Most Expensive Rust Skins

If you’re here, reading this rust article, then the chances are you’re looking for information on the most expensive rust skin available right now. Although players are always on the hunt for free rust skins, it’s a cert that any skin you do get for free will not be a particularly high-quality skin. The most expensive weapon skins – and those considered the best rust skins are the rarest skins and most unique skins. These are the ones that are worth big money.

If you are looking to buy rust skins worth a lot, then it’s good to know what ones to look out for – as there are so many skins out there to choose from. If you’re feeling flush, you can then pick your payment method, link your steam account and be the proud owner of one of the most expensive skins in one of the most popular video games of our generation!

Rust is a popular multiplayer game that combines survival gameplay elements with combative elements – in order to create an explosive game that attracts thousands of players from all across the world. The game is chaotic, addictive and now they have added an exciting skin market, players just keep wanting more.

Why Buy Rust Skins?

But what is the appeal of Rust skins? a weapon skin in itself is simple and doesn’t make your gameplay any better. But what it does do is offer players fun and variety – which livens things up a little!

However, there are some hugely expensive skins out there that are out of most players’ price range – with some being worth thousands of dollars. It may seem a little incomprehensible for someone to spend that much money on any Rust item – whether it’s an in-game skin, a metal tree door or any other expensive item, but people do. The Rust skin market has, in fact, never been as lucrative as it is right now.

The Most Expensive Rust Skin List 2022

So, let’s take a look at the most expensive rust skins out there right now:

Grandmother’s Gift Barricade

Grandmother's gift baricade skin

The first on our list of most expensive rust skins is this holiday-themed skin. This expensive rust skin doesn’t just offer a fantastically festive design, but it’s also a bulletproof material… and pretty expensive to boot!

If you are looking to buy this as a Holiday treat then you can generally get your hands on one for around $70. The skin was originally designed by Krovv for Christmas 2016. Nowadays, this sandbag skin is only available via the Steam Market – and if you’re out to bag a bargain, you’re likely to be left wanting. This is a rare piece and the chances are that the prices for it will rise even more in the future.

14. Zipper Face

If you’re a fan of horror movies then this is a pretty cool and creepy option. This isn’t known as a spooky game, but this defies those notions! The game has started to introduce truly terrifying in-game skins and Zipper Face is a prime example of that. The game generally doesn’t involve balaclava-wearing characters – most wear a metal facemask or road sign helmet, which is what makes this facemask even more unnerving. This is not only rare – but creepy as hell!

The Zipper Face was first created for the Rust Nightmare Fuel Skin Competition at Halloween in 2015 by OverPovered – and became pretty popular. It won the competition and is still a firm player favorite. If you want to add this nightmare mask to your collection you should expect to pay anywhere between $150 and $165 at the Steam Market.

13. Plate Carrier: Black

Rust isn’t necessarily a tactical game – it’s more of a game that players have fun with, especially if you’re part of a tight-knit clan. As part of a clan, you may wish to all coordinate your outfits – and in order to do this you could all have matching tactical vests as an option. The Black Plate Carrier is great for this. It looks similar to law enforcement body armor. Paired with a metal facemask and you will certainly look tactical. Some opt to pair this with a Big Grin metal facemask – or even an extremely exclusive Punishment Mask – which makes this a very rare… and very expensive outfit indeed

However, if you come across a clan all wearing Black Plate Carriers, then this may not be a good thing, especially if they also happen to be carrying an AK47! However, if you want to be the one wearing it, then it will set you back between $160 and $180 of your hard-earned dollars.

12. Alien Red

If you are a carrier of the AK47 then you will be aware of the status that comes with this top-tier weapon. This skin takes the weapon to another level. This red skin is a dulled down color that makes it perfect for nighttime raids, but this doesn’t detract from its attractiveness. With alien-like symbols along the barrel, this is still a very good looking Rust skin. It is for this reason that owning one of the best AK skins will cost you around $170 to $180.

11. Freshly Dug Grave

Respawning in the game of rust generally requires placing a sleeping bag – which are usually brown and boring. However, there are more stylish alternatives… a Freshly Dug Grave sleeping bag, created by XTab.

This sleeping bag was originally designed by XTab for Halloween 2015, which makes it limited edition and rare – and thus quite costly. If you do want to sleep with the corpses then it will cost you around $180 to $190… which may seem expensive for a sleeping bag, but you’ll be part of a very exclusive club that can boast the privilege!

10. Tempered Mask

There is nothing quite as appealing as a tempered skin’s shimmering colors – and some of the most valuable items in the game are tempered items. That is why the tempered metal Tempered Mask keeps its place in the top ten most expensive rust skins. Its purple and gold colors really stand out in the dreary world of Rust and that’s why it attracted the hardcore OVPers who don’t place too much emphasis on camouflage.

The skin was designed by Milho Frito, a well-known name in the community – and this is just one of 27 different and unique tempered skins he has developed. If these eye-catching colors appeal to your sense of style, then you can expect to pay out between $210 to $240 for the honor.

9. Creepy Clown Bandana

Another option for players liking the spooky look – and quite possibly the most eye-catching bandana skin in Rust is the Creepy Clown Bandana. This controversial skin was outed as being plagiarized and since this came to light, the creator of the skin not only deleted his account but he also removed it from the Steam Workshop. However, it is still available to buy through the Market – although the designer receives none of the profit now.

If this controversy doesn’t put you off – and you want to terrorize your fellow players then it will cost between $210 and $240.

8. Fire Jacket

Becoming a firefighter might have been your dream as a child – and an unfulfilled one. This was a dream that was shared by many…. and pretty much most would have taken a different path. However, the great news is that you can get a taste of fulfilling your dreams by getting your hands on another of our costly rust skins – the Fire Jacket.

This is one that stands out because it is one of the only jacket skins that can be found on the front page of the Rust Market. This extremely high-quality skin, designed by QRD is simple but effective and really does look like a firefighter’s jacket.

If you do want to get a taste of the fire-fighters life then it won’t come cheap and can set you back anywhere between $250 and $280. As you would expect, players will genuinely try and offer a lesser value – because usually for a jacket skin people don’t want to pay out too much money but unfortunately, it’s unlikely you’ll get any bargain deals on this one.

7. Horror Bag

Another sleeping bag to make it onto our list is the immensely popular Horror Bag. Sleeping bags are essential in the game, so it stands to reason that you might as well have a stylish one. The Horror Bag is cool, good looking and is looking likely to become a collectable.

This is yet another Halloween 2015 design and looks very Halloween, with an orange base color filled with horror images such as bats and jack o’ lanterns. It’s not as spooky as some other Halloween themed skins and it is simple spookily fun – and you pay out the nose for it. This sleeping bag was designed by MDemon – and it is pretty scary when you check out the price tag attached to it. If you do want to get your hands on it then you will need to part with anywhere between $250 and $370. Because there aren’t many on the market, it’s looking more like that the price will increase rather than decrease, in the short term at least.

So, if horror is your thing – or you’re looking to create a Halloween themed Rust experience… or if you simply want a new sleeping bag then this could be what you are looking for.

6. Glory AK47

As well as the Alien Red skin, another AK47 skin to make the list is the Glory AK47, which is embellished with intricate details including suns. The decorations adorn not just the magazine well, but also the front sight and the rear of the upper receiver. This weapon not only features its tape grips and shovel handle stick, but they are now in a stunning subtle red color that is complemented by the silver and gold engravings.

If you think it sounds stunning, you’re not wrong. This skin, designed by the popular skin creator MDE is one of his most popular and costly skins at this time. If you do want to experience the Glory in your Rust game then you will need to pay around $400+.

There aren’t many for sale in the Steam Marketplace, which makes it rare… and means that when one comes up for purchase, it will generally go for a pretty steep price.

5. Tempered MP5

We’re back with popular skin designer Milho Frito with another of his impressive Tempered Rust skins. However, this time he has taken inspiration from the military, with this military-grade MP5, which is one of the best submachine guns found in Rust. This skin is akin in style and colour to the Tempered Mask, again with gold and purple alternating colors.

Yes, this is is stunning looking skin, but not suitable for everyone. If your game plan is to stay hidden in the shadows, ambush opponents and scope out their bases, then this is probably not going to be the best option for you. However, this is a collector’s item and will definitely make you stand out from the crowd!

If this is your goal, then get ready to pay around $400 and $430. You may feel that this is a somewhat ever inflated price, especially when taking into account that this could make a prime target for raiders.

4. Demonic Pistol

Here we will look at the only Pistol skin that you will find on the marketplace front page. The Demonic Pistol skin has been titled as such because it is adorned by lots of black skulls – looking pretty demonic. Alongside these skulls, you will find bones wrapped in metal plates, making it even more sinister looking.

This edgy skin was designed by LittleRanger. It was accepted in October 2017 and quickly became and remains or of the fan favourites – always having a place in the top 5 skins on the market. If this pistol skin is for you, then it can be purchased at a whopping price – usually between $450 and $470. This could very easily make your pistol one of your most expensive weapons simply because of this overly expensive skin.

3. Big Grin Metal Facemask Skin

It could easily be argued that the Metal Facemask skin is one of the most popular items that players skin and resell on the Rust marketplace. This is a unique design and as such, the Big Grin mask always sells well on the market.

Although not quite taking the top spot in the most expensive rust skins, this is still a highly sought after skin. Clans wear it when raiding other communities, generally pairing it with the Black Plate Carrier, with an AK47 in hand.

This impressive skin was designed by Jean Luc Picard (not of Star Trek fame) and he has benefitted quite richly from its creation. It was accepted by Facepunch in 2016, sold on the official Rust marketplace and has made history.

If you are a Rust die-hard and want to show off with this skin, then expect to pay over $680 to do so. However, these are very hard to get hold of, so if you do find one, it’s well worth considering.

2. Alien Relic SMG

The second most expensive of all Rust Skins on our list is the iconic Alien Relic SMG – which to this day, is still one of the most popular – and rarest – submachine guns in the fame. It is also one of the rarest game skins. So rare is it, that the chances are that even if you play the game for thousands of hours, it’s unlikely you will ever see one out and about. Those players that do manage to buy one usually buy it purely as a collectable and lock it safely away in their Steam Account.

This skin was designed by Rcham, who is known for being a popular Rust YouTuber – and is famous for creating this unique submachine gun skin. If you do want to be one who can boast this skin in their Steam Inventory then prepare to pay four-figure sums – with this skin being sold for upwards of $1,100. Would you be prepared to part with a monthly mortgage payment to get your hands on one? Well, some players out there certainly would.

1. Punishment Mask

Finally, the most expensive Rust skin on our list – and the rarest of them all is the Punishment Mask. This skin was officially named the 4 Deuces Skull Mask when it was originally created by StabbyMcStabFace. However, it was renamed the Punishment Mask. This mask now sells for over $1500 and despite its hefty price tag, there are always a huge number of players that are lining up to get their hands on it, even at such a price! However, if you’re one of those, then prepare yourself for disappointment because only a handful of these skins are available at any one time. These will all sell for more than $1500!