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CS2 Give Weapon Command

CS2 Give Weapon Command

Counter-Strike 2 has plenty of weapons at your disposal. In order to train with them all, you will need to use a CS2 give weapon command. If you do not know how to get started, let us help. In this piece we will provide necessary console commands, where you will learn how to use rifles, snipers, knives, and various other CS2 weapons, so do not miss out.

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  • October 31, 2023
CS2 Give Weapon Command

Learn How to Enable Developer Console

Before we start using the best console commands for weapons, it is important enable developer console. There are several ways of doing so, and we are going to explain the two easiest ones. Let’s get started.

  1. Start Counter-Strike 2 and in the main menu, click on the “Settings” tab(gear icon).
  2. Head over to the game settings tab and find the “Enable Developer Console” option.
  3. By clicking on the drop-down menu, you will find two options. Make sure that you select “Yes”.
  4. If you did not change the default keyboard binds, then you can open the developer console by using the Tilda(~) button.

Did you know that you can also enable the console without having to use in-game settings? Before launching CS2, head over to the Steam library and right-click Counter-Strike 2.

Navigate to the “Properties” and find the “Launch Options” tab. There, enter the following launch command “-console”, and start the game. This will automatically enable the console without you having to access the settings menu to use CS2 console commands.

CS2 Give Weapon Console Commands

There are a lot of different weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Alongside rifles, players can also use pistols such as dual berettas, sniper rifles, machine guns, or even knives.

If you want to practice competitive map, but do not want to spend time running back to spawn to purchase a weapon, why not use the console commands in CS2 to spawn a weapon of your choice at any given time?

Below, we will provide the necessary console commands for all available in-game weapons that you can use. Bear in mind that in order to make this command work, you will have to enable cheats by using the following command: sv_cheats 1.

Rifles Console Commands

Rifles are by far the most commonly used weapons in Counter-Strike 2. Whoever wins the round will look into buying a rifle as they provide the biggest advantage over SMGs, shotguns, or pistols.

CS2 rifles console commands

It is also worth noting that you can use these console commands to practice CS2 spray patterns. Here are the necessary commands to start practicing with rifles.

give weapon_ak47 – This command will give you an AK-47. If this is your favorite rifle, refer to our AK-47 spray pattern guide.

give weapon_galilar – With this command, you will get Galir, also known as the pocket AK.

give weapon_m4a4 – Spawn yourself a famous CT-side rifle.

give weapon_m4a1_silencer – If you want to use a silenced M4, then use this command.

give weapon_famas – Famas became much more consistent in CS2, and with this command, you can start using it.

give weapon_aug – Use this command to get your hands on the scoped rifle.

give weapon_sg553 – Enter this one to get a T-sided scoped rifle.

Snipers Console Commands

We all know that prolific sniper players can win the game themselves. However, by using snipers’ practice commands, gamers can sharpen their skills, improve performance, and overall get a better gaming experience during competitive games.

give weapon_awp – During the practice session, use this console command to spawn the big green sniper.

give weapon_ssg08 – If used correctly, Scout can be a dangerous weapon. Either tagging someone for 70+ damage or landing a killing headshot blow can help you win more eco or force rounds.

give weapon_g3sg1 – By enabling cheats through the Counter-Strike 2 console, players can spawn themselves a T-sided auto sniper.

give weapon_scar20 – The same logic can be applied to the CT side as well. Use this command to spawn the auto sniper on the server.

SMG Console Commands

SMGs can come in handy in different situations. For instance, if you won the pistol round, buying an SMG can be a great way of killing players who do not have kevlar, or who are ecoing. These weapons yield $600 for a kill and are often used even during the buy rounds as they are lethal in close combat.

However, due to the high rate of fire, it is important to use practice commands and get to know the recoil and spray patterns of these weapons.

give weapon_mp5sd – Even though this is not the most popular SMG in the game, it still packs a solid punch. The recoil is not that hard to master, and by entering this Counter-Strike 2 console command, you will become proficient in no time.

give weapon_p90 – Everyone loves a good old P90 B rush, right? Before starting, use this command to practice.

give weapon_ump45 – This SMG has been around for a long time and is often used by professional Counter-Strike 2 players.

give weapon_mp7 – If you want to spawn the most popular CT SMG, then do not miss out on this CS2 console command.

give weapon_bizon – There is not much to learn about Bizon as this has been the troll weapon ever since it was introduced.

give weapon_mac10 – T-side also has an excellent run and gun weapon at their disposal. If you want to work on the gameplay experience when playing on the attacking side, we would recommend that you give this command a chance.

give weapon_mp9 – A lot of players are complaining that MP9 is the most powerful SMG in the game right now. Use the console in Counter-Strike 2 to increase your skill with this one.

Pistols Console Commands

Pistol rounds are one of the most important ones as they often dictate the tempo of the entire game. If you want to work on the Desert Eagle skills or improve USP-S headshots, do not miss out on these CS2 console commands.

give weapon_usp_silencer – Spawn the USP-S pistol.

give weapon_glock – Get yourself a starting T-side pistol to practice with.

give weapon_hkp2000 – CT side has an alternative for a starting pistol and with this command, you can use P2000.

give weapon_deagle – Desert Eagle is the most popular pistol in CS2. Use this command to spawn it.

give weapon_revolver – Try your luck with the not-so-popular pistol option.

give weapon_cz75a – Improve your skills by training with an automatic pistol.

give weapon_fiveseven – With the release of Counter-Strike 2, this pistol has been a go-to buy during force or eco rounds. Use this command to test it for yourself.

give weapon_tec9 – Get your hands on the run and gun option for the T-side.

give weapon_p250 – Working on P250 skills is worth the effort as this is a cheap pistol that can get you plenty of kills.

give weapon_elite – Use console in CS2 to spawn Dual Berettas.

Shotgun Commands

In some situations, shotguns can come in handy. They offer $900 for a kill and are great for holding angles. Do not forget to enable console to practice holding angles and landing killing blows with shotguns.

give weapon_sawedoff – Use this in-game command to spawn with a Sawed-Off shotgun.

give weapon_mag7 – During the Counter-Strike Global Offensive days, this has been a go-to shotgun for CT-side. Use this command to see how it feels now.

give weapon_xm1014 – By using this command, see how the “Alligator” feels.

give weapon_nova – This is a great overall shotgun that can land kills from far away.

Machine Gun Commands

Let’s face it, you will barely ever use CS2 console commands to spawn machine guns. These weapons are not popular at all and are barely ever used on a competitive server.

give weapon_negev – When using a Negev, you will have a hard time moving from the current position when shooting. Try this command and find out whether you like to play like that or not.

give weapon_m249 – If you want to practice playing with an M249, use this command.

Grenade Commands

Using Counter-Strike 2 console to spawn grenades is a great way to set up a practice server. Below, you can find console commands that will get you all give grenades that can be bought in the game.

give weapon_flashbang – Spawn a flashbang.

give weapon_incgrenade – Spawn a CT-side incendiary grenade.

give weapon_molotov -Spawn a T-side molotov grenade.

give weapon_hegrenade – Spawn a HE grenade.

give weapon_smokegrenade – Spawn a smoke grenade, and find out how the new CS2 smoke changes work.

How to Use Console Command to Change Knife in Counter-Strike 2

Alongside using the console to change weapons, did you know that there CS2 change knife commands are also available?

CS2 change knife commands

If you were used to changing from a Talon knife to a Stiletto knife in CS:GO, you will be sad to hear that the options have changed by a lot. However, there is no need to worry as we will provide you with all the necessary steps to change knives.

First and foremost, it is important that you enable cheats. Furthermore, use the mp_drop_knife_enable 1 command to drop your knife to the ground. Afterward, use the following commands to change to different knives. Do not forget the fact that you have to look at the knife that is dropped on the floor.

  • Stiletto Knife – subclass_change 522
  • Talon Knife – subclass_change 523
  • Paracord Knife – subclass_change 517
  • Gut Knife – subclass_change 506
  • Survival Knife – subclass_change 518
  • Butterfly Knife – subclass_change 515
  • Classic Knife – subclass_change 503
  • Skeleton Knife – subclass_change 525
  • Flip Knife – subclass_change 505
  • Bowie Knife – subclass_change 514
  • Navaja Knife – subclass_change 520
  • Shadow Daggers – subclass_change 516
  • Falchion Knife – subclass_change 512
  • Huntsman Knife – subclass_change 509
  • Ursus Knife – subclass_change 519
  • Bayonet Knife – subclass_change 500
  • Nomad Knife – subclass_change 521
  • M9 Bayonet Knife – subclass_change 508
  • Karambit Knife – subclass_change 507

Why Use CS2 Weapon Commands

There is a simple reason why you should use CS2 weapon commands. Counter-Strike has always been a competitive game. In most cases, players with better individual skills will prevail.

Valve allows everyone to spawn all available weapons and train with them on a practice server. All in all, if you want to improve your skill, learning the spray pattern of popular weapons is something you need to work on. By using these commands, the learning process has never been easier.

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