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Counter-Strike 2 Spray Patterns

Counter-Strike 2 Spray Patterns

When playing a first-person shooter, players who practice and learn a particular spray pattern will have an edge over their opponents. In this piece, we are going to touch base on Counter-Strike 2 spray patterns, and how they work. Moreover, we are going to compare the old CSGO spray patterns to the ones available in Counter-Strike 2, so do not miss out.

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  • October 27, 2023
Counter-Strike 2 Spray Patterns

What is a Spray Pattern in Counter-Strike 2?

When you hold a fire button in Counter-Strike 2, the weapon you are holding is not going to fire in a straight line(unless you are using a Negev). Instead of shooting straight, bullets are going to spread in some sort of a pattern.

Spray control is a skill that allows a player to control the weapon’s recoil. This type of shooting is also known as spraying. To control spray, players will have to fire the weapon without stopping. If the fire rate is not controlled, the bullets fly left, right, and center.

This leads to you being inaccurate, and missing out on potential kills. Even though controlling spray patterns is much harder in Counter-Strike 2 than it was in Counter-Strike Global Offensive, it is not impossible by any means.

Solid muscle memory and plenty of practice will allow you to hit spray across long distances. Do not forget to practice smokes as well as they will make your life much easier.

CSGO Spray Patterns vs CS2 Spray Patterns

There is a lot of chatter in the Counter-Strike online community that Counter-Strike Global Offensive had much easier spray patterns, and they were not random in any shape or form.

Contrary to that, CS2 spray patterns and recoil compensation are much harder now. At times, it also feels unpredictable. There are plenty of comparison videos comparing CS:GO spray to the one that we currently have.

It is worth noting that players barely ever get the same Counter-Strike 2 spray pattern. However, CS2 was released just a couple of months ago, and we are positive that Valve will fix the recoil pattern for popular weapons such as AK 47 or M4A4 in record time.

Let’s not forget to mention the fact that Counter-Strike 2 added the follow recoil crosshair. This will make in-game crosshair follow bullets. Even though it will take some time before you are used to it, it should help increase accuracy and make it easier to control the spray pattern or recoil for a particular weapon. Refer to our guide on crosshair commands to adjust the follow recoil crosshair properly.

Is It Easier to Control Spray in Counter-Strike Global Offensive?

At the time of writing, it was much easier to control spray in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. The main problem players are dealing with is the inconsistency of recoil patterns.

For example, if you learn recoil compensation patterns, and you know that they are always the same, it is hard to accept the fact that sometimes, they are going to change. This has everything to do with the new CS2 tick rate system Valve put in place.

Getting to Know Recoil Patterns

Let’s face it, everyone will get a couple of lucky head kills when spraying. However, to increase the chances of repeatedly hitting the opponent’s head, or simply bursting them down, it is necessary to control how the bullet flies.

It is also important to mention that spray pattern is different for rifles, submachine guns, pistols, shotguns, or even machine guns.

Below, we are going to introduce you to the spray pattern of popular weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Moreover, these graphs should help you learn a thing or two about recoil compensation so do not miss out.

AK-47 Spray Pattern

To become a recoil master, it is important to learn the AK 47 recoil, and how to control it. The fact is, this is by far the hardest spray pattern to learn, so do not get discouraged if you do not get it correct on the first go.

ak 47 spray pattern

The first ten bullets are easy to control as you only have to pull down for recoil compensation. However, the continued automatic firing of AK 47 will spread the bullets left and right, and this is where it gets tricky.

We all love it when only the first bullet is needed with AK 47 as it is a guaranteed kill when you hit your opponent in the head. However, if you practice spray control, you are likely to increase the overall K/D ratio, and it will give you an edge over other players who did not put in any time to practice.

Once you master the art of spraying with this rifle, make sure that you inspect the cheapest AK-47 skins to boost your inventory

M4A4 Spray Pattern

Even the best Counter-Strike Global Offensive players struggle with M4A4 recoil compensation and spray control. Once again, the first ten bullets are easily controlled. However, everything else turns into real chaos.

m4a4 spray pattern

This is why a lot of professionals and trainers will suggest you shoot bursts consisting of 4-7 bullets at a time. We all hate it when you tag someone for 87 in 1 with the first bullet, and then you completely miss out on the recoil control and you end up dying in the process.

M4A1-S Spray Pattern

Despite a relatively small magazine, M4A1-S has a relatively predictable and easy spray pattern to master. The M4A1-S recoil compensation is quite easy to master as you only have to pull down slightly and then adjust accordingly to the left and right.

m4a1-s spray pattern

SG 553 Spray Pattern

There are two possible ways to fire this weapon, and the spray pattern is different depending on whether you are shooting with the scope on or off. The thing is, SG 553 is not accurate at all if shot without scope.

However, it turns into a completely different weapon when the scope is on as bullets are more precise. Bear in mind that the SG 553 recoil pattern is hard to master and requires a lot of practice on either workshop maps or on a local server.

AUG Spray Pattern

A couple of years back, AUG was commonly used in Counter-Strike Global Offensive. However, it was nerfed by Valve and it became an obsolete weapon with a hard to master spray pattern. There is no point in shooting AUG unscoped as the recoil compensation is impossible to achieve.

With the introduction of Counter-Strike 2, AUG has seen an increase in usage for several reasons. Unscoped accuracy is much better now. On top of that, players can also abuse new Counter-Strike 2 smoke changes because you can see through the bullet holes much better.

Famas Spray Pattern

Famas got a lot of attention in CS2. During the Counter-Strike Global Offensive days, this weapon was barely ever used as it had a very hard-to-master recoil pattern.

On top of that, it did not do much damage at all hence why a big part of casual and professional players rather used a Desert Eagle when on a force buy.

The first ten bullets are very easy to control as you have to pull down and to the left slightly. Afterward, it gets a bit tricky and your muscle memory will work around the clock to compensate for the left and right patterns. It is also important to mention that we would not suggest you shoot this weapon in a burst mode.

Galil Spray Pattern

Recoil compensation never came easy for Galil. This is the case in Counter-Strike 2 as well. The pocket AK 47 is commonly used in force buy rounds as one of the go-to weapons for the job.

We recommend that you stick with either tap firing or shooting small bursts. A fully loaded magazine is going to feel like you have infinite ammo which is going to lead to harder recoil compensation.

MP9 Spray Pattern

It is not worth it to become an MP9 recoil master, and here is why. This weapon is only suited for close-quarter combat and if you decide to take long-distance fights, there is a high chance that you will die first, especially if facing off against a rifle of any kind.

For the record, if you want to learn MP9’s spray pattern, it is important to focus on pulling down, and quickly exchange between pulling left and right.

MP7 Spray Pattern

From our point of view, the MP7 spray pattern requires a simple recoil compensation. The principle is the same as if you are using MP9. However, instead of pulling left first, this weapon spray pattern will force you to pull right.

Mac-10 Spray Pattern

MAC-10 spray pattern is not that important as it is mostly a run-and-gun weapon. Did you ever see anyone hold an angle with this submachine gun? If you are taking long-distance fights with this weapon, we would suggest firing bullets in small bursts to increase accuracy.

M249 Spray Pattern

When you get your hands on a weapon that has almost infinite ammo, it can be quite tricky to learn proper recoil compensation. Even though you will barely ever be in need of such a weapon, here are the basics on how to make spray control work.

Once the first bullet flies out of the chamber, you will have to instantly pull down, and then change from pulling left to right and vice versa.

UMP-45 Spray Pattern

There is a reason why UMP-45 is one of the most popular weapons rights now. Due to the slow firing rate, the UMP-45 spray control is very easy to achieve. To master the recoil control, you only have to pull down and gently to left and right depending on the amount of bullets fired.

Other Spray Patterns and Recoil Compensation

We touched base on popular weapon spray patterns above. However, there are also various other weapons that you might be interested in. For instance, USP-S does not require any type of spray control as it should always be about good aim and landing precise shots.

Moreover, the P90 spray pattern is all over the place. Even though the first 25 bullets can be controlled somehow, the last 25 are a complete mess.

From our standpoint, you have a realistic chance of injuring yourself if you try to learn the recoil pattern of this submachine weapon.

Negev recoil compensation is also something worth mentioning. This machine gun has a simple-to-learn spray control. Simply pull the crosshair down and enjoy firing 150 bullets in a straight line.

Even though this weapon’s spray pattern is easy to master, it is hard to find a situation where using such a weapon is worth it because it slows you down completely.

How to Practice Spray Control

There are several ways to practice spray control and recoil compensation. Alongside creating your own server and choosing arms from the weapon wall, you can also take things one step further and look for help from third-party training sites such as Leetify.

Adjust Mouse Settings & DPI

In order to improve your aim and to overall make the game feel more natural, it is important to adjust mouse settings and set up a correct DPI that will benefit you.

On paper, it is much easier to hit a target if you are using a lower sensitivity. The same can be said about the spray control. Higher DPI settings can lead to you compensating too much and missing out on an easy kill.

Last but not least, it is important to mention that mouse settings and DPI options are based on personal preference. This is why we suggest you play around with the settings a bit in order to find out what suits you the best.

Use Dedicate Spray Control Workshop Maps

If you want to learn all there is about recoil compensation, then we suggest you head over to the Steam workshop and download some of the available maps.

Learn recoil control by using Steam workshop maps

We are positive that by doing this, you will learn all there is regarding weapon spray patterns, and some things will finally make sense to you now.

However, do not forget that it takes time to learn how the recoil compensation works. Some players will say that you just have to pull your mouse in the opposite direction, but you should know that there is more to spraying than that.

Have You Ever Tried Counter-Strike 2 Gambling?

Now that you learned all there is about recoil compensation, it is time to turn your attention toward Counter-Strike 2 gambling.

Popular Counter-Strike 2 gambling sites will provide a wide range of games that you can participate in. For instance, Roulette, Crash, Plinko, and Dice are some of the most popular ones.

You can also participate in case openings battles, or even place CS2 bets on your favorite professional teams.

Popular websites will also provide lucrative promo codes to newcomers. These come in different shapes and forms such as free money, and matched deposit bonuses. Some sites will also offer you a chance to offer cases for free.

If you do not know how to get started, then here are the top 3 gambling sites that will provide everything a beginner needs:

  1. CSGORoll
  2. CSGOEmpire
  3. CSGO500

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