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Top 10 Best CS:GO Teams in 2023

Top 10 Best CS:GO Teams in 2023

Counter-Strike is one of the pioneers of online first-person shooting (FPS) games that rapidly became popular upon its release in November 2000. The prime attraction of this game is its competitive gameplay and team-based strategy. Also, its skill-based mechanics foster precise aim, good reflexes, and knowledge of weapon handling.

And the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) became an international sensation immediately after its release in August 2012. It enhanced its gameplay and teamwork to the next level.

In this article, we will list the best CS: GO teams in 2023, but before let’s understand how the team-based strategy works in this mission-based game.

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  • June 1, 2023
Top 10 Best CS:GO Teams in 2023

Basic Features of CS: GO Teams:

Counter-Strike emphasizes teamwork and coordination. The game features two teams of 5 players (each team), terrorists and counter-terrorists fighting in between to complete their missions. The ‘Terrorist’ teams are tasked to plant a bomb in an assigned position on the map, while the ‘Counter-terrorist team must prevent them from doing it.

The competitive matchmaking in CS: GO ensures that player in each team has a similar skill level to provide a fair and balanced playing experience. In both teams, players must work together, communicate effectively, and execute strategies to outsmart their opponents. And this way, individual players progress through their ranks.

The team-based strategy allows players to come up with various innovative approaches, which makes each game unique. Each player has a specific role within the team, such as entry fragger, AWPer (sniper), in-game leader (IGL), support player, or lurker.

Each player specializes in specific weapons and strategies. That includes approaches for offense (T-side) and defense (CT-side), map control, executing site takes, setting up crossfires, and coordinating utility usage.

When the synchronization among them reaches the optimum level, they start to make records and get listed among the best teams in CS: GO to become a part of professional esports organizations. These organizations provide support, management, and resources like sponsorships, salaries, coaching staff, and team infrastructure.

If you can enlist in one of the best teams or make your team the best one, it can also be a good resource for earning. So, which teams are now performing best in CS: GO? Let’s have a look at the list of the latest top 10 teams in CS: GO.


Becoming the best CS: GO team requires refined skill, individual talent, effective strategy, and balanced teamwork. Seamless communication, high adaptability, and mental resilience are essential to defeat opponents and reach higher ranks. Here we have listed the best teams in CS: GO arena. Let us explore their names and efficiencies.

  1. Team Vitality:

If you ask for the optimum level of skill, mindset, and consistency, Team Vitality is the answer. It is presently the #1 team in CS:GO world ranking and has 2573.5 pts. The all-time ranking of Team Vitality since its emergence in 2013 is #6, which is also quite impressive.

Team Vitality started its journey in Paris, and now they have two more performance centers in Berlin (Germany) and Mumbai (India). One of the primary reasons for their success is international athletes and fans drive this team, and they define extreme motivation. The team members are ZywOo, apEX, Spinx, dupreeh, Magisk.

  1. HEROIC:

Before Team Vitality achieved the #1 ranking in May 2023, Heroic was on the throne. They also have 1884.9 pts and an all-time ranking of #6. However, they are new to this journey. Heroic was formed in 2020 by Joachim “Noobwork” Haraldsen, and now it is a globally recognized CS:GO team.

The Heroic team was formed through an acquisition from Omaken Sports, a Norwegian esports organization. They believe in long-term vision and have a unique progress story. The present team members are stavn, cadiaN, TeSeS, Sjuush, and Jabbi, the newest addition to the team in June 2022.

  1. Faze Clan:

Faze Clan is an example of diehard love for video games with a huge, over 510 million fanbase. They have a #1 ranking in Apr 2023, but the most exciting part is their average rank since its emergence in 2010 is #2. It is an awesome record as a CS:GO, as FaZe Clan is focused on redefining the gaming culture.

Now the team members of FaZe Clan are rain, broky, Twistzz, karrigan, and ropz. They are quite old and experienced, membered by several talented gamers. They have 1633.3 pts presently. They are pretty famous among their global fanbase and have been accredited by several notable organizations like Forbes, Hypebeast, billboard, GQ, etc.

  1. Natus Vincere (NAVI):

NAVI is also an old team in CS:GO, as it was formed in 2009 in Kyiv by a Ukrainian esports organization. They achieved the #1 position in April 2022, and their all-time average rank is #4. They have gained 1375.1 pts in this competitive gameplay. That clearly displays their consistency and dedication.

They also record winning three premier tournaments for the first time in history. They consecutively won Electronic Sports World Cup, Intel Extreme Masters, and World Cyber Games 2010. Presently the team members are s1mple, electronic, B1t, Perfecto, and npl.

  1. Cloud9 (C9):

Cloud9 presently holds the #5 ranking in CS: GO. However, their all-time best rank was #3 in October 2022. They have 1327.1 pts, and their average ranking since formation in 2013 is #7. They are renowned for their industry-wide championships and unmatched viewership hours.

For their consistency, C9 has become one of the notable esports organizations worldwide. Presently the team members are SH1RO, Buster, nafany, Hobbit, and Ax1Le. Like other teams, C9 also has a presence in several other popular games.

  1. G2 Esports: 

Presently G2 is in the #6 world ranking. However, they were in #1 in March 2023. They have 1148.1 pts and have an average ranking of #7 since formation in 2014. They claim to be the most entertaining team in the world.

G2 is a Berlin (Germany) based esports organization and showcased several captivating performances. Presently proud members of G2 are huNter, NiKo, m0NESY, HooXi, and jks.

  1. GamerLegion: 

GamerLegion is setting new records, as #7 is their all-time best ranking in this shooting arena, making them one of the best CS: GO teams in 2023. They have 790.9 pts and an average ranking of #44.

This was founded in 2017 and entered professional Esports in 2018. It is a renowned German team, and the members are Isak, IM, Siuhy, Keoz, and acoR.

  1. Team Liquid:

Team Liquid achieved the #1 ranking in October 2019 and was #2 in February; however, now, they are facing a downtime. Their average rank is #7, and they have 740.4 pts in CS: GO. It is a very old team formed in 2000, much before CS: GO was even released, and has a reputation for consistency and teamwork.

Presently the members of Team Liquid are EliGE, NAF, oSee, nitr0, and YEKINDAR. They are more like family and have a very balanced understanding throughout gameplay.

  1. FURIA Esports:

FURIA Esports has 702.7 pts in CS: GO. However, it is considered the fourth biggest esports organization on the planet. Their average rank since 2017 is #8, and their best rank is #3 in Jun 2022.

FURIA Esports is a Brazilian team, and presently, team members are yuurih, KSCERATO, arT, drop, and saffee. They have been playing together for more than one and a half years now and have a strong collaboration.

  1. ENCE:

ENCE have 585.9 pts in CS: GO and proudly puts their country Finland in the top 10 list. Their present and average rank is #10. However, they achieved the #2 position in Jun 2022. They started their journey in CS: GO in April 2018 and, since then, consistently amazed their fans with exciting gaming actions.

The proud member of ENCE is Dycha, Snappi, Maden, SunPayus, and Nertz. Their prime focus is to redefine and take this FPS gaming experience to the next level.

Also, Apeks, 9INE, Fnatic, paiN Gaming, Ninjas in Pyjamas, Monte, FORZE, etc., are notable performers. However, they can’t manage to enlist themselves in the top 10 best CS: GO teams in 2023, but they are also impressive performers.

This list is changing with every game in CS: GO arena, however, most of these teams have a reputation and history to be in the top 10 world ranking for their constant good performance. So, if you are a CS: GO player or fan their gameplay will surely amaze you.

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