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Best Mouse for CSGO


If you enjoy playing CSGO competitively, you’ll understand how important it is to choose the right mouse is. By picking something you aren’t comfortable with, you risk sloppy aim and ultimately being the weak link in your team. These are not things we believe in, which is why we bring you our choice of top CSGO mice, to help you curve those defeats and turn them into wins!

We’ve studied the number one choices for all the professional CSGO players and compiled a list of the most popular and by our own standards, the best CSGO mouse you can find.

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  • December 2, 2019


There are a variety of different factors which can enhance your ability when playing a game of CSGO. Whether it’s the PC rig you’re running the game on, the monitor refresh rate, actuation points of your keyboard keys and of course, selecting a CSGO gaming mouse which is right for you and your individual play-style. Many people regard CSGO to be a ‘purist’ FPS game, which is rightly so, as everyone starts off on a level playing field and there are ultimately zero advantages or pay to win aspects which can interfere with your experience of the game. This is why your ability to aim as accurately as possible is crucial and why having the right mouse to do that is critically important.

In CSGO, the gameplay is simple to understand but difficult to master and your main choices are picking the right weapons and grenades for utility. You don’t need to worry about using health packs or special abilities, so you don’t need to fork out an arm and a leg for an MMO mouse with 12 customizable buttons, just to begin playing. Instead, comfort is something we highly recommend and the reason is – it’s the unwritten secret of the pros! A simplistic mouse which is comfortable in the hand and in your movements will be immediately noticable in your gameplay and is the first step in the right direction.

It should come as no surprise that Zowie appear quite high up our list, due to their exceedingly high quality gaming mice, which translate perfectly into the CSGO scene. Their products perfom to an intrisically high standard which is why they are the first choice of CSGO mouse for many of the professional players. The designs of Zowie mice might not be the glamorous piece of kit in your arsenal but what it lacks aesthetically, it more than makes up for in practicality!

Zowie, which is a division of BenQ, the popular Taiwanese tech company, keep their products gimmick-free but don’t hold back on quality; which means you can rely on a Zowie mouse time and time again.

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