV and on Twitch simultaneously

Watching on GOTV and Twitch at the same time doesn’t increase your chances.

  • Having an Operation Coin

Even if you bought an Operation Coin your chances are the same as someone who doesn’t.

How can I get drops if I’m away from home?

You can leave your PC tuned on Twitch on the Major channel so you will be “watching” the matches all day long and maybe get a drop.

If leaving your computer on it’s not an option you can download the app to your smartphone. It’s the same thing as on computer. You just need to sign in on Twitch app with your twitch username and you will be fine if you already connected your steam account to your account.

If you don’t have access to Wi-Fi on your smartphone and you can’t spend bandwidth of your mobile data you can change the quality settings of the stream to Mobile.

A lot of users say but i can’t confirm that you can get Souvenir Drops with the stream paused. This is a great alternative to save that mobile data bandwidth.

Watching streams while playing CSGO

This technique of lowering the quality of the stream or even pause it can be useful if you want to play CSGO or other games while the streams are live. This way you can save FPS and bandwidth on your online match.

Real way to increase chances of souvenir drops

The only way to increase the chances of getting a drop is to use multiple twitch and CSGO accounts. If you have a smurf account put it to use!

You can create more twitch accounts and link them to your smurfs. To watch the stream with several accounts, you can watch twitch with one account and other account on GOTV or use multiple browsers logged in with different accounts. You need to use different browsers. You can download several like Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer or Safari.