Best Mystery Boxes/Loot Boxes for 2023

Here, we will look at the best Mystery Box sites out there – and what you can expect when you try your luck on one!

If you are looking for a place where you can buy the best mystery boxes online, then look no further! Here, we look at the best-rated mystery box websites in 2022. Each one of these sites offers one-off and subscription box offers with real prizes and all have been tried, tested and verified to make sure that they offer a great and trusted experience! Best Sites for Loot Boxes/Mystery Boxes in 2022

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Mystery Box: What Is It?

Basically, a mystery box is a collection of different items that are put into one case that you can open for a specific price – either on the website (a virtual box) or get it delivered to your home (a real mystery box). These can contain a range of different physical items such as clothes, electronics, gadgets and all sorts.

These are surprise boxes, where you never know what to expect. The only details you have access to is the price.

Mystery Boxes with Real Prizes

As you know – a virtual box is similar to case opening – you unbox it straight on the website. This type of box will usually only contain one gift, in comparison with the bunch of items you might receive with a traditional secret box. After you have won on a mystery box website page, you can then request delivery to your address if necessary or look at alternative options offered,

Buying Mystery Boxes Online: Tricks and Tips

The very nature of ‘mystery boxes’ will automatically arouse curiosity – it’s human nature. It is fun and interesting because you never know exactly what you’re going to get – and that’s why they are so appealing. It also means that unboxing videos – short films where mystery boxes are unpacked are also hugely popular.

You can get mystery boxes for women, special ones for men – and ones for children. You can get ones for health and beauty enthusiasts or wannabe cooks.No matter your age, gender or interests, you can have fun with different mystery box sites and offers.

Different Types of Mystery Boxes

From subscriptions to one-offs, from virtual to physical, there are all sorts. There are all sorts of mystery boxes, with many only being available for a set period of time. Here we look at the different types you might encounter:

1: Feel Good Mystery Box

Sounds good right? A fool good box is like a mail-order pharmacy and this is dedicated to your health and well-being. There is a limited number of this type of box available and there is no indication of what might be inside.

2: Brandnooz Box Mystery Box

Brandnooz has been offering its own mystery boxes filled with food for a number of years now. There are often new boxes and promotions – such as Coolbox, with chilled food, or boxes based around Christmas or other celebrations.

It is only usually the value of the goods that is fixed and you can specify allergies, food requirements, likes and dislikes etc that will be taken into account.

3: Degusta Mystery Box

This is very similar to the Brandnooz Box. This also contains food products and all sorts based around your kitchen table. This is one of the possible subscriptions available and it can be ordered monthly.

4: The Black Box Mystery Box

Let’s take a step back to the 1950s for a second… women have their own ‘pink box’ which is delivered directly to your home as a subscription box and the Black Box is for the men. However, this is currently only available once per year and not as a subscription – what does it include? Who knows – something manly we guess?!

5: The Nice for Me Mystery Box

The nice for me box – or The Schön für mich box is filled with goodies from drugstore chains and is, again, only available in limited quantities. You can only ‘apply’ to buy it and if your name is drawn, then you will pay for it. When you receive it, it should be packed full of healthy and beauty goodies.

6: Mystery Glasses McDonald’s Mystery Box

Famous fast-food giant, McDonald’s often does ‘collecting glasses’ in their menus. In addition, there is a separate mystery box linked with the famous TV show, The Masked Singer, which can contain one of the two extra glasses. You only know what one you get after you have paid for it and opened it.

The McDonald’s glasses come in all different colours – which is part of the surprise. There was a limited edition black glass with golden glitter – the one that everyone wanted at the time. This was, in fact. how the term ‘McDonald’s MysteryBox’ came about. These aren’t always around – and so you need to keep an eye out to see where and when you can get them.

7: My Toy Box Mystery Box

As the name suggests, the My Toy Box mystery box is directed toward children. Parents simply enter the age of their child/ren and a box with suitable toys will be sent to the home every month.

You can keep the ones you like at home and send the ones you don’t want back with the next box, so you always have a great selection of toys.

8: Fishing Mystery Box

Fishing is the perfect theme for a mystery box – you just hope for the right catch! This type of mystery box can be found on Amazon from Catch Co or also at the online shop. There is a subscription offer from Myfishingbox where you can get boxes filled with blinkers, artificial baits and other bits and bobs for a monthly fee.

9: Women’s Mystery Box

Men have their own little black box and women also have their chance to buy their own special boxes, which can be found on a variety of sites including Etsy and Amazon. These are starting to grow in popularity.

There will certainly be some female beauty boxes and fashion boxes – and maybe a mix of the two!

10: Beauty Mystery Box

There are lots of items in the beauty market perfect for this type of box. There are lots of sample products and also specific items that can only be sold for a set period of time. As such, the Beauty Mystery Box is an excellent way of bringing B Goods, leftover stock and new brands to both the male and female markets. There

It seems as though there will likely be plenty of big names wanting to get a piece of the action.

11: Burger King Mystery Box

If it’s good enough for Mcdonald’s, then it’s good enough for Burger King right? This is exactly why they introduced it at the end of 2019. In this mystery box, you can buy a box with a burger – and you are simply surprised with the burger you get in your box.

So, if you aren’t quite sure which burger to get, why not just enjoy a surprise.

12: eBay Mystery Box

If you look for a Mystery Box on eBay, it won’t be long before you find one. These will be available from a variety of shops and a variety of private individuals. You might find private sales of different brands and goods here.

13: Experience Mystery Box Experience

If you are after an experience, rather than something physical, then you can try out Mysteriboxes, which always provide great experiences. These are always exceptional value, very reasonable and you normally get much more for your money than you would otherwise. You also get the added surprise… for an even better experience.

14: Fashion Mystery Box

There is a vast number of mystery boxes available for high fashion and international foreign brands. These boxes come in all different values and can cost up to $1,000 or higher. They contain various items of clothing from the most luxurious fashion brands in the world, such as Balenciaga, Off White, Nike X, Adidas, Palm Angels, Hypebeast, Supreme, Yeezy, and Vetements – and that’s to name but a few.

Fashion mystery boxes are becoming ever more popular over time – and because of this, lots of online shops in the fashion industry are already starting even more mystery box sale campaigns.

15: Apple Mystery Box

More and more people like to keep updated with the latest technologies. As such, it comes as no surprise that many people would be interested in Apple mystery boxes. Many people would love to get their hands on the latest iPhone, iWatch or iPad.

However, because of the company’s internal marketing and pricing structure, they don’t actually offer their own direct mystery boxes.

But what about remaining stock boxes? Well, there are some unboxing providers – such as ‘Lootie’ that can offer this type of e-box. You can stake money to buy one of these boxes.

When you open a virtual box, it might include charging cables, iPhones, stickers and even iPads. A prize will be randomly given out to each user – and if your luck is in, your goods will be worth more than you paid.

This type of box is very much like gambling – will you or won’t you get more than the value you paid? Fingers crossed.

16: Electronics Mystery Box

Here, we look at those popular mystery boxes that contain electronics. These are the ones that were the founders of the industry – and this is where it all began. Dealers such as Saturn, Media Markt and shops and sellers on eBay and Amazon started to offer their leftover stock, inventory leftovers and B-goods in a whole package for well below the RRP.

The purchase of the goods by the seller is, naturally, cheaper than the RRP offered in the store. As such, the dealers put together boxes including a variety of electronic goodies such as cell phones, DVDs, computer games, kettles, USB Cards, tablets, charging cables, USB gadgets, memory cards and more. They then sold them for a fixed price.

So, they might charge a fixed price of $20 for a box worth over $100 in recommended retail price. So, the buyer gets the thrill of unpacking the mystery box – and finding out whether or not they got a good deal. The seller then enjoys the fact that he managed to get rid of unsold goods in one fell swoop.

This is almost the same as bidding for a lost suitcase – the thrill is the unpacking… did you manage to find one with a little treasure? With a little bit of luck, you have opened a treasure trove.

17: Amazon Mystery Box

A very popular place to buy a mystery box is on Amazon. On one hand, Amazon sellers will offer their own boxes from all different trading areas – such as electronics, beauty, gaming etc. On the other hand, there is also the Amazon Mystery Box filled with returned goods from Amazon that had been sold off cheaply.

18: Adidas Mystery Box

Top sports brand manufacturer, Adidas, has sold numerous mystery boxes filled with Adidas goods from specialist retailers. Although they haven’t necessarily come directly from the manufacturer, there are numerous e-box providers such as, where you can get a box with Adidas or even Nike in a box.

19: Hypedrop Boxes

Another provider of mystery -boxes is, which works in a similar way to On their website, you can buy a variety of mystery boxes – pr you can buy a round of unboxing. With any luck, you will get one of the items suggested in your box. However, this is a game of chance- and you might not get more value than you have paid.

Boxes from brands such as Adidas, Apple, Louis Vuitton, Nike, PlayStation and Rolex – along with other brands might be up for grabs if you are lucky.

Opening a Mystery Box on Account

What about opening a mystery box on account? Well, we recommend in general that you avoid placing an order on account, especially if it is not essential.

However, there is the option to buy these boxes from a handful of retailers who offer invoice payment methods.

These can be lots of fun, very exciting – and it’s like enjoying your birthday every month of the year. We all love surprises – and that’s exactly what they offer. There is something for everyone – age, gender, interests – it doesn’t matter. Whether you want a one-off or a subscription. Whether you want clothes or electronics, whether you want to spend $20 or $1,000, there will be a mystery box just for you.



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