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Best Rust Case Opening Sites 2024

The well-known Rust gambling games has become a lot more popular recently, and the demand for Rust case opening sites continues to grow. These allow you to get skins by opening cases that can help you earn money – and get expensive skins for less. However, not all Rust case-opening sites are as good as others – so we look at how case-opening works and which sites are the best.

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Check out these Rust Case Opening Sites:


Rust case opening sites are becoming more popular because they offer players a fun, cheap and easy way to collect valuable items and skins – as well as tokens and coins you can use on rust gambling games like crash, Rust jackpot and coinflip.

Case opening first became popular when Valve introduced the concept with the CSGO game after seeing its popularity in the Dota 2 community, but it didn’t catch on so well because they were charging too much for the keys. Our top recommended Rust case opening sites offer cheaper ways to open cases and get exotic and valuable skins that you can add to your inventory – or else sell for profit.

Skins in Rust have become a kind of virtual currency and for this reason, the number of case opening sites has increased massively – so we have put together a list of the very best.


Because there are now so many Rust case opening sites, you need to make sure you play at the right one. In order to avoid scams and ensure your safety, we look at the following areas of a site before recommending it to you.

1, We look at and analyse the site’s history and reputation. We look to see how real Rust players have found the site and read real reviews. If the reviews are good and it has received high approval ratings, with a history of no scandals or scams then we move forward with the review.

2, We will then look at the quality of their case opening offers. We will ensure that you will find a variety of value cases – from the cheapest to the most expensive. You should have a good chance of getting value skins and making a profit.

3, Welcome bonuses are very important. We look to see that the Rust case opening site offers a generous and fair welcome bonus  with regular giveaways so that you can enjoy the best value for money.

4, After this, we look at their catalogue of other gambling options and Rust gambling games. We rate highly those that offer titles such as rust jackpot games, crash games, coinflip games and more – so you have an even better chance of profits.

5, Finally, we look for a Rust case opening site that offers excellent customer service available 24/7 via methods such as live chat, email and phone.

Each of these steps are pretty simple – but ensuring that a site ticks all of these boxes takes a lot of time and effort. So, we do the work so you don’t have to.


The trend of case opening sites started with games such as CSGO and Dota 2. However, when Valve started to get involved with the idea, they went in too high and started charging over $2 per key – simply too expensive. It proved profitable for Valve but not so much for players.

For this reason, third-party case-opening sites started to see the gap in the market and spot the opportunity. These would offer the same opportunities as Valve sites but offer players better value and cheaper prices.

As such, all of our recommended third-party Rust case opening sites are always going to be your best options. As well as lower prices, you can enjoy even better ways to win excellent skins that would cost you lots more money buying on a valve site or marketplace.

The choice is very simple, join one of our recommended Rust case opening sites today and enjoy excellent offers, top cases and lots of top-class Rust skins awaiting you.


  • Are Rust Case Opening Sites Safe and Legit? arrow down

    Not all rust case opening sites are legit. The market is growing and there are some that aren’t so trustworthy. However, all of our recommended sites are completely safe and legit.

  • Can I Win Real Money Opening a Rust Case? arrow down

    Yes, you can. Rust skins have a real monetary value and, as such, you can win real money by opening a Rust case at one of our highly recommended sites

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