How to Get Free Rust Skins 2022

How Can I Get Rust Skins For Free?

The easiest way to get your hands on some skins in Rust for nothing is through getting your hands on the in game currency of coins. There are many free coins for Rust players to spend on the item shop in the game, and you don’t just have to buy skins. But how do you earn coins – and more importantly, get them for free?

Well, There are a few tricks you can use to get free coins which can then be redeemed in the game for skins, equating to free rust skins. The more you play, the quicker you’ll be able to redeem free rewards, but aside from that you can redeem Rust skins to obtain skins aswell. The easiest ways to do that are:

  1. When it comes to getting a Rust Skin Ebay gift cards can be used to get free cosmetics in rust.
  2. Bitskins is one of the biggest Rust marketplaces where people can sell skins and buy skins. You can buy them using funds from you Bitskins account balance.
  3. You can actually find cosmetic items in the game. All you have to do is play as normal and through your active game time.
  4. Steam Gift Cards can be a good way to source Rust skins.
  5. The Steam community Market has a wide selection of cosmetics to use in the game. The Steam market place is linked to your steam account and Steam wallet.
  6. SkinBaron gift cards are another method. Skinbaron is a German marketplace with great value skins.
  7. Idle Empire is another was to earn money for Rust and in game coins. You’ll have to do certain tasks such as watch videos or complete surveys, with your payout being in Rust items or coins.
  8. Rust Giveaways on social media involve luck but can be a lucrative way of earning free Rust items and getting your hands on a highly sought after Rust skin – maybe even the rarest skin in the Rust game, the punishment mask.
  9. Steam Workshop has some free skins for you to use in the Rust game. If you’re looking to sell Rust skin or trade skins, you’d be better off using a marketplace instead of the Steam workshop.
  10. With special Rust drop on Twitch events. During these events, there’s usually around 12 free cosmetics are made free when players log in to Twitch as watch specific Rust streams. Simply open Steam and make sure you’ve got it linked up to your Twitch account.

Aside from these, there are sites which also allow you to do a few paid surveys for free coins and multiple gift cards for steam or sites where you can watch videos for coins like Idle Empire.

How to make Rust Skins from scratch

If you’re quite gifted and have prior knowledge in design department and want some new Rust skins – called skin sitting – without having to visit the Steam market to empty your Steam wallet or complete paid surveys, then you can actually design your own Rust skin to use on Rust servers. This is quite a lengthy process so you’re probably best to watch videos on the process, but we’ll give you a quick rundown of the steps here:

  1. Open the game from the main menu and click on the blue workshop button.
  2. In the workshop theres a handy section where you can vote on different cosmetics for various items aswell. On the top right, you’ll find the create new skin option.
  3. Next it’s time to choose which item you want to edit. Most items in the game are available to edit.
  4. Now you pick your texture and colour, and other options like the colours. Editing textures is one of the main ways to create and customise your skin.
  5. Then you can preview the item. You can see what the skin would look like on your Rust player.

Why should you create your own Rust Skins?

With the skins in Rust serving the same prupose as they do in any other game, creating your own cosmetics is a way to stand out from the crowd when you play games of Rust – your look will be different from every other player in the entire game.

But if your skin is really good, you could end up with your skin on the steam market place. Othe rplayers will vote for cosmetics in the workshop screen, and if your skin manages to get enough votes it can actually be offered in the steam community market and you’ll receive a commission of real money for every skin sold!

Rust Skins have high sales figures

Another reason to design your own skins – or even buy some skins to sell – is the sheer fact of the figures involved in the prices of these cosmetics. Some people buy comesmetics fgor their weapons for thousands – with some players even paying upto $10,000 so they can stroll around with a flash custom AK-47! It’s not so crazy when you realise that the market for these cosmetics itself is valued at up to $10 billion a year.

With Steams huge market for cosmetics housing thousands of different variants and other independant marketplaces, you can guarantee that getting free skins for Rust will pay off for itself – whether that’s saving money by getting a skin you were after by getting free soins, or learning to create your own cosmetics and selling them for profit.

Selling Rust Skins

One of the main reason to create your own cosmetics – or even get them for free through the methods we list is to sell them for a profit. You can then use these funds to buy better cosmetics and skins, earn more profit and so on!

The best way to do this is through the marketplaces – whether it’s the Steam marketplace or any independent one – Some players actually make a decent living through selling these Rust cosmetics, especially if they can get their hands on something that’s rare!

Using Cosmetics

While you may think that these cosmetics for you ritems have no use, they actually do serve some ultility. It’s true that they won’t improve your playing ability at all and are primarily a way for you to show off to other players and your friends.

Specific cosmetics can be used tactically to blend into certain terrain, camouflaging in and making it just that little bit harder for enemies to spot you – especially from a good distance away. If you;re using these skins for playing it can actually be a waste of time to sport cosmetics which may be really rare but make you stand out like a sore thumb.