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Best Updated CS2 Skins You Should Buy Right Now


CS:GO has been with us for more than 10 years now! With a large number of cases released over the years, there have been multiple skins that have come and gone – not really considered that attractive, because of which their value has remained relatively stagnant.

However, with the advent of CS2 and texture remodels, a lot of skins that previously weren’t deemed that special are now being viewed in a different light (literally.) So, if you are an avid investor or just a skin collector, here’s a list of the best updated CS2 skins you should buy right now.

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  • May 30, 2023


So, there aren’t a lot of gold skins in CS. Primarily, this is because they didn’t look all that great in CS:GO – they ended up either looking very bright or way too subdued. This all changes with CS2; pick up any gold skin, especially the MAC-10 Gold Brick, and you’ll notice a few differences immediately.

Firstly, the skin just immediately pops. It has a more glorious reflection to it and doesn’t shy away from really expressing the material it is made up from. Looking more realistic than ever, the Gold Brick has shot up in price after it has made its way to CS2.

2. P2000 | SILVER

Okay, we swear we just aren’t attracted to shiny metals. But my my, the P2000 Silver turned from a dull-looking washed-out skin to a reflective, glimmery thing of beauty. The skin now reflects all light thrown at it, almost distracting you when you play with it in brighter maps.

Regardless, the Silver is truly the epitome of a skin getting a glow-up in CS2, which is why it is an excellent skin to invest in as you transition to the newer title.


The Desert Eagle is a super-rare, old-school skin in CS:GO. It was forgotten about in recent years with the rise of more vibrant Desert Eagle skins. But this skin is a reminder of more simpler times, when Valve just put on a little bit of work and called it a day.

So, for CS2, the Blaze looks much cleaner. Some might call it plasticky. But, we digress. It certainly looks much better and the update brings it toe to toe with some of the newer CS:GO skins that have been released after that.

4. M4A1-S | HOT ROD

This iconic, old-school CS:GO skin has been in the game for as long as we can remember. Featuring a very bright red, the gun looked a bit dull in CS:GO with not a lot of reflections bouncing off it. However, in CS2, the red really shines, nay, glitters amidst the black and gray present in the skin.

We really think the skin deserves a place in your inventory in CS2 as it is now one of the best M4A1-S skins in CS2. And, as of yet – it hasn’t really jacked up in price either. 


While a cool-looking skin in CS:GO as is, the Emerald Jörmungandr has gone to the absolute next level in CS2. Thanks to better reflections, the skin just looks a lot more vibrant and bright, fitting into the whole rare Emerald theme.

While still a very rare skin, it has shot up in price after its debut in CS2 and we don’t expect the chart to go down anytime soon. So, it is a very safe investment and is definitely worth keeping in your inventory, as it really makes your Deagle pop.


While not the most obvious of changes, the Radiation Hazard has taken advantage of CS2’s better lighting and texture reflections to make the radioactive symbols presented on the stock and near the magazine to absolutely pop.

While the skin may look quite similar in certain angles if the sun shines on it just right, you can almost see the radiation sign almost look like it’s glowing in the dark. Absolutely magical!


The reason why we’ve ranked this skin so low on the list, even though it has received an absolutely massive upgrade, is that the upgrade doesn’t really reflect on the entire chassis. You see, the Twilight Galaxy absolutely glitters on the top. But, the bottom still has a plastic finish (which, while looking decent), doesn’t have the same effect.

But it still is a great skin to have in CS2 and feels a bit more modest compared to others on this list which also leads to it not shooting up in price as drastically as some of the others.


Also present in our cheapest USP-S skins list, The Traitor feels like a genuine upgrade in CS2. The skin was just super dull in CS:GO. It had intricate artwork, definitely had the color scheme, and it also held up quite well compared to other cheap CS:GO USP-S skins.

However, in CS2, this skin just goes on a whole other level simply because of the reflective elements present in the entire chassis of the skin. From being just a bog-standard USP-S skin to now having glittery artwork, we can definitely expect a price increase for this particular skin.


Concluding our list of the best updated CS2 skins, the Carved Jade was a reasonably priced, good-looking skin in CS:GO. It felt a little dull at times, but that’s how almost every material skin looked in the game. However, in CS2 – it gets the proper reflection treatment, with the skin glittering and glistening in sunlight.

We didn’t rank this skin very high in the CS2 list because it didn’t look all that bad in CS:GO. However, it still did improve quite drastically, which is worth mentioning. However, don’t expect it to shoot up in price anytime soon.

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