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CS2 Release: Initial Reactions

CS2 Release: Initial Reactions

On September 27th, 2023 Valve released Counter-Strike 2. The sequel to the Counter-Strike: Global Offensive divided the community. Some are very happy with the release, while other parts of the community are sending out mixed reviews.

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  • October 23, 2023
CS2 Release: Initial Reactions

In this piece, we will go over the initial reactions to the release, including the good and the bad things that came with the game being available worldwide. Without further ado, let’s dive right in.

Reviving Maps From Counter-Strike’s History

Can you remember the last time you played Office map? From our standpoint, it happened way back during the Counter-Strike 1.6 days. However, Valve decided to bring this map back to life in the new game.

Right now, CS story regarding maps is split into three parts, that being Touchstone maps, Upgrades, and Overhauled maps.

Touchstone maps are fully rebuilt with completely new graphics that will improve the gameplay experience.

Counter-Strike 2 game engine allowed Valve to improve lightning, rendering features, and even add realistic materials to some of the maps. A current Premier mode is played on the following maps:

  • Ancient
  • Anubis
  • Inferno
  • Mirage
  • Vertigo
  • Overpass
  • Nuke

Current State of Game Modes in Counter-Strike 2

At the time of writing, there are 6 different game modes in CS2. Even though community map makers did not get much support from Valve, we are positive that this will change in the near future. You can play the game in three different ways, that being Matchmaking, Practice, and Community Servers.

When it comes to competitive game modes to choose from, here are the available ones.

Premier Mode – This became a go-to mode for many CS2 players as it provides everyone with a brand new CS rating, or ELO system. Here, players will go over the pick and ban phase based on the seven maps played in the active duty pool. A total of 24 rounds are played, including one tie-breaker if needed.

counter-strike 2 game modes

Competitive – If you want to play an old-school match of Counter-Strike 2, then this is the mode for you. Queue up for any of the available maps, and compete in a 5v5 defusal mode gameplay.

Wingman – Want to get your hands on a CS2 2v2 gameplay? Wingman mode allows players to battle it out in shorter matches, on four dedicated maps: Overpass, Vertigo, Inferno, and Nuke.

Casual – In the beginning, it is not logical for new players to join a team and start playing competitive Counter-Strike 2. This is where Casual matchmaking comes into play. This is a simple mode that did not get new features as your only job is to shoot at other players in a 10v10 environment.

Deathmatch – The next chapter of Counter-Strike introduced brand new deathmatch options. This time around, you can play either a free-for-all or a team vs team type of deathmatch. This is a great way for the Counter-Strike community and players to warm up before hopping on to competitive matchmaking.

Private Matchmaking – In CS2, players will no longer have to find third-party service providers if they want to play a 5v5 match against friends. With this free upgrade, players can face off against their friends in a matter of minutes.

Counter-Strike 2 Visual Effects Are Beautiful

With the new Source engine, Valve was able to do something that was not possible for over two decades. We can freely say that the use of Source 2 was the largest technical leap forward for this first-person shooter title.

The fact is, CS2 is looking really good and there is no denying that it can now be compared to their rivals, Valorant. Physically based rendering system provides solid foundations for improved visual effects.

Even though we did not see a lot of gameplay changes, the graphical ones are worth mentioning. A certain object produces realistic materials. On top of that, reactive smokes in Counter-Strike 2 are a thing of beauty, just like the incendiaries or Molotovs. However, all of these updates will require a much better video card

Players Are Being Hit Behind the Wall

Back in the old CS:GO days, the servers were based on the tick rate they provided. For instance, Valve’s official matchmaking servers were set to 64 ticks. On the other hand, third-party service providers such as Faceit were offering 128 tick rate servers.

With the introduction of CS2, a brand new sub-tick system was introduced. With this system, the game is going to remember your actions on the server despite the server tick rate.

However, things did not go as planned as a majority of the player base decided to evaluate gameplay changes and they all agreed that sometimes, they would get hit behind the wall.

This is something that developers will have to work. If they can make the necessary adjustments, then Counter-Strike 2 has a chance to break new records.

How Good is the User Interface in Counter-Strike 2?

Ever since Counter-Strike 2 was released, players demanded a better-looking user interface. Truth be told, CS:GO had a minimalistic UI, where everything of importance such as weapons or the buy menu could be accessed right away.

CS2 user interface and buy menu

After the initial CS2 Steam release, a lot of players complained that their HP bar was too transparent and that they could not see it. Developers addressed that situation immediately. On the other side, players also wanted more information regarding what their teammates are rolling with. Valve provided that as well and now you can see what type of grenades your team is rolling with.

Last but not least, in CS2, it is now possible to sell weapons, grenades, defuse kit, or even a kevlar/helmet that you accidentally bought.

Sound and Movement Issues

With an initial CS2 release, players encountered a lot of sound issues. Overall, the in-game sound seemed weird and unnatural. Luckily for everyone, this was addressed in no time and now players can once again enjoy an elite competitive experience.

Another problem CS2 encountered was based on movement and holding angles. Those Ferrari peaks are better than ever now, and it feels like static targets are taken out easily now. We assure you that this has nothing to do with skills or reaction times. This is a pure and simple peekers advantage that should be addressed if CS2 wants to succeed.

Stay Patient as Valve is Updating the Game Daily

A lot of time has passed since the Counter-Strike 2 release date. Valve has been working on new features, bug fixes, and sub-tick changes, day in, and day out.

Even though the game is based on the new Source engine, it still takes a lot of time to be polished and fully ready. Valve acknowledged their mistakes and they are providing almost daily updates containing various fixes and changes that should improve the gameplay experience.

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