The Ultimate CS:GO Betting Guide

CS:GO Betting Guide

In this CS GO Betting guide you will learn everything you need to know about proper betting and research for CS GO match betting.

Where should you bet on CS GO matches?

There are several websites to start betting. It depends if you want to use skins or real money.

  • Betting Skins

If you want to bet skins make sure you have at least 10 – 15 skins to bet so you can have better control over your bank roll. If  you have a low amount of skins try trading them for several lower value skins.

If you need some skins to start betting check how can you buy cheap cs go skins with discount up to 66%.

  • Betting Real Money

With Real money you have plenty of options depending if you use Paypal, Skrill or other payment option. To help you decide take a look in my list of cs go betting sites to find what’s the better one for you.

General rules to start betting

This are the main rules to follow on this CS GO betting guide and should try to remember them at all times.

  • Set-up your betting percentages

To keep your bank roll under control you should first decide how much money are you willing to bet on each match.

Define the percentage of Small, Medium and High bets. I personally use 2% for small, 5% for Medium and 8% for High. Meaning that with a inventory or balance of 100$ i will bet 2$ in small bets, 5$ on Medium and 8$ in High bets. Whatever you decide try not to bet more than 10% in a single match.

Just push the calculator on your computer or phone and insert your total balance and multiply it for the size of the bet percentage.

Calculating bet size example: Total balance: 300$ and bet size Medium (5%). Just calculate 300 x 0.05. You bet 15$. Easy peasy lemon squeezy

Small bet:

They are for mostly for underdogs or nearly 50-50 matches where you don’t feel much confidence on your pick.

Medium bet:

This one is for mostly for overdogs when you think they are most likely to win the match.

High bet:

This is when you feel super confident on your bet and mostly for odds over 75% or below 1.33.

  • Never go all-in

A lot of new bettors tend to do this mistake because they want to make quick profit and grow their bank in just a few days. They usually trust favorite teams and bet their whole bank in them.

The problem is that you might be lucky and get away with it 2 or 3 times but if you keep pushing all you need is one match to go wrong and suddenly you lost all your skins or money. Every CS GO betting guide will advice you the same:

Never go all-in…. Don’t rush things! Try to start slow and steady and you will eventually build profit.

  • Avoid betting on +85% teams

There will be matches where you want to bet on a team but the odds are over 85% or below 1.18. Think about it…

To profit you must place a high bet but is it worth the risk?

Do the math… You need at least 6 of this bets to cover if you you lose one of these.

In the long run it won’t bring you profit, so be smart and skip this ones.

  • Don’t bet in every match

This is also a temptation on newbie bettors. Don’t bet just because you want to. Do a proper research first and you will find reasons to bet or not.

As you will gain more experience as a bettor you will understand that some matches can bring you profit while others are not worth to bet even if you guess and the outcome turns out to be right.

To profit all you need is to pick a few games where you feel confidence about your bet. Remember: Quality is better than quantity!

  • Avoid betting on unknown or shady teams

From time to time you will face matches with low tier teams that you never heard of. On most of them if you try to research you won’t find much information to support your bet.

They tend to change a lot of roster too, so even if you find information about the team last results, make sure to see if the roster is still the same.

Lower tier teams may also have the temptation to fix the match result or even cheat to get some profit on bets. Think about it… low tier teams receive low or no money at all to play on their teams.You should expect most of them to play clean but the temptation to fix the match can be big because it’s simply easy money (if they are not caught of course).

  • Don’t rage bet!

This one of the most important tips of this CS GO betting guide… you have to understand that there will be good days and also bad days.  You will lose bets eventually and it can be one, two, three days in a row.

You will feel desperate to go quickly gain back your profit and your first idea will be “I need to do higher bets to get back on my feet!”.

Don’t do it! Just don’t! This is where a lot of bettors end their “betting career”. In betting, patient is key and if you feel like do a rage bet just take 2 or 3 days off betting and you will return more fresh and you will think more clearly.

  • Don’t be overconfident

Just like rage, overconfidence can also be negative. Let’s imagine that you win several bets in a row and you start thinking “OMG! I’m getting real good at this! I have to increase my betting percentages so i can gain more!”.

I’ve seen a lot of people doing this after two or three good days in a row with good profit. You start betting more and suddenly you are failing your bets. If this happens to you remember you are not just losing bets but you are also losing more money than you should.

So stick to your percentages and they will do the work for you. One step at a time!

  • Take advantage of odds change

When a team plays more than one match on the same day, usually on big tournaments, you will notice when a team loses first game that the odds swift to the other team on their next match sometimes turning them into a good underdog to bet.

Try to understand why did they lose the game and if it can apply for next match.

Sometimes teams just didn’t start the match as they wish, they may have lost pistols and then the full buy round and then they just lost momentum and consequentially the game. If you saw the match and think they didn’t play bad, that things weren’t just going their way, why not take advantage of the skewed odds? This is where profit comes in.

  • Be careful with inconsistent teams or use them to your advantage

As you start following the pro scene you will find that some teams may be very inconsistent. In one day they might take down one of the top five teams and the next day they might lose to a tier three team.

If you identify this kind of team avoid betting on them or bet against them if their odds are way too high. Virtus.Pro, HellRaisers and Mouz are 3 teams that come to my mind when i think about inconsistency.

  • Get to know the pro scene

If you want to take your betting to the next level you gotta know the teams and the players. When possible watch the matches so you can learn about the weaknesses and strengths on teams and players, best and worst maps.

You will start to gain that special knowledge that will give you an edge on your predictions. After some time you won’t depend so much on statistics and your predictions will become more personal when you’re really into the pro scene.

Of course watching games takes a lot of time so if this it’s not a choice for you, try to at least keep an eye on daily results.

  • Play the odds

There are too kind of bettors on CS GO: The ones that always bet on the favorites and the ones that play the odds. Betting on favorites may work sometimes but it’s not profitable on the long run.

The smart bettor is the one that plays the odds and takes advantage against other bettors’ general opinion. This is where good rewards comes in.

When you gain some experience on your researches you will learn to come up with your personal odds. Based on results, maps, and many other factors you will understand what are the possible chances for each team to win the match.

Imagine that in your opinion the real odds for a game is around 60% – 40% but when you look the website the betting odds are about 75% – 25%. Should you risk to bet on the overdog? Of course not! You know that their chance of winning the match is way lower than 75%. And at the same time the underdog has way more chances of winning the game that 25%.

The smart bet here is too place a low bet on the underdog! Of course you will lose some of this bets but the profit you gain in one right bet will probably cover your other small loses and you will end up the day with some profit.

But don’t just do this in every match! You gotta pick the right ones. If your personal odds are close to website odds, maybe you should skip or bet on the overdog.

How to do your own research on CS GO bets?

We finally reached the practical part of this CS GO Betting Guide to teach you how to analyze multiple variables to help you predict the outcome of the game.

  • Check the roster

This is the first thing you should do. You should expect that the teams are playing with their regular players but sometimes not all players are available and teams have to bring in one or two new players. Don’t bet blindly without confirming this.

You can quickly verify this info on HLTV match pages and you can take a quick peek too on Sub Reddit “CS GO Betting”. Just look for information about roster.

You can check for more information on comments but be careful because there are many people trying to fool you. So try not be influenced by their opinion but if you see some important info about the match try to confirm that in other sources like twitter profile of the players.

If they are using a stand-in try to find who is the player. Is he good? Is it the first time he plays with this team? This is a important thing to figure out how will he play with this team. Mostly you would guess that he’s probably gonna play bad because he doesn’t belong to the team so he’s not used to their strategies or teamwork.

Well, this is not true at all. I was expecting this a lot of times but i got surprised to see some subs performing really well. There were several matches in the past that the stand-ins turned out to help the team a lot and in some cases even taking the Top Fragger place.

The stand-in might feel motivated and try his best on this game or the other way around. In the end, this depends a lot on who is the stand-in and what’s the team.  So it’s up to you to come with a decision.

  • Have they been practicing?

Next you wanna confirm if they have been practicing, especially on holidays like Summer and Christmas. This is a really easy to do process:

  1. Google his nickname plus Steam (Example: “KennyS steam”). The first result it’s usually his profile.
  2. After open his profile, just click on right column “Games”, below badges.
  3. Click on the first tab “Recently played”
  4. Below Counter-Strike: Global Offensive it says how many hours he played on the last 2 weeks.

So this is really simple and it can give you an edge on your predictions sometimes. Check all the players on the team and you will have an idea if they prepared themselves for their next match.

If it helps just sum their hours and divide by 5 players to get an average of the team. But if you get a huge difference between the players like 20 hours on one, and 80 on other, it probably means that they haven’t really been practicing together.

But anyhow compare the average of the two teams and check if the gap is big. If there is no big difference it probably won’t really matter much on the outcome of the game.

  • Check the players form on the past matches

Once again go back to HLTV to check how the players have been performing lately. Go the match page and open a tab for each player. Then you can do this 2 different ways:

By filtering their stats on the past 3 months

On the top of the player page you got the “”Time Filters”. Pick “Past 3 months” then below pick Lan or Online based on how the game you gonna bet is gonna be played.

If you don’t know go check CS GO Betting sub reddit again. On the header of each match on reddit there’s the info if the match is Online or Lan.

Now you have filtered stats of the past 3 months. You can now check their Kill/Death ratio or Rating (same as K/D ratio but it also includes variables as multiple kills on each round and surviving rounds). Use the one you prefer.

By looking into their match history

You can check this on HLTV too. On the player profile below time and match filters you will see a row “Player Stats:” with several options. Pick “Match history” and it will show you the Rating of the player on each past game. Take note of the 10 past matches for instance and calculate the average.

But be careful when gathering this data! Notice what were the teams on the past when they got those ratings or K/D ratio. Were they top teams or low tier teams? And how does this team they’re gonna play against today compares to the ones on their last matches.

  • Check the team results on past matches

If both teams have played together on the past check their Head 2 Head results on CS GO Nuts website by clicking on “Match History” button below the match. You will have an idea on which team usually takes the match or if it they are mostly even.

If they never played against each other before check their past results against other teams. Did they perform well or have they been on a slump?

  • Is this match important?

This is also important to know. What are they playing for? Is it a show match? Is the prize money appealing? Do they have a change to qualify or did they already granted their place on the next phase?

You can find information about the the tournament or league on Liquipedia and try to find out the importance of the match like prize money, if it is on group stage, elimination, winner or loser brackets and so on.

If they are already qualified they might ease it up a bit. Same applies if they already lose their change to qualify.

  • Check the players twitter

Sometimes this is a great source of information. Is someone feeling sick or not really in the mood to play? By checking their twitter you can understand sometimes how they feel and how will it affect their performance.

Now you have the most important info to help you make your decision on your bet. It can take some time to gather this kind of info but it’s your money on the line after all and if you wanna make some profit you gotta know what you’re doing. I will post some extra research tips below. This are not as important as this first ones but if you have the time consider them too.

Tips for extra research

This are the extra tips on CS GO Betting Guide and they can help you too if you are finding hard to pick a prediction or if you have time available to do so.

You can go to Liquipedia to gather info about Tornaments and Rosters to follow this next tips.

  • Roster changes

Did they make any recent roster changes? How long have this 5 players been playing together? If there are new players on the team that may difficult their gameplay because they didn’t have much time to define tactics and they don’t really know each other that well.

  • Matches before and after big tournaments

Sometimes teams like to hide their strategies before a Major so they might play pug style on the last online matches. It may affect the outcome of the game because tactics are very important to win CS GO matches.

After the tournaments sometimes teams tend to underperform because they might be exhausted after playing so many matches on a tournament and the long hours of the trip back home.

  •  Does this team plays on very few tournaments?

Winning leagues and tournaments is what keeps a CS GO team alive. The motivation and the money they get from CS GO relies on this. If a team participates in very few tournaments they might put some extra effort to bring that first place home.

  • Has the team won any Major lately?

You can check that info on Liquipedia on tournaments page. Anyway people usually refer big tournaments as “Major” but Liquipedia calls it Premiere events.

This applies mostly to Top teams. How long since they won their last Major? If it has been a long time the team will probably put a lot of effort to win that huge prize money.