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Best CS:GO Pro Players (2023) – The Definitive List


With the chapter of CS:GO coming to an end, it’s only natural that we hit the memory lane and take a look at the best CS:GO pro players who have come before us and try to decipher what made them so special in the first place.

As always, this list is our personal opinion. However, we’d be happy to know about who you think deserves the spot!

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  • May 30, 2023


From his humble beginnings in 2013, S1mple is crowned as the best CS:GO pro player to ever exist. Spending most of his time in Na’Vi, he got his first Major win in Stockholm 2021. However, he hasn’t been able to bag any major wins after that.

However, his overall execution, crisp aim, and the fact that he absolutely owns with the AWP has led him to retain his title for the past decade. And, with the era of CS2 ushering in – we don’t think no one’s ever going to take away his throne anytime soon.


A proud member of Team Vitality, ZywOo’s plays involve taking out multiple opponents before he goes down himself. While he doesn’t have the same experience as other players in this list, since he’s only 22 years old at the time of writing this – he has been a fan-favorite ever since he has been drafted to Vitality.

Considering his age, we’re probably going to see ZywOo absolutely pop off in CS2 with a lot more majors to compete with.


One of the oldest players in this list, the Danish wonder, has been playing CS since the glory days of Source playing in one of the largest CS:GO tournaments. While he hasn’t really been performing at his peak for a few years now, dev1ce is back with a fresh new Astralis roster – ready to reclaim his throne as one of the best players out there.

While he hasn’t made a ton of impact the previous year, Nicolai has the skill, experience, and composure to be considered one of the best CS:GO pro players of all time.


rain is a Norwegian pro for CS:GO who has been a stable member of the FaZe Clan for as long as the org has existed practically. While his first year wasn’t all that prolific, rain has had an absolutely spectacular 2023, with a win in the ESL Pro League, and the Intel Grand Slam with a Major win in 2022 as well.

His primary strength is in his ability to adapt to various different situations and pull plays in high-pressure situations thanks to his calm, cool composure.


Playing off against an exceptionally strong GaZe Clan, m0NESY, a member of G2, really put up tough, close rounds wherever they could. Struggling in 2022, the pro finally helped carry his team to victory in the BLAST Premier: World Final, closing a map against Outsiders with an impeccable K-D of 22-4.

While the player still has a lot to prove, the tough losses he’s gone through whilst still maintaining his composure have personified him as a class act in the CS:GO community.


Including Twistzz in our roster of the best CS:GO pro players out there is a no-brainer. He won the Antwerp Major alongside his teammate, rain, and has participated in every CS:GO major out there. 

Russel is an extremely consistent yet aggressive player. He doesn’t shine away from making flashy plays, and we can expect his performance to remain a staple of the FaZe Clan as they eventually transition to CS2.


With perhaps the fastest reflex from a rifler out there, NiKo has certainly made a name of himself in the CS:GO scene – seeing success as soon as the game was released. He eventually started off in FaZe, but eventually transitioned to G2.

He has had amazing performances recently, with him being able to gun down other players without them even having the chance to react. His ability to anticipate enemy movements and perform quick rotations really separate him from the rest of the bunch.


Currently playing for Cloud9, A1Le is widely regarded as one of the best riflers out there in the region. While he hasn’t won a Major yet, the player is known for his excellent aim and above-average game sense. He’s known for his quick flicks, which is why he’s a very feared opponent.

Ax1Le has been able to carry his teammates to victory numerous times in C9, and since he’s only 21 years old, there’s a lot of polish expected from him as he makes his way towards CS2 as well. 


Hailing from Brazil, Yuri has turned into an absolute menace in recent years, playing for the Brazilian team, FURIA. He’s known for his aggressive playstyle and has actually been quite a dominant player from 2019-2020.

Since he hasn’t bagged any major wins recently, he doesn’t place very high in this list. However, he is still a very capable player and is considered as the best Brazilian CS:GO player out there, a testament to his skill.


Concluding our list of Helvjis is a player you really don’t want to be up against if he has an AWP equipped. While absolutely dominating a clutch situation, broky isn’t really shy of showing his skills on other weapons as well.

The Latvian has been able to transform situations to his own domain thanks to his extremely calm, cool and collected nature. We can’t wait to see how he utilizes smokes and flashes to his advantage in CS2 since he’s already made such an impact in CS:GO.


CS:GO has been a monumental title for all of these pro players and many more that have not been mentioned in this list. With fans shocked from their seemingly impossible plays, these players have brought us a ton of drama and smiles, with us seeing them grow throughout their journey. 

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