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Mastering CS2 AK47 Spray Pattern

Mastering CS2 AK47 Spray Pattern

In order to improve as a player, it is not enough to have a godlike aim. This type of gameplay can only get you so far. This is why we want to turn your attention towards spray patterns. In this piece, we are going to go over the iconic AK 47 spray pattern.

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  • October 27, 2023
Mastering CS2 AK47 Spray Pattern

On top of that, we will provide additional information including a comparison of CS2 and CS:GO AK spray, the best ways to start practicing, and much more so do not miss out on this one.

CS2 Spray Patterns Explained

The spray pattern in Counter-Strike 2 is a pre-determined direction of where the bullets fly. However, the spray pattern can only be talked about if the AK-47 is constantly fired.

Now that you are familiar with the spray pattern term, it is time to teach you what recoil is. When you shoot a weapon in CS2, your crosshair will start to move all over the place. This type of behavior is called recoil.

Recoil compensation is the player’s ability to control the spray pattern in order for the bullets to hit their target. Let’s not forget to mention that every weapon comes with a unique recoil pattern. This means that when you hold down the left mouse button, you will always have the same spray pattern.

AK 47 Spray Control Basics

In order to understand how AK 47 spray control works, it is important to figure out where exactly the bullets fly when spraying. Throughout the years, CS serials were known for one-shot headshot kills.

This is why the AK-47 is so highly regarded. The first bullet will always fly straight into the target. Back in the Global Offensive days, one bullet dealt 109 damage and this is more than enough to get a kill with a single shot.

counter-strike 2 spray patterns

A lot of players are not interested in the spray pattern that comes with this rifle as they prefer to tap fire it, since it only takes one shot or short bursts to get a kill.

When it comes to recoil compensation, it is very hard to make bullets hit the target at a greater distance. One of the basic principles of CS is the fact that continuous fire is not good for long-range shooting.

In order to control AK 47 sprays, here are the things you need to be aware of. The first two shots will land in a similar place. However, the remaining shots will require you to pull down, then to the right, left, and then right again.

It is worth noting that the majority of players trained their muscle memory in a way that they only pull the mouse down, without caring about recoil compensation to the left and right.

If you are one of these players, in the next match, give it all you have to properly control the weapon, and we assure you that you will significantly improve in record time.

Best Ways to Train AK 47 Recoil Pattern

There are several ways of sharpening the AK spray pattern. We mentioned earlier where the first bullets fly. However, it is up to you to train your aim by getting to know all there is about the recoil pattern and recoil compensation.

It does not take much to become a better player in this game. From our point of view, we would suggest a 10-15 minute practice every day. Switch from aiming at the head to landing a 4-5 bullet spray onto the moving target. We would also suggest that you train different weapons as well.

There are also several other ways for you to practice spray patterns. With popular Steam workshop maps, you can choose between close range or spraying from far away. Moreover, you can shift between various weapons including USP-S, a particular machine gun, or even a Desert Eagle.

Using Steam Workshop Maps

This should be the go-to practice method for everyone who wants to master recoil compensation through continuous fire in CS2. In total, there are two available maps that we would recommend to both newcomers and veterans.

Recoil Master – Everything you are looking for regarding the spray pattern and recoil compensation can be found on this community-made map. First and foremost, you will see a spray pattern graph that will show you how to approach the spray control.

Keep in mind that you should always pull your mouse in the opposite direction, as this is the way recoil compensation works.

Aim Botz – Here is another solid workshop map that provides a full package. On this map, you can cover both long distances and short distances and apply numerous other settings. It is also very easy to learn recoil patterns this way. On top of that, tap firing, and practicing aiming at the opponent’s head is also doable on this map.

Adjusting Mouse Sensitivity

If you feel that it is impossible to follow a spray pattern, then you might want to turn your attention towards adjusting mouse sensitivity and the overall DPI you are using to play the game.

Let’s talk about professional Counter-Strike 2 players as a reference. The majority of them are playing on very low DPI, and there is a reason why they are doing that. Firstly, the aim is much more precise if you play on a lower sensitivity.

properly adjusted mouse sensitivity can help with spray control

Secondly, recoil compensation is much easier with properly adjusted mouse sensitivity. In most cases, recoil control is all about following the same pattern. The fact is, you do not want to overcompensate as you only need to make small adjustments(unless you are testing the M249 spray pattern) in order for the bullets to hit the target.

Given the fact that mouse sensitivity is completely a personal preference, we would suggest that you try different ones in order to find the one that makes shooting and recoil control feel much more natural.

Comparing CS2 AK 47 Spray Pattern vs CS:GO AK 47 Spray Pattern

With the Counter-Strike 2 full release, a lot of players had trouble with the AK-47 recoil compensation. Even though Valve did not announce that they made any changes to the spray pattern of the notorious rifle, players are feeling the difference and there is a reason why.

The first bullet being precise did not change, and to be honest, it feels like tap shooting in CS2 feels much better and is more accurate. However, it also seems like the new AK requires much more effort to properly control

It is also not helpful that we no longer have a unique spray pattern, which makes recoil compensation hard to master. There is also chatter in the community that this has something to do with the CS2 sub-tick system.

However, it is still early days for Counter-Strike 2, and we are positive that future updates are going to address the current state of spray patterns and that they will be fixed.

Recoil Compensation Was Much Easier in Counter-Strike Global Offensive

Counter-Strike Global Offensive AK 47 spray control was much easier to handle. First and foremost, the spray pattern was always the same, which is not the case with the current state of CS2.

Secondly, in order to properly control the recoil compensation, Counter-Strike 2 forces players to first pull down the mouse slowly and then do it fast. Such a spray pattern is very hard to master, and this is the reason why the spray control was much easier to perfect in Global Offensive.

Other Methods of Shooting AK 47 in Counter-Strike 2

Once you master the automatic firing spray patterns, it is time to focus on various other ways of using this weapon to your advantage. There are two main ways and patterns that you can benefit from.

Single shots, also known, as tapping heavily rely on your aim. On top of that, burst shooting is also a thing that is commonly used when engaging targets at long range. Find more information about these shooting options below.


Have you ever heard about Adil “ScreaM” Benrlitom? He was one of the best CS:GO players who was known for his one-taps. He played CS in a way that a single shot was everything that he needed. His aim was out of this world and his bullets found heads more often than not.

The best part about tapping is the fact that there is no spray pattern that you need to learn. As always, there are good and bad sides to everything. For long-range shooting, we would always suggest that you stick with tapping.

On the other hand, if you avoid automatic firing at close range, you might find yourself on the receiving end of things.

The fact is, you are very likely to die if you decide to use tap fire in the close quarter combat hence why it is important to get to know the basics of spray control and how recoil compensation works.

Burst Shooting

Burst shooting is basically trying to avoid following the spray pattern. Here is how it works. Your goal here is to fire 4-6 bullets at a time. Once your recoil pattern resets, you will once again fire a similar barrage of bullets.

By doing this, you are completely avoiding the spray control as the initial AK 47 bullets are quite precise and it is much easier to control the weapon like that.

Since there is no unique spray pattern for such a way of shooting, we would suggest it for both medium and long-range shooting.

AK 47 Recoil Pattern vs M4A4/M4A1-S Spray Patterns

Even though every player in the game wants to get his hand on an AK 47, other rifles such as M4A4 or M4A1-S are not that bad either. The only thing they are lacking is the one-bullet headshot potential.

Overall, when comparing the spray pattern of these weapons, we can notice that the easiest out of these three rifles to control is the M4A1-S. However, this rifle deals a maximum of 91 damage with a single bullet. Moreover, it also has a slower firing rate when compared to AK.

M4A4, on the other hand, has a tricky spray pattern to master. Even though the first 10-12 bullets are easy to hit, every other bullet is very hard to land. There is a lot of left and right pulling with this weapon. The biggest downside is, that it also does not provide a one-bullet kill.

Tips on How to Become a Better AK 47 Player in Counter-Strike 2

In order to become a better AK 47 player, you will have to master both the spray pattern and recoil compensation. Down below, we will provide additional tips that will help you win more games and become a master of the game.

  • Learn strafing: Counter-Strike is not all about shooting. Continuous movement to the left and right is called a strafe. To be honest, it is hard to master firing with proper strafing. However, once you can properly control both firing and strafing, you will get much better overall results.
  • Know when to start tap firing, and when to spray: In order to become a better AK 47 player, you need to choose shots wisely. Experience comes in handy here as you will figure out when to switch from short bursts to single-shot fire mode.
  • Proper crosshair placement is important: Following the spray pattern and learning how to control the spray properly will definitely help climb rankings. However, if you learn how to position the crosshair in the right way, you will only need one shot to get a kill. In our opinion, it is much easier to hit someone in the head if the crosshair is located close to it and only requires minimum adjustment. Do not forget to use crosshair console commands for best results.

Overall, if you do your best to follow and base your practice on these three tips, we are positive that in a short span of time, you will become a much better CS2 player.

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