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Best CS2 Knife Skins (Ranked)


CS:GO has been a faithful home to absolutely fantastic knife skins. With prices soaring thousands of dollars, it is clear that there’s a lot of demand for these skins – especially amongst those who are avid collectors or just like fidgeting with them before the round starts.

Eitherways, CS2 has brought in a boatload of changes to how knife skins now look. And they’re quite different from their CS:GO cousins. Because of this, we’re going to be ranking the best CS2 knife skins and why you should buy them in the first place.

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  • May 30, 2023


The Bayonet Fade is one of the most expensive knife skins you can get in CS:GO. And, it has gone through some major changes in CS2. First off, you’ll notice a beautiful shine running through the entire knife (a common theme in most of these knives.)

But, besides that – the skin also has more bright, vibrant colors. Albeit, the orange feels a bit muted compared to its CS:GO counterpart. Still, it is now one of the best-looking knife skins in the game and is certainly worth the investment.


The Crimson Web has been a supremely dull skin in CS:GO. It isn’t bad by any means – but Crimson skins just haven’t gotten the right treatment with the texture models in CS:GO. With CS2, Crimson skins now have a lot more shine and are much more reflective, allowing their colors to truly pop.

By nature, Falchion knives tend to have the most material out of any skin. Because of this, the Falcion Knife Crimson Web looks stunning! We can also expect the prices of this skin, especially Minimal Wear ones, to soar.


This might be a weird pick here, but the M9 Bayonet looks fantastic in CS2. Yes, the basic vanilla skin looks much better than most M9 Bayonet skins that you’ve come to like in CS:GO. Primarily, it is because the skin has gone through a major remodel. We’re seeing less grime and unpolished metal on the knife itself.

Instead, we are met with a clean-looking M9 Bayonet, which is well-defined, has clear serrations, and has more of a silver-y finish. All in all, the M9 Bayonet is definitely the best vanilla CS2 knife skin in the game.


If you are sensing a pattern here, you are right on it. Fade looks great on almost all knives we’ve seen so far, and the Navaja Knife is no exception. The reason why this particular color scheme is worth a mention is that the sheer amount of shine and reflection the skin emits in CS2 makes it look absolutely glamorous.

Compared to larger skins, the shine may look distasteful and even jarring due to the sheer size of larger knives. However, since the Navaja Knife is so small – the greater reflections still don’t look all that bad since they’re concentrated in a relatively minuscule area.


The Stiletto knife has turned into a bit of an underdog recently in the CS:GO community. They tend to be overpriced, and since they’re one-hand skins – they’ve lost a bit of their appeal. With CS2, it is clear that Valve has put in a lot of effort to keep Stiletto fans happy.

And, their magnum opus seems to be the Stiletto Knife Tiger Tooth. Gone is the dull, unpolished golden look, and in comes a much more shiny, vibrant, engraved Stiletto Knife that almost feels like a flashbang in certain angles. 

The Stiletto Knife’s pointed edge helps give the knife a unique profile compared to other knives. It always has that pointed glimmer at the end that keeps the reflections looking very clean. We can expect Stiletto knives to definitely rise in popularity in CS2.


The Dopplers have definitely been the most affected in CS2. While some argue that thay previous designs looked more realistic, there’s no contention in the fact that the CS2 color shades are certainly more vibrant and reflective.

To that accord, the Talon Knife seems to have gone from purple to a deeper shade of blue. It still has that purple sheen to it, but it is definitely much more reflective and seems to have been made up of different layers, while the CS:GO version felt like a unibody design.

Because of this, the Doppler Saphire now has a lot more depth to it and a more appealing color palette. While this design change may be subjective, we’re definitely expecting Doppler skins to be increasing in value as time goes on.


The Butterfly knife has always been the most sought-after knife type in the game. Thanks to its cool inspect animation and its smaller blade style, the Slaughter doesn’t look very different than its CS:GO cousin. However, it does have reflective engravings and a more pronounced clean look.

While the nuanced changes can lead to you assuming that the skin won’t really shoot up in price, you’d be mistaken. Butterfly knives tend to hold up their value pretty well, and the Slaughter seems to be no exception. In fact, these knives have seen the highest increase in overall value ever since CS2 was announced. Primarily, it is because they are well-sought after, and newer players gravitate towards sleeker-looking knives.


Concluding our list of the best CS2 knife skins, if you like erratic patterns, the Flip Knife Stained has got you covered. This knife manages to look cleaner while still having a more intriguing pattern in CS2 as compared to CS:GO. It isn’t the best-looking skin out there. But, it has certainly improved, especially in its pattern.

Because of its modest look and the fact that it looks great with the Default Gloves, it deserves a spot on our list. Don’t be fooled, though – you’ll see this knife skin increasing as it is also one of the best CS2 knives out there. 

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