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CS2 Console Commands List

CS2 Console Commands List

Are you looking for the ultimate CS2 console commands list? In this piece, we will provide you with everything you are looking for starting with essential console commands for FPS, FOV, and communication. Moreover, we will touch base on crosshair commands, and the ones that will help when practicing. Without further ado, let's jump right into this one.

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  • October 31, 2023
CS2 Console Commands List

Enable Developer Console in CS2

In order to start using console commands, it is important to enable developer console. This is a simple task that experienced Counter-Strike 2 players are familiar with.

However, if you are a newcomer to the game, we are going to give you a helping hand by providing a step-by-step guide on how to enable developer console in CS2.

  1. Start the game and head over to the “settings menu”(gear icon).
  2. Navigate to the “Game” tab.
  3. There you will find various options. The one you are interested in is called “Enable Developer Console”. Click on the drop down menu and select “Yes”.
  4. If you did not change the default values, then you can open the command console by pressing the Tilda button(~), or other console key bind present on the keyboard.

There is one more option that will help you activate the developer console. Before starting the game, click on the Launch Options” and type in the “-console” command.

This will instruct the game to always have the Counter-Strike 2 console enabled.

Comparing CS:GO Console Commands With CS2 Commands

A lot has changed regarding console commands since Counter-Strike 2 was released. For instance, the FPS display command is not the same anymore.

New HUD elements were also added to the refreshed console in CS2. Overall, it looks more modern and it is easier to navigate around it. The FPS command is not the only thing that changed, various other commands have changed as well.

Worry not, as we will touch base on the essential commands below. These are going to help the game feel much more natural, and it should overall improve the gameplay experience.

Most Useful Console Commands For Counter-Strike 2

If you are looking for the most useful console commands in Counter-Strike 2, then you have come to the right place. All of these commands are easy to use and they only require that the developer console is turned on. Here is the list.

useful console commands for Counter-Strike 2

quit – Instantly leave the game and exit all the way to the desktop with this simple command.

disconnect – If you want to leave the server, but do not want to exit the game completely, then this is the command for you.

voice_modenable – This command toggles voice chat on and off.

volume – Use a value from 0 to 1 and adjust the master volume of the game.

bind “Action”; “Key” – If you want to use in-game binds to jump, clear decals, or do something else, this is the command you want to use.

fps_max 0 – With this one, you can alter the maximum amount of FPS. If you want to make it unlimited, use the 0 value.

cl_showfps 1 – In order to display frames per second, you can use this command. There are several ways of using this command and you can cycle between the value of 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5. The higher the number, the more information you can get.

cq_netgraph 1 – This is one of the few Counter-Strike 2 commands that is lacking when compared to Counter-Strike Global Offensive. With this command, you can get a heads-up display of in-game latency values, alongside the game’s performance.

sv_cheats 1 – With the cheats enabled command, you can use the God mode on the private server to help speed up the training by spawning infinite ammo and flying around the map.

sensitivity – This command allows you to adjust the mouse sensitivity. There is no cap value, but the lowest one you can enter is 0,01. It is much easier to properly adjust mouse sensitivity by using console commands than to do it in the main menu by dragging the slider left and right.

CS2 Console Commands For FPS & Performance

Counter-Strike 2 commands for performance and FPS are very important. They will allow you to see whether your machine can actually run the game properly, or will you have to address some of the in-game settings in order to get more frames per second.

Counter-Strike 2 console commands for FPS

fps_max 0 – This is one of the best commands for FPS. By setting the value to 0, you are removing the cap limit and the game will render as much FPS as possible.

cl_showfps 1 – To get a live FPS feed, make sure to use this command as it will provide you with valuable information that you can use to properly adjust game settings. Keep in mind that you can use numbers ranging from 1 to 5 in order to move the FPS counter to the top left corner or to the right corner.

cl_autohelp 0 – Let’s face it, experienced Counter-Strike 2 players do not need hints that can appear during competitive gameplay. Use this simple console command to prevent hints from distracting you when competing against other players.

cl_interp 0.015625 – If you want to make the game feel much better and more natural, then do not miss out on following commands such as this one. Interpolation will help make the game smoother. Keep in mind that the default value is set to 0.1, but Counter-Strike 2 enthusiasts noticed that the 0.015625 provides a much better gameplay experience.

cl_hide_avatar_images 1 – With the CS2 release, a lot of players complained that they are having a hard time focusing on the game when other players are using animated images. You can disable the images entirely by using this console command.

CS2 Console Commands For FOV

Proper field of view has always been based on a personal preference for players. Given the fact that it is impossible to change it via the game settings, players can use various console commands to properly adjust FOV.

Here are the specific commands that will help you with the field of view changes.

viewmodel_fov – With this Counter-Strike 2 console command, you can configure the character’s field of view. The value ranges from 54 to 68. Using the higher value will increase what you see on the monitor and, but the game will feel zoomed out. On the other hand, using a lower value will reduce what you see on the monitor, but everything will feel much bigger.

viewmodel_offset_z – If you want to change the depth offset regarding the viewmodel, then this is the command you need to use. The value ranged from -2 to 2. Keep in mind that positive values are going to move the ViewModel closer to the character, while the negative ones will move it further away.

viewmodel_offset_y – By using this command, you can configure the vertical viewmodel position. Once again, the value ranges from -2 to 2. Negative values will push the viewmodel downward while positive ones are going to push it upward.

viewmodel_offset_x – Unlike other console commands listed here, this one can help you adjust the horizontal offset. This time around, the value ranges from -2,5 to 2,5. Positive values will push the viewmodel to the right, while negative values will push it to the left.

CS2 Console Commands For Communication & Sound

Now that you know all there is regarding CPU usage, and how to properly adjust the viewmodel, it is time to go over the commands that will make you a better teammate. Let’s face it, Counter-Strike 2 is all about communicating.

If you want to get an edge over the enemy team, using proper commands will be of great help.

voice_modenable – With this Counter-Strike 2 console command, you can choose to enable or disable in-game voice chat.

voice_scale – The value of this command ranges from 0 to 1 and it is very helpful if you want to adjust teammate voice volume. The lower the value, the more quiet your teammates will be when using the in-game voice chat.

volume – Alongside the command that adjusts teammate voice volume, you can change the overall volume of the game.

voice_mute “player name” / voice_unmute “player name” – Even though it is much easier to mute someone by using the HUD elements of the game, it is worth noting that a player on a current server you are playing on can be muted or unmuted with use of console commands.

speaker_config 2 – Some players noticed a big difference in the clarity of incoming sounds when playing the game by using this command. However, we urge you to use it in the practice mode first in order to find out whether it helps you or not.

CS2 Commands For Training

CS2 Practice commands are always high in demand. If you want to create an environment where you can practice competitive map timings, utility usage, or even round time, then these are the commands you do not want to miss out on.

sv_cheats 1 – This is one of the few practice console commands that can be used exclusively when creating your own server. By enabling cheats, players can add various benefits to speed up the training process.

mp_restartgame 1 – If you are not interested in playing against the bots, you can utilize this command to restart the game immediately.

bot_kick – By using this command in the practice mode, you can kick every bot that is on the server.

bot_add_ct / bot_add_t – With this one, you can add bots across both sides of the map.

god – the name of the command says it all. By using the God mode, you are impossible to kill

sv_infinite_ammo 1 – This is one of the most important practice commands out there. It basically allows you to have infinite ammo so you do not have to constantly buy equipment.

noclip – Here is another important practice command. It allows you to fly around the map and go through walls and other obstacles. Keep in mind that you should bind noclip command to get the full advantage.

CS2 Crosshair Commands

The fact is, there are plenty of crosshair settings and commands that you can alter. However, we want to suggest a better and simpler alternative, that being a Steam workshop.

In this Steam library, you can find a specific map that will help you create numerous crosshair styles or copy the ones used by professional Counter-Strike 2 players.

cl_crosshairsite – If you want to change the size of the crosshair lines, then this is the command you want to use. The value ranges from 0 to 1000. A lower value will make the lines thinner, while a higher value will make them ticker.

cl_crosshairgap – Don’t you hate it when the middle gap/hole is too big on the crosshair you are using? You can use this command to adjust that. The value ranges from -2 to 2.

cl_crosshaircolor – There is a wide range of options for this one as you can use the value of 0, 1, 2, 3, and 4. This command allows you to change the color of the crosshair you are using.

cl_crosshair_t – By setting the value to 1, you can make a crosshair look like a letter T. Basically, this console command removes the top line of the crosshair and it allows players to get a much clearer image of what they are shooting at.

CS2 Console Command to Change Knives

If you are interested in changing knives, then do not miss out on this part of our guide. CS2 change knife console command can be hard to master. Firstly, you need to start an offline server and enable cheats while in game.

Afterward, type in the “mp_drop_knife_enable true” command. This one will allow you to drop the knife you are currently holding in your hand.

CS2 console command to change knife

Before dropping the knife, type in the following command “subclass_create 526” and hit enter on the keyboard. Drop the knife on the floor and make sure that you are looking at it. Open the console and type in the “subclass_change 256” command.

With this powerful tool, you can pick up the dropped knife and inspect it. This tool allows you to test all Counter-Strike 2 knives that are available in game. However, keep in mind that you will have to change the console commands to get various knives such as Karambit, Butterfly, Huntsman, etc.

Helpful Counter-Strike 2 Launch Options

Now that we talked about the most important Counter-Strike 2 console commands, it is time to go over helpful launch options that are also going to help you enjoy the game more.

-console – This is one of the most popular launch options. By using this one, you do not have to turn on the console manually.

-fullscreen – With this one, the game will launch in fullscreen mode every time.

-novid – If you do not like the intro video, then do not hesitate to add this launch option as it will help the game load faster.

-high – This is one of the go-to launch options for experienced players. It basically tells your CPU that Counter-Strike 2 is the highest priority.

Give Counter-Strike 2 Gambling a Try

Now that you learned all there is about Counter-Strike 2 console commands, it is time to touch base on CS2 gambling.

If you are new to this aspect, then let us help. On gambling sites, you can find numerous games including Crash, Roulette, Plinko, Dice, Case Unboxing, or even Case Battles where you can compete against other players in a winner-take-all format. Let’s not forget to mention that you can also bet on CS2 matches.

Popular CS2 gambling sites provide excellent promo codes for newly registered accounts. For instance, you can claim free money no deposit bonus just by signing up for an account now.

Moreover, matched deposit bonuses are also waiting for you alongside dedicated free spins on the most popular slots out there. Last but not least, some dedicated platforms will grant you free cases that you can open to win exclusive prizes, so do not miss out on your chance to win big.

Here is the list of best Counter-Strike 2 gambling sites you can’t go wrong with:

  1. CSGORoll gambling site
  2. CSGOEmpire gambling site
  3. CSGO500 gambling site

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