Best League of Legends Betting Sites 2021

We’re always on the lookout to bring you the best League of Legends betting sites there are to find! Our team has carefully selected the top League of Legends betting sites based on the different markets available, games and bonuses which you can use to get more out of betting on your favourite League of Legends matches.

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Where it all began:

If you follow the pro gaming scene at all, the chances are that you’ll have heard of League of Legends whether it’s in a good way or the opposite. League of Legends or LoL as it’s often abbreviated to, is one of the most popularly played competitive MOBA’s, arguably behind Dota 2. It’s Riot Games who are responsible for this incredible title and it was released and available on PC back in 2009. By 2012, the game had grown exponentially and took the crown as the most played PC game in major regions like Europe and North America. 2014 was yet another huge year for League of Legends, as by then the game had been played by more than 65 million players, equating to a staggering 27 million per day. In the later half of 2016, League of Legends reported that there were an estimated 100 million active players, on a monthly basis.

With such an enriched and competitive scene, it wasn’t long before players wanted to bet on League of Legends and betting sites quickly noticed this and started covering some of the biggest tournaments and teams. This gave players a chance to bet real money on their favourite League of Legends matches. The developer of LoL has helped construct a competitive pro league named the League Championship Series, or LCS, here you’ll find 10 of the best teams in each continent warring it out for the title of top dog. Similar tournaments are held in South Korea, Taiwan, China and lots of other regions.

How the game works:

League of Legends has a total of 3 different game maps where teams battle against each other. These are called Howling Abyss, Summoner’s Rift and Twisted Treeline. The games can be quite lengthy to watch and some matches last for more than an hour.

When the game begins and the champions have been selected, all players start at a low level and by playing their level slowly increases. This is up to a maximum of 18 and each level that is surpassed will either unlock you a new skill or special ability. This is one of the key factors that has helped League of Legends stay so unique, as players can choose multiple ways in which they can customise their champion’s loadout. Depending on how the game is playing out will help you determine which upgrades you want to select and this a highly strategical part of the game.

Once a champions’ health points have been depleted to zero, this will cause it to be defeated, where the player will then have to wait before being automatically resurrected at their team’s base. When you start a LoL match, you will have a small amount of gold and this will increase as you play. There are a few different ways that you can farm gold, most notably to kill NPC’s (non-player characters) and by also killing the enemy team and eliminating their structures. The main point of attaining gold is to spend on augmenting your champion to enhance their skills and abilities. By tracking the amount of gold is being made during a pro game, it can help you make more educated bets on League of Legends matches.

Different LoL Maps:

Summoner’s Rift – The original and by far the most popular League of Legends map. A match on this battlefield sees both teams of five players skirmishing to try and defeat the enemy team’s Nexus building. The Nexus lies in the heart of the enemy base, surrounded by a horde of NPCs, referred to as “minions”. The minions are created continually and once spawned will then move towards the enemy base by advancing through the different lanes, which are named Top Lane, Middle Lane and Bottom Lane. On Summoner’s Rift, there is a shallow river which splits the map in between the two different teams and their bases, however this doesn’t affect movement and is shallow enough to cross.

Over the years, Summoner’s Rift has changed and has since been redesigned with new textures. This makes this map look more stunning now than ever before. The original map had some of the most epic LoL battles in history being fought there; it remains one of the best maps to look out for when betting on League of Legends matches. This is an opinion which is shared by a huge amount of the player base.

Twisted Treeline –  Instead of the two teams of five players that Summoner’s Rift offers, this map consists of smaller teams of three fighting to destroy the enemy Nexus. One of the defining features on Summoner’s Rift is the three lanes of inhibitors and turrets, whereas Twisted Treeline has only two lanes of each. The only other key difference is the implementation of two “Altars” and controlling these provides the players in possession of an Altar with some bonuses which help the team and enhance combat.

Howling Abyss – This map is another five versus five mode which is extremely similar to the other two maps, with the exception that there is only one lane of inhibitors and turrets. This mode is a great option for players to bet on League of Legends matches, especially if you prefer watching big team battles, which frequently happen due to how the map has been designed.

Instead of being able to return to your own Nexus to replenish your health, players will need to wait until they’ve been killed, when they will then spawn in with full HP. Howling Abyss is a game mode which is referred to as “ARAM”, this stands for “All Random All Mid. It wasn’t until 2013 that this was recognised an official game mode of LoL. Since then it has become a favourite amongst punters to bet on.

What Is LoL Betting:

These days, betting on esports is something that can be done across numerous games and many different platforms. Having this amount of freedom has increased the popularity of betting real money on games such as League of Legends. Placing a bet on LoL is simple and to get started you’ll need to have an account with a sportsbook.

Lots of sportsbooks look to entice new players by offering them a juicy welcome bonus for you to sign up and open an account with them. These often require you to make a deposit first, but sometimes they are prepared to give new players free bets which you can then use towards your favourite LoL teams or eSport matches.

With League of Legends being so popular, the pro matches are watched all over the world and can often be found broadcasted on the popular streaming platform, This is a great way of following your favourite LoL teams and by watching them play, it can help you wager more educated bets, which will inevitably help you make more money.

The Best LoL Teams:

Due to how popular LoL became in esports, this opened the floodgates to a lot of pro teams. We have compiled a list below of some of the greatest League of Legends teams in North America and the rest of the world. It’s certainly worth your time keeping an eye out on them.

Fnatic – It was on the 14th March, 2011, that Fnatic entered the pro scene of League of Legends and the rest is history. This team is one of the most popular of all time and they are easily one of the best that Europe has to offer. Fnatic are one of the most seasoned LoL teams and have won more than 25 different competitions, ranging from Worlds Season 1 to the EU Regional Finals of 2017.

Cloud9 – This decorated eSports team hardly require any introduction and their achievements reach further than LoL and across games like Overwatch, Dota 2, Hearthstone, Halo and World of Warcraft Arena. Their gameplay is often scintillating and with such a skillful and extensive range of team members, this makes them on of the most exciting LoL teams in the world to bet on.

RNG – Known also as “Royal Never Give Up”, RNG are the counterpart to the alternative LoL pro team, Star Horn Royal Club and even incorporate the SHRC badges into their uniform. This Chinese team is comprised of some of the most exciting players that you’ll find playing professional League of Legends matches and are regarded as one of the best teams in the world.

KTR –  South Korean team, KT Rolster are 2017 KeSPA Cup winners and arguably the most formidable LoL team in the South Korean Leagues. They first sprang onto the League of Legends pro scene in 2013 and quickly made a name for themselves. Some of the players to keep on your radar when placing a LoL bet are Smeb, Rush, Ucal, Deft and Score.

CLG – Counter Logic Gaming have made a huge impact in the North American League of Legends division and these guys are one of the oldest pro teams that exists within the eSport. It was in 2010 that CLG first came about and they have since gathered a huge following and are widely recognised throughout the pro LoL scene. The team also participates in professional competitions of Super Smash Bros, Overwatch and CS:GO.