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Counterstrike 2: Dust 2 Returns

Counterstrike 2: Dust 2 Returns

The world of Counter-Strike is set to embark on a thrilling new chapter with the announcement of Counter Strike 2 (CS2) and the return of the iconic map, Dust 2, also known as “Dust II.”

This much-anticipated sequel promises to blend the classic game with modern enhancements, redefining the gaming experience for veterans and newcomers alike.

From high-resolution visual improvements to potential changes in grenade mechanics, CS2 is shaping up to be well worth the wait.

Today, we’re diving in head-first into the details of Dust 2’s transformation and what it means for the future of Counter-Strike.

  • CSGO News
  • September 1, 2023
Counterstrike 2: Dust 2 Returns


Dust 2, a legendary map in the Counter-Strike series, has been officially confirmed for inclusion in Counter Strike 2 (CS2). This confirmation has been met with excitement and anticipation from the gaming community members, including professional players, as Dust 2 has been a staple in the active duty pool and competitive play for years.

According to PCGamesN, Dust 2 is classified as a “Touchstone” map in CS2’s active map pool. This classification means that while the fundamental layout of the map remains unchanged (it isn’t a new map), there have been significant improvements in visual aspects, particularly lighting, textures, and an overall graphical update in this revamped version.


As a comparison, you can see this for yourself. Here’s what Dust 2 looked like in CS:GO:

And here’s what it will look like in CS2:

The decision to retain Dust 2 (and all of its map features) in CS2 reflects the commitment Valve has made to preserve the essence of Counter-Strike while introducing new features.

Fans can look forward to experiencing the classic map with a fresh look, ensuring that Dust 2 continues to be a central part of the Counter-Strike experience in the new era of CS2.

But before we dive into some of the key changes presented in CS2, let’s first take a trip down memory lane.


Dust II, often referred to as simply “Dust” by most players, is more than just a map in the Counter-Strike series; it’s a symbol of the game’s rich history and competitive spirit. Let’s explore the legacy and highlights that make this map truly iconic.


Dust II has been the stage for some of the most memorable moments in Counter-Strike history. From 4 AWPs peeking mid by fnatic to KQLY style jump shots, the map has seen it all.

Players like s1mple have left their mark with unforgettable clutches, turning the tide of matches and leaving fans in awe.

These moments have become part of the Counter-Strike folklore, creating a permanent spot for Dust II in the hearts of Counter-Strike fans everywhere.


Why is Dust II the most popular map (out of all the other maps) in Counter-Strike? The answer lies in its balanced design, offering opportunities for both tactical plays and all-out aggression.

Features like “rush B,” “push long,” and “check short” have become common phrases in the Counter-Strike lexicon.

The map’s layout encourages diverse strategies, making it a favorite among professional players and casual gamers.


In a surprising move, Dust II was replaced with Anubis in the active map pool. This decision sparked debates and speculation within the community. Was it a move to refresh the competitive scene, or was there more to it? The removal of Dust II marked the end of an era but also opened the door for new possibilities and challenges.

And now with CS2 in a limited test beta, Dust II is back on the menu, so to speak. Which is all-around exciting if you ask us.


The changes to Dust 2 in CS2 are subtle yet impactful, focusing primarily on visual enhancements and its the first map you can play around with in the limited test. One of the most noticeable changes is the improvement in lighting in key areas of the map, such as CT-Spawn, upper tunnels, and lower tunnels.

Here’s a look at CT-Spawn:

Wooden doors have been replaced, and mid doors now boast fresh yellow bulbs, creating a more vibrant and engaging atmosphere.

Here’s the mid doors:

Other areas of the map have also been brightened, drastically improving player readability and making it easier to spot counter terrorists. These changes are not merely cosmetic. They also contribute to the overall gameplay experience, enhancing visibility and spatial awareness.

Here’s a peak at the long doors or Long A doors:

The layout of Dust 2 remains the same, however, preserving the strategic elements that players have come to love.

Even so, the Source 2 rendering gives Dust 2 a more spacious appearance, adding a modern touch to a classic design. These minimal changes might seem underwhelming when just rattled off in a list, but when you see those visual changes with your own eyes, it’s clear to see why everybody is so excited.


Grenade throws, including smoke grenades, are an essential aspect of strategy and gameplay in Counter-Strike, and Dust 2 in CS2 is no exception.

While specific details about grenade throws for Dust 2 in CS2 might still be under wraps, the introduction of new features and enhancements in the game may have profound implications for how grenades, including smokes, are handled.


One such feature is grenade inspections. This new addition could potentially affect the mechanics of grenade throws, including smoke grenades, adding new dimensions to gameplay.

The ability to inspect grenades might offer players more information and control over their throws, leading to more precise and strategic use of smokes and other grenades.


Additionally, the overall improvements in visual effects and lighting in CS2 may influence how players perceive and execute grenade throws on Dust 2.

Enhanced lighting and graphical updates could provide clearer visibility and better understanding of how smokes will behave in different areas of the map.

This could lead to more effective use of smoke grenades to block vision, control space, or execute tactical plays.


As the game’s release date approaches, more details may emerge, shedding light on how these new features will integrate with existing gameplay mechanics.

The anticipation for CS2 and the return of Dust 2 continues to build, and players can look forward to discovering new strategies and techniques as they explore the revamped map.


The transformation of Dust 2 from CSGO to CS2 looks promising so far. While retaining its core essence, the map has undergone significant visual and structural enhancements.

The comparison between Dust 2 in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and Dust 2 in CS2 reveals significant differences in visibility, primarily due to the enhancements brought by the Source 2 engine.

In CS2, the lighting in areas like CT-Spawn and Tunnels has been transformed. As we mentioned earlier, this means the dim silver light has been replaced with bright yellow bulbs.

This change not only looks generally better but also improves character reading, making it easier to spot enemy models.

The overall appearance of Dust 2 in CS2 is more spacious, even though the layout remains unchanged. These visual upgrades contribute to a more immersive and visually appealing experience for players.

The enhancements extend beyond lighting, with improvements in textures, reflections, and environmental effects. The commitment to visual fidelity in CS2 ensures that Dust 2 retains its iconic status while offering a fresh and engaging experience.


Dust 2’s callouts are more than just coordinates on a map; they’re a language that unites players in the heat of battle. In Counter Strike 2 (CS2), these callouts continue to play a vital role in team communication and strategy.

Let’s review the key callouts for both Counter-Terrorists (CT) and Terrorists (T) on Dust 2 in CS2, and explore how they’ve become an integral part of the game’s muscle memory.


For Counter-Terrorists (CT) on Dust 2 in CS2, understanding and utilizing callouts is important for effective defense and coordination.

Some key bombsite entry points include:

  • A Long: A critical pathway to A site, often contested early in the round.
  • A Cross: The crossing point between A Long and A site, a common spot for sniper duels.
  • Upper Tunnels: A strategic location leading to B site, often used for surprise attacks.
  • B Doors: The main entry to B site, requiring careful monitoring.
  • B Window: An alternative entry to B site, offering different attack angles.
  • Mid Doors: A central area connecting different parts of the map, vital for map control.


For Terrorists (T) on Dust 2 in CS2, callouts are essential for planning and executing attacks.

Here are some vital callouts for that side:

  • Mid Doors: A key area for controlling the map’s center and accessing both bombsites.
  • Lower Tunnels: A pathway offering access to B site and Mid, crucial for tactical plays.
  • Pit: A defensive position near A Long, providing cover and strategic options.
  • B Doors: A main entry to B site, often used for aggressive pushes.
  • Barrels: A cover spot near B site, useful for holding angles.
  • Big Box: A popular hiding spot near B site, offering strategic advantages.
  • B Car: A critical position near B site, providing both cover and attack opportunities.
  • B Window: An alternative angle to attack B site, requiring careful coordination.

From their first appearance in earlier versions to their continued relevance in CS2, these callouts have been refined and adapted by the community. They reflect the strategic depth and complexity of Counter-Strike, serving as a shared language that transcends individual playstyles and preferences.


The anticipation for CS2 and the return of Dust 2 is a thrilling prospect for players old and new alike. For those looking to enhance their gaming experience, however, CSGOPolygon offers a welcome bonus and free coins when you sign up, providing an exciting opportunity to engage with the Counter-Strike community. Similarly, CSGOFast extends incentives with a warm welcome bonus and free coins for those hoping to win CS2 skins while trying your hand at roulette gamescoin flip games, and more.

Regardless, the world of Counter-Strike is ready to welcome you to a new era of gameplay, filled with familiar maps, exciting features, and new strategy opportunities around every corner.

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