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Best Weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode

Best Weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode

CSGO Royal Battle Mode is an exhilarating gameplay variant that introduces a unique twist to the classic Counter-Strike: Global Offensive experience. In this intense battle royale mode, players are dropped into a sprawling map and engage in a fight to the death until only one player or team remains standing. One crucial aspect that can significantly impact your chances of success in this game mode is the selection of the best weapons. This article will delve into the top weapons available in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, providing detailed insights into each category to help you make informed decisions and gain an edge over your opponents.

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  • June 10, 2023
Best Weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode


Primary weapons serve as the backbone of your arsenal in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, offering firepower and versatility in combat situations. Understanding the strengths and weaknesses of different primary weapons is essential for maximizing your effectiveness on the battlefield.

One of the most renowned rifles in the game is the AK-47. This legendary weapon boasts excellent damage output and accuracy, making it a formidable choice for medium to long-range engagements. Its counterpart, the M4A4, is favored by counter-terrorist forces, providing a balanced combination of accuracy, rate of fire, and control. The AK-47 and M4A4 are reliable options for players seeking reliable firepower in their primary slot.

Additionally, the AWP sniper rifle reigns supreme in terms of long-range precision. Its ability to deliver one-shot kills to the chest and above makes it highly coveted. However, mastering the AWP requires precise aim, strategic positioning, and a thorough understanding of the map’s dynamics. Choosing the AWP can give you a significant advantage in picking off enemies from a safe distance.


A reliable secondary weapon is vital in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, as it serves as a backup when your primary weapon runs dry or for swift close-quarters combat. There are several secondary weapons to consider, each with its characteristics and uses.

The Desert Eagle, often called the “Deagle,” is a favorite among many players due to its high damage output and accuracy. It can be a formidable weapon in close-quarters confrontations, capable of dispatching enemies swiftly. The Glock-18 and USP-S are the default pistols for terrorists and counter-terrorists, respectively, and provide decent accuracy and ease of use in mid-range engagements.

Choosing the right secondary weapon depends on your preferred playstyle and the specific situation you find yourself in. Consider factors such as range, accuracy, damage, and recoil when deciding which secondary weapon to equip.

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In addition to weapons, utilizing equipment and utilities can give you a significant advantage in CSGO Royal Battle Mode. These tools can help you gain control over the battlefield, disrupt enemy movements, and turn the tide of a firefight.

Smoke grenades are invaluable assets for creating cover and obscuring enemy vision. They can block sightlines, allowing you to reposition yourself safely or execute tactical maneuvers. Properly deployed smoke grenades can also provide opportunities for surprise attacks or quick escapes.

Flashbangs are essential for blinding opponents, leaving them disoriented and vulnerable to your assault. By mastering the art of well-timed flashes, you can effectively neutralize enemy threats and gain the upper hand in engagements.

Molotov cocktails and HE grenades offer additional strategic options. Molotov cocktails can deny access to certain areas, forcing enemies to take alternate routes or suffer burning damage if they enter the flames. On the other hand, HE grenades can significantly damage enemies caught within their blast radius, making them useful for both offensive and defensive purposes.

To succeed in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, it’s crucial to understand the capabilities of this equipment and utilities and employ them tactically to gain a decisive advantage over your adversaries.


Sniper rifles play a pivotal role in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, especially in situations that require long-range precision and engagement. These high-powered rifles allow you to eliminate enemies from a safe distance and exert control over large areas of the map.

The AWP (Arctic Warfare Police) is the most iconic sniper rifle in CSGO, renowned for its deadly accuracy and ability to deliver one-shot kills to the upper body. However, due to its high cost and slow rate of fire, wielding the AWP requires skill, patience, and careful positioning.

For players on a budget, the Scout offers a more affordable alternative. While it may lack the one-shot kill potential of the AWP, the Scout’s accuracy and damage make it a viable choice for medium to long-range engagements. Its lower price tag allows you to invest in other essential equipment or save for future rounds.

If you prefer a semi-automatic sniper rifle, the G3SG1 (known as the auto-sniper) and the SCAR-20 provide high rates of fire, making them excellent options for suppressing enemies and holding down areas. However, it’s important to note that these weapons have higher recoil and limited mobility, necessitating careful positioning and controlled bursts.


Shotguns excel in close-quarters combat situations, where their high damage output can dispatch enemies swiftly and decisively. While shotguns may not be ideal for long-range engagements, they are highly potent in tight spaces.

The XM1014 is a popular automatic shotgun that can deal devastating damage at close range. Its semi-automatic firing mode and high rate of fire make it a formidable weapon for aggressive playstyles. With its powerful blasts, the Sawed-Off can eliminate enemies with a single well-placed shot. It’s beneficial when engaging multiple opponents or in situations that demand a quick burst of firepower. The Nova shotgun balances range and firepower, making it a versatile option for players who want to maintain mid-range effectiveness while excelling in close combat.

When wielding shotguns, positioning, and map awareness are crucial. Understanding the map’s layout and anticipating close-range encounters will allow you to capitalize on the shotguns’ strengths, effectively clearing rooms or surprising opponents around corners.

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Submachine guns, or SMGs, are lightweight firearms that offer high mobility and rate of fire. They are particularly effective in close to medium-range engagements, where their rapid firing capabilities can overwhelm opponents.

The MP9, an affordable and compact SMG, boasts a high rate of fire and manageable recoil. Its lightweight nature allows for swift movement and fast target acquisition, making it a preferred choice for aggressive playstyles. The MP7, while slightly more expensive, offers improved accuracy and damage compared to the MP9, making it a versatile and reliable option.

The P90 is a unique SMG with a large magazine capacity and controllable recoil. Its sustained fire capabilities and impressive ammo capacity make it a popular choice for players who prioritize suppressive fire and prefer to avoid frequent reloads.

Selecting an SMG as your primary weapon in CSGO Royal Battle Mode can provide the mobility and firepower needed to navigate close-quarters encounters and swiftly dispatch opponents.


In CSGO Royal Battle Mode, heavy weapons can significantly impact the outcome of battles due to their increased firepower and unique characteristics. While heavy weapons may be less common than other categories, locating and utilizing them can give you a significant advantage over your opponents.

The M249 is a light machine gun that boasts a high rate of fire and a large magazine size. It can be used to suppress enemies and control areas, creating opportunities for your teammates or allowing you to reposition safely. However, its weight limits mobility, so caution must be exercised when wielding the M249.

The Negev is another formidable heavy weapon, featuring a high rate of fire and substantial magazine capacity. Its sustained firepower can pin down enemies, prevent them from advancing, or provide cover for your teammates. Like the M249, the Negev’s weight affects your mobility, so proper positioning and strategic use are crucial.

When handling heavy weapons, it’s essential to manage your ammunition carefully. Heavy weapons typically have limited reserves, so conserve your shots and reload strategically to avoid being caught empty-handed during critical moments.

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While primary weapons take center stage in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, having a reliable pistol as a secondary weapon can be a game-changer when you find yourself in dire situations. Pist firearms can provide a crucial lifeline if you must finish off an opponent, engage in close combat with limited ammo, or quickly switch when your primary weapon runs dry.

The USP-S and P2000 are famous for counter-terrorist forces due to their accuracy and manageable recoil. These pistols excel in mid-range engagements, where their precision allows for effective headshots. Their suppressed variants can also provide a stealth advantage, enabling you to take down enemies without revealing your position.

On the terrorist side, the Glock-18 is the default pistol, offering a decent spray of bullets at close range. While not as accurate as the USP-S or P2000, the Glock-18’s high magazine capacity and controllable recoil make it a reliable sidearm for short-range encounters.

One pistol that stands out is the Desert Eagle, known for its immense stopping power and precision. The Deagle’s excellent damage output and accuracy make it a force to be reckoned with, capable of eliminating opponents with a single well-placed shot. However, it’s high recoil and slow rate of fire demand skilled handling and precise aiming.

When choosing a pistol, consider your playstyle, the situations you expect to encounter, and the primary weapon you have equipped. Finding the right balance between firepower and maneuverability can make all the difference when you rely on your sidearm.


While firearms dominate the battlefield in CSGO Royal Battle Mode, melee weapons can be valuable tools in specific scenarios. Although rarely encountered, melee weapons can be helpful when you are without ammunition or need to execute a stealthy takedown.

The knife is the default melee weapon available to all players. It is silent and can be used for quick and discreet eliminations, eliminating unsuspecting enemies without alerting nearby opponents. Utilizing the knife requires patience, timing, and the element of surprise.

In addition to the default knife, rare and sought-after melee weapon skins offer increased prestige and aesthetic value. The bayonet, Karambit, and butterfly knife are examples of such skins. While their appearances may vary, their functionality remains the same as the default knife.

It’s important to note that melee weapons should be used as a last resort when all other options have been exhausted. Engaging in melee combat is inherently risky, as you are vulnerable to counterattacks and may need more time to execute multiple strikes before your opponent eliminates you.

In conclusion, selecting the best weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode is crucial to achieving victory in this intense battle royale variant. Each weapon category has strengths and weaknesses, offering various playstyle options and tactical advantages. Assessing your preferred playstyle, understanding the map’s dynamics, and adapting to available resources is essential to making informed decisions when choosing your loadout.

Adapt your weapon selection based on the situation, utilize equipment and utilities strategically, and continuously refine your aim and positioning skills. With the right combination of weapons, equipment, and skillful play, you can increase your chances of succeeding in the unforgiving battlegrounds of CSGO Royal Battle Mode.


  • Can I find new weapons during CSGO Royal Battle Mode gameplay? arrow down

    CSGO Royal Battle Mode features a dynamic loot system where you can discover new weapons and equipment as you explore the map or eliminate enemies. Keep an eye out for loot crates and fallen enemies to acquire upgrades to your arsenal.

  • Are there any rare weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode? arrow down

    Yes, there are rare weapon skins in CSGO Royal Battle Mode. These skins are cosmetic and do not affect gameplay but can be highly sought after by players. They offer unique visual designs and can be obtained through various means, such as in-game drops, trading, or opening cases.

  • What is the best weapon for close combat? arrow down

    Shotguns are generally the best weapons for close-quarters combat due to their high damage output. The XM1014 and Sawed-Off are popular choices in CSGO Royal Battle Mode. Their ability to deliver devastating blows at close range makes them ideal for clearing rooms or engaging enemies in tight spaces.

  • How can I unlock new CSGO Royal Battle Mode weapons? arrow down

    New weapons can be found throughout the map in loot crates or by eliminating enemies. Exploring the map and engaging in combat will increase your chances of finding better weapons. Additionally, you can trade with other players or acquire weapons through the in-game marketplace.

  • Are there any strategies for using weapons effectively in CSGO Royal Battle Mode? arrow down

    Various strategies exist for effectively using weapons in CSGO Royal Battle Mode. Understanding each weapon’s strengths and weaknesses is essential, as positioning yourself strategically, and using utilities and equipment to gain an advantage over your opponents. Experiment with different weapon combinations, and adapt and practice your aim and recoil control to maximize your effectiveness.

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