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Best Stat Trackers in CSGO: RANKED

Best Stat Trackers in CSGO: RANKED

From your average damage to your kill to death ratio, having a CSGO stat tracker in your arsenal can unfold your entire match history, allowing you to understand areas where you need to improve. This begs the question, what is the best tracker to check your CSGO stats with? Well, we here at CSGOBook did a lot of testing, and we've come up with a list of the three best CSGO stat trackers for Counter Strike Global Offensive.

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  • September 21, 2023
Best Stat Trackers in CSGO: RANKED


A stat tracker utilizes Steam’s API to provide you with detailed statistics about your CS matches. You’ll be able to access a lot of your stats directly from these trackers. These include but are not limited to:

  • Accuracy Percentage
  • Win Percentage
  • Kill To Death Ratio
  • Match History
  • Overall Rankings
  • Matches with Friends
  • Overall World Leaderboards

So, since all trackers extract data from the same database, there’s no tracker that has more information than the other. Because of this, what differentiates CSGO trackers from each other is their ease of use, function, and general reliability, just like we rated the best CS:GO Crash sites!

Here’s how we assessed Counter Strike trackers to come up with the three best ones:

  • Speed: Some trackers are quicker than others when it comes to pulling your matches and data. All the trackers we’ve mentioned take your match history directly from your Steam profile and are fairly quick in assessing it.
  • Dashboard and UI: You don’t want to spend a few minutes trying to find your win percentage just because it is hidden in a sea of data. Therefore, we’ve only selected sites that display relevant statistics but are also able to go into greater detail depending on your needs.
  • Analysis: Once these Counter Strike trackers have acquired data from your matches, they’ll provide you with some quick insights into your gameplay. For instance, whether you have a higher headshot percentage with an AK-47 as compared to a Tec-9 (we sure hope you do.) This helps you get an idea of where you need to improve your game at a quick glance.


Now that we’ve gone over what makes the best tracker, here’s our list of the three best CS:GO trackers for you to be able to track and compare your performance across multiple rounds:

Note: All of these trackers requireyou to just log in to your Steam profile and are completely free to use!


Tracker.GG game and maps tracker

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If you are a sucker for statistics, Tracker.GG has got you covered. Providing you with a list of relevant statistics such as MVPs and kills, you’ll also be met with a few data points that may not be that useful. For instance, the amount of money you’ve earned in a round. Stats like these don’t really make a difference in the grand scheme of things.

Tracker.GG stands as the pinnacle of CS tracking platforms because it goes beyond mere scoreboards and statistics. Its ability to dissect your performance on a per-weapon basis throughout each match and round allows you to really tune in your training and focus it on where you need it the most. Really helps justify why you got that super expensive CS:GO skin, doesn’t it?


CSGOStats Games, Maps and round tracker

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If you are into watching VODs from top players who have made their place in the community and the leaderboards, might just be for you. Aimed at more of an e-Sports oriented audience, the tracker offers a post-match history for you to be able to check more comprehensive statistics, such as trades per player.

Besides just providing stats like every other site, you’ll be able to find replays from pro players and teams as soon as a match ends, allowing you to comprehensively analyze their gameplay in-game (while also being able to track their stats, as well.)

The UI does seem convoluted at times, especially if you are new to the game and just want to track your own kills and rank. Due to its reputation of being a bit complicated to understand within the community, we’ve put it in second place.


CSGO Game Stats

Visit Site

Leetify is the newest tracker in this list. We’ve seen pros such as dev1ce, and Magisk use the tracker on stream to track their performance across certain maps as well. Since it’s new, it has an extremely minimal, clean UI with an emphasis on providing more advanced information as compared to bombarding you with the basics.

For instance, you can view your crosshair placement throughout the match, quite useful when you want to rank up and are trying to get into the nitty gritty of your gameplay. We’d certainly recommend Leetify for anyone who is trying to take their rank and accuracy more seriously, as some of the metrics present on the site can really help assess your own gameplay.

As compared to other trackers in this list, you have to provide them with your email before you can take a look at your stats. This is the reason why we’ve ranked it in third place on our list.


Yes, CSGO stat trackers are completely safe to use. They only take information from the official Steam API, and they cannot make trades, gambles, or any bets on behalf of your account whatsoever. They also do not have the ability to manipulate your inventory in any shape or form.

Plus, Steam has deemed it completely safe for you to use these services. So, you cannot get banned for logging into trackers. However, ensure that you login to services that are trusted. While they won’t have access to your account unless you explicitly provide them with permission, they may be able to use your account with malicious intent.

We have used all the trackers that are mentioned above in the rankings, and they are completely safe to use.

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