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csgo-poker-1xIf you’re into online poker, CSGO has brought it to a whole new level. When you start looking for CSGO poker sites, you’ll find a bunch of CSGO gambling sites offering everything from match betting to roulette, blackjack, and other casino games. It’s like the future of gaming has arrived!


We take a look at our favourite CSGO Poker Sites Below:


Most popular types of gambling is Counter Strike Global Offensive Poker, it is incredibly easy to get into and you can click on any of our recommended casino sites, above to dive straight into the action. From here you’ll be required to create an account, you can do this by entering your details and you’re almost set to go! Most gambling sites offering CSGO poker will ask that you synchronize a social media account, such as Twitter, Google, Facebook or Steam account. The latter will make depositing and withdrawing CSGO skins much easier, so you can use them to gamble on future gambling sites or begin playing with them once you have the one you want!

Before playing CSGO poker, we suggest you look out for any bonuses or promo codes to use. These are a superb way of getting off to a flying start and let’s face it, we all like getting something for nothing, right?

So, you’ve signed up and added the CSGO skins you wish to bet with, entered any promo codes and you’re ready to begin playing your favorite poker games immediately.


As one of the oldest forms of gambling, poker comes in many shapes and sizes. Versions like Texas Hold’em are by far the most popular forms and have transferred over to the CSGO poker scene flawlessly.

Texas Hold’em is largely responsible for the poker boom which took place between 2003 and 2006. During this period, internet gambling was also on the up and rise because of technological advancements, which was the perfect fuel for online poker to catch fire.

When referring to poker, some of us have an image of decorated casinos, being smartly dressed and clutching our favorite drink of choice, which is what you’ll find if you head over to any of the super-casinos. However, modern poker is mainly played online and because of how convenient it is to be able to log onto your favorite CSGO poker sites and begin playing, it’s not going anywhere soon!

Playing poker is something enjoyed by millions of people all over the world. Now there’s a way you can combine poker and the most popular esport in the world, right now, and we’re presented with CSGO poker!


At CSGOBook.com, we have years of experience in the gambling industry and our team of experts are constantly scouring the internet for the best CSGO poker deals, poker sites and evaluate them to see whether they are reputable sites worth recommending to you, the player!


Finding the right gambling site for you to play poker is worthwhile, as with so much variety – not all CSGO sites or most sites are worth recommending. Here are some of the criteria we use when picking the best CSGO gambling sites.

Wide Range of Games:

As well as offering things like CSGO roulette and other casino games, such as CS:GO blackjack or slots; we also check that the CSGO gambling site has plenty of other esports available for you to bet on. Esports like DOTA 2 and League of Legends are immensely popular right now and are a great way of winning money if you know how to bet on them.

Poker requires a lot of attention but not all gambling games are the same. Some easier ways to gamble for CSGO skins are through methods like rock paper scissors or coin toss! These are much quicker paced and can be just as fun as playing poker.

Deposit Bonus & Promo Codes:

Grabbing yourself a deposit bonus is something which can enhance your experience at a CSGO poker site but also make you some more money in the process. There’s as much variety when it comes to promo codes and bonuses as there are different types of poker so keep checking back with us for any new CSGO poker or betting offers.

Depositing & Banking Options:

Payment methods are important to consider when choosing which gambling sites to play CSGO poker is no different. We suggest picking one with speedy deposit times, which saves you waiting for your skins to be deposited and with fast withdrawal times. A lot of players poker CSGO players turn to CSGO case sites to win skins. The rates of opening skins at CSGO case opening sites are slightly better than what the Steam Marketplace offers.

As well as using CSGO skins as payment systems. Players can also use cryptocurrencies as their preferred payment methods of banking. Adding your bitcoin wallet to a site will save you time when it comes with withdraw winnings.

Interaction with Other Players:

Depending on which type of player you are, you might treat CSGO gambling games as a social interaction. If this sounds like you then you’ll be pleased to know that plenty of CSGO skin gambling sites offer a side bar where you can contribute as much or as little as you wish.

This can also be a great way of discussing other games, including PUBG and other Battle Royales or simply make some new friends.


Stud – Players are dealt a number of cards, typically between 5 and 7. They must then make the best possible hand out of their original cards.

Community Card – In community card games, players are dealt cards known as “hole cards”. These are unique to the individual and the community cards are then dealt and available for all players in the game to use and make the best possible hand.

Draw Poker – These types of games enable players to trade in cards they are dealt to improve their hand. Normally you can only trade up to a maximum of 3 cards, so choose wisely!


Without a doubt the most famous poker game of them all and the most popular when betting CSGO skins. Texas Hold ‘Em is played internationally and America’s go-to game of poker. Players are dealt 2 “Hole Cards” and subsequently 5 more community cards will be dealt.

Texas Hold ‘Em has 4 rounds of betting. After the cards are dealt you can place your first bet. The second round of betting occurs once the first 3 community cards are dealt to the table, this is referred to as “The Flop”. In the next stage, a fourth community card is then dealt, known as “The Turn” which involves another round of betting. The final round concludes with “The River” which is the fifth community card and players must then make the best overall hand with any of their own unique cards, as well as the cards on the table.


This version of poker is very similar to Texas hold’em but has some key differences. Between 2 and 10 players can compete at Omaha poker and there are also 4 rounds of betting. Instead of the player being dealt 2 hole cards, they receive 4. This game differs to Hold ‘Em because over the course of 3 rounds, all 5 of the community cards are immediately displayed on the table. The winner is the player who can make the best 5-hand combination using 3 of the community cards and 2 of their hole cards.


A very easy poker game to pick up and transfers over to CSGO poker just as easily. All players are dealt 7 cards, 4 facing up and 3 face down. You must then use the 5 of the cards to make the strongest possible winning hand.

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