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Cheapest USP-S Skins in CS:GO (Ranked)


The USP-S is an underused but deceivingly menacing sidearm. Normally used in Eco rounds when you want to rush a target, it delivers swift headshots and is silenced when doing so. This allows for skins of the USP-S to have more character than most sidearms because of its relatively large footprint.

Join us, as we explore the cheapest USP-S skins in CS:GO and list down our favorites.

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  • May 30, 2023


The Monster Mashup is perhaps the most creative CS:GO skin we’ve seen so far. Consisting of different shades of green, the Monster Mashup depicts the USP-S as a monster with an X for its eyes, spiked teeth on the underbelly of the gun, with the trigger acting as an elongated tongue.

This skin is funky, and playful, ironically capturing the true essence of the USP-S, a silent and deadly monster.


The Whiteout is a true example of minimalist design done right. As the name dictates, the skin is entirely white, with the same textures as the basic USP-S skin. It actually is one of the best skins for you sticker aficionados out there, thanks to its clean chassis.

The skin is a fair bit brighter than the other ones we’ll be mentioning in this list. So, it can turn out to be slightly distracting in more dull maps like Dust 2.


This skin is loved by zombies worldwide. Jokes aside, the Cortex is a truly mesmerizing skin. It features a skeleton on the magazine who has his brains artistically splattered out till the silencer of the USP-S. 

The skin doesn’t have the brightest of colour schemes, but it still looks great on most maps. We wouldn’t recommend opting for the Factory New version of this skin as it gets quite expensive. Instead, going for Field Tested will do you much better.


A little bit of flair never hurt anyone, did it? Well, unless you are at the receiving end of this gun – the Purple DDPAT is truly a beautiful skin to behold. Featuring a pixel-art style pattern from top to bottom, the skin consists of a deep purple, black, white, and small instances of grey.

While the skin may look expensive, it certainly is one of the cheaper options on the list. However, it doesn’t look great with a lot of stickers since it has a very specific color scheme, and there are not a lot of stickers that fit within its theme. 


The USP-S stands out in this list because of its engraved silencer. Unlike many other skins that tend to ignore the silencer, this skin goes for the exact opposite route – showing the silencer off instead. With beautiful Ottoman-style engraving on the entire silencer with a slight golden shimmer, the Lead Conduit is a truly gorgeous skin.

We expect this skin to rise up the ranks with the release of CS2 as the shimmer is expected to get a remodel, ensuring that it looks much better than how it looks right now.


The Torque is one of the best cheapest USP-S skins in CS:GO. It also is one of the only skins on the list which is actually more expensive with a higher wear value compared to most, which have more expensive Factory New variants.

The design on the Torque is simple and minimal. It reminds you of a Cyerpunk-esque aesthetic and has neon yellow accents thrown all-throughout the skin with a hint of black and gray splashed meticulously throughout. 

This skin has been going up in value for the past few years, which makes it an excellent grab.


You know, not everyone’s a big fan of stickers. Thankfully, the Ticket to Hell personifies what it means to have tons of thematically suiting stickers on your gun by just plastering it with a ton of white text, diagrams, labels, QR codes, and barcodes; you name it.

The skin is the personification of aesthetic; it looks great when you wield it and doesn’t stand out. Plus, with the number of elements on this skin, you really won’t need to put a sticker on it anytime soon.


The red, white, and black pattern of the USP-S Cyrex is truly a thing to behold. While hosting quite an understated design compared to the rest of the skins we’ve mentioned in this list – the Cyrex is certainly no slouch when it comes to popularity.

Thanks to its contrasting color scheme, this skin looks great with a lot of other skins, which is why it has been slightly increasing in price over the years. This minimal design is great for someone who wishes to make a statement but doesn’t want to overdo it in any sense of the word.


Coming in second-last in our list of the cheapest USP-S skins is yet another minimal design – the Black Lotus focuses almost all of its efforts on the barrel and not anywhere else. Containing an image of an absolutely gorgeous Black Lotus flower, the design fits a very particular aesthetic but boy, doesn’t it look great?

The rest of the skin is completely untouched – most agree that this is the reason why the skin is cheap, even though it has the most intricate design in the entire list. But alas, we think that the skin looks much better, not completely doused in flowers and lotuses.


Ah, what a skin. Filled with vibrant colors, the skin features an Oriental theme, with snakes and beautiful flowers being the primary elements in the entire skin. The reason why we’ve rated the skin so low is because it just feels like it is too much for most skin collections.

It almost has every colour on the wheel, is filled with a lot of elements, and just is too vibrant for most maps. However, it still is a gorgeous skin to look at, and we can’t wait to see it get remodeled in CS2.

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