What is the steam trade hold

Steam Trade Hold aka Steam Escrow

You wanna to do that quick trade and get your new skins but suddenly you get that the trade hold warning and you feel pissed off thinking why the hell is Steam doing this.

If you have been friend with the person you want to trade for more than a year the trade will be held for 24 hours but if you are friends in less than one year the trade will take 72 hours.

Why is steam holding your trades?

A lot of users on Steam are getting scammed and losing their items everyday so Steam decided to bring more security to their users by bringing a two way authentication that requires not only to accept trade on your desktop but also a steam app confirmation from your phone.

This system helps to prevent unauthorized access to your account and protects your CS GO skins and other items.

Why is it a good thing?

Some of you probably think of it as an inconvenience because now you gotta have a smart phone and you need it by your side when you want to trade but trust me here. This is a very good improvement for steam users.

Like i said before the amount of Steam users hijacked everyday was tremendously huge and Steam couldn’t handle all this cases and in some situations the support couldn’t even help you get your items back.

But let’s be real, if you have valuable CS GO Skins or other in-game items you gotta be thankful for this system. There’s no easy way for someone to hijack your steam account now.

How to remove the trade hold?

  • With a smartphone

Simply download the steam app from Play Store for Android or App Store for iOS.

Then just sign in with your steam login and open the menu on the top left, select Steam Guard, go to Settings and select first option “Get Steam Guard codes on my phone”.

Now enter your phone number. Steam will send you a code through SMS.

Type the code you received and note on a paper the recovery code that you will need in case you lose access to your smart phone. Now you’re ready to go.

Every time you trade you will get a notification on your phone with the code to approve authentication or trade confirmation. If you don’t get the notification simply open the app and go to steam guard and get the current code.

  •  Without a smartphone
    • PC

Simply install WinAuth on your computer It’s a simple software that allows you to control multiple authentications for several games including Steam.

You will need a to use a phone capable of receiving SMS anyway so you can link your number with your Steam account.

If you don’t have a phone just ask someone on your family or friends. You will only need to confirm SMS code when you install Winauth.

    • Mac

For Mac users there’s BlueStacks.com. It’s free but the software will download automatically sponsored apps.

It can be a hassle as you might be cluttered with apps you don’t like or need, but it’s free.

Use only this emulators if you don’t really have a smartphone!!!

This sure brings a lot of ease to the whole system but remember if a hacker gets on your computer he might gain access to both Steam and your authenticator and your items can be stole that easy.

How long does it take to get rid of the Steam Trade Hold?

If you now set the Steam Guard Mobile Authenticator it will take 7 days for the trade hold to be removed and then you will be good to go with fast and safe trades. But remember, during the cooldown you can’t cancel any trade on hold or you will have to wait 7 days more.