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CSGO Betting Limits and Maximum Payouts


There are many gamblers who bet on all different sports and one of the things that many of them have in common is that they don’t know or understand the maximum payouts and betting limits that are applied to their sport.

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  • October 3, 2023

The first thing to understand is this, each sport has a different maximum payout limit, and for sports that offer many different betting markets, sometimes each market will have a different figure. For example, you cannot win the same amount on CS:GO and other eSports as you can on football or horse racing. However, inside each of those sports there are differences, for example, you can’t win as much on horse racing in minor countries as you can on horse racing in the UK.


Compared to other sports, the betting limits on CS:GO and other eSports are quite low, so if you are a big gambler then you certainly need to make yourself aware of these with your bookmaker. The reason they are low is that the turnover on CS:GO betting is far less than for example tennis betting, a sport that many more people place a wager on.

Bookmakers have to try and give punters the best possible chance of winning and the best service they can while also looking after themselves and their revenue. If CS:GO had huge limits on the maximum payout like football does then one big win would cost the bookmakers for a long time, and the income on CS:GO would mean that they would take years to get it back.

Using football as an example, if a big win happened on a weekend, the bookmakers know that they take so many football bets that it wouldn’t take them long to win that money back from punters.


With eSports and CS:GO being a relatively new betting market and one that is still developing, it is likely that alongside your bookmaker having quite small maximum payout amounts, they will also have even smaller ones for the alternative markets you bet on away from the regular win.

For example, you may find that the maximum payout amount for a bet on the winner of map 2 during a CS:GO game is lower than the maximum you can win for them to win the match overall. Again, the reason for all of this is liquidity, the bookmakers aren’t going to take many bets on the smaller markets and they want to cover themselves against big losses where no one else is betting and losing on the same market.


There is a simple reason for knowing the limits and that is to know how much you can win from the bookmaker. For example, if you have a bet that goes over the limits and involves seven different games then you may find that you can still win the maximum payout just by placing your bet on six of the games.

This is all about managing the risk in your betting, if you can win the same amount of money from betting on six events as you can from betting on seven then you should always go for the lower amount as that means less risk.

It is also worth knowing because you can choose your stake accordingly too. In the example above we took a team out of the bet but there is another way to do it. That is to lower your bet stake, so you still have the same amount of teams in your bet but lower the returns by having less money on.

If you can work your bet out so that your stake gives you a payout that is equal to or less than the maximum payout then you know you are not throwing away any profit and leaving it on the table.

With lower limits than some other sports, this is something that even low staking punters should think about. Big accumulators covering a variety of different events can soon add up to large payouts, even for a small stake so make sure that when you are betting you are thinking about this. This will prevent you from taking any more risk than you need to, and also may give you the option of lowering your stake so your liabilities are less should you lose.

The key to the betting limits that are in place is playing the game correctly and knowing what you can and cannot win. By doing this you are going to be a much better punter, you will ensure you leave no profit on the table with a big win, and could save yourself money in the long run by cutting back stakes to suit the limits.


One thing we all have to remember when looking at any aspect of CS:GO betting is that this is still a relatively new concept compared to traditional betting sports such as football. Therefore, it is likely that things are only going to grow and improve over time. We didn’t have anywhere near the amount of football betting markets we have now two decades ago, that grew over time and so will betting on eSports.

It is always worth comparing the bookmakers and their eSports offering to see who is leading the way. This can be in terms of the amount of betting markets they have or the number, in-play betting, the odds on offer and much more. By leading the way in these fields, a bookmaker is demonstrating that they are taking betting on CS:GO very seriously.

These are the types of companies you want to stick with as they are likely to be at the front of the queue in terms of improvements and enhancements in the future. This means you will continue to get a great service from your bookmaker, and know that you are getting the best or joint-best out there.

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