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CS2 Map Changes

CS2 Map Changes

Counter-Strike 2 has now emerged to ring in a new era for the franchise, embracing the past of CSGO while forging ahead with new features and experiences for players. The CS2 map pool combines nostalgia and novelty. Classic maps have been reworked, preserving their essence while introducing fresh elements for enhanced gameplay. New maps have also debuted, expanding the experience for players old and new. Today, we'll explore the significant changes in various CS2 maps as well as discuss the community's response to their big reveal.

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  • November 1, 2023
CS2 Map Changes

Biggest Changes to the CS2 Maps

There’s a lot to cover, so let’s get started with the confirmed maps for Counter Strike 2:


Mirage was introduced to CS2 during the closed beta phase, replacing Dust 2. While the layout remained largely unchanged, the transition retained the core gameplay dynamics. With Mirage’s addition, CS2 also underwent significant alterations to the buying and loadout systems, adding strategic depth to the game.


overpass cs2 map

The CS2 Overpass map is a full overhaul map that was unveiled in the July 17, 2023 patch, a significant milestone in the CS2’s developement progression towards official release. The rework added Overpass to various game modes like Deathmatch, Casual, Wingman, and Competitive, expanding the map’s scope and appeal.

This map was a significant part of the overhauled maps updates in CS2, aiming to modernize the old maps of CS for the new CS2 era. Some changes were made, including lighting, textures, layouts, and the addition of new design elements, structures, paths, and details like graffiti art. Despite these changes, the core design of Overpass was preserved, so it would not change gameplay dynamics too much for veteran CSGO players.

The revamp completely altered the meta-utility of Overpass, signaling a shift in gameplay strategies.


Unlike Overpass, Vertigo didn’t undergo significant transformation upon its addition to CS2. The gameplay changes it made to the map were minor compared to its CS:GO version, but impactful. Bug fixes and improvements were implemented to enhance gameplay experience on this map.

The CS2 version of Vertigo has received significant updates to its textures, aiming for a more immersive and authentic look.


The June 30 update put Office in the spotlight, replacing Mirage with exciting new features like interactive vending machines. Players discovered they could push these machines around using CSGO weapons and hand grenades, potentially providing extra cover in the office canals.

However, the practicality of this feature is debatable due to the amount of ammunition and time required to move the machines, which might outweigh the benefits. This update aimed to enhance the map’s interactive elements, possibly inspired by community server modes where movable objects played a role.

Dust 2 (Dust II)

dust 2 map

Dust 2, one of the classic, fan favourite maps, has undergone changes that lean more towards a Counter-Terrorist (CT) sided gameplay. It falls in the ‘upgraded maps’ category but wasn’t the only map designated as such. These alterations allow CTs to control crucial areas more effectively, shifting the balance from previously even gameplay.

Despite these changes, Dust 2 remains one of the Touchstone maps, indicating that its core structure has been preserved, with a focus on quality-of-life improvements and minor tweaks, while maintaining the legacy and feel of the original map.


Ancient was included in a larger update that replaced Overpass and Vertigo with Ancient and Anubis. Initially, Ancient was only available in casual mode and Deathmatch. The map had a fresh look, showcasing ongoing efforts to improve visuals and adjust gameplay for CS2’s modernized framework​​.


Inferno saw major changes during the open beta’s launch, resulting in a fresh new look. The map is now brighter, while still keeping its original layout and is considered one of the overhaul maps. These visual updates have also affected gameplay, especially the use of smokes.

For example, the banana area was transformed into a tunnel, limiting grenade throws from respawn. The B site received a visual overhaul, replacing unclear blocks with boxes. And other areas like the church and library were enhanced to resemble real locations.


nuke cs2 map

Nuke is an upgrade map and was the first map in CS2 to undergo a second update scenario where the lighting was redone throughout, rendering all textures physically accurate for realistic materials, textures, light, and reflections. This map is now flooded with light, giving it a fresh, bright appearance compared to its previous version.

The changes were more visual than structural. The CT spawn and A site had notable lighting upgrades. However, these changes were designed to improve gameplay. For instance, the new lighting made it easier to distinguish between areas and objects, enhancing the player’s experience.


Italy was added to CS2 in a significant August 16 update and is a Touchstone map. The refreshed map features new lighting, textures, and two additional connector areas, giving it a revamped appearance. 

Initially, Italy was only available in Deathmatch and Casual modes, indicating a cautious approach to introducing new content. It also included mechanics tweaks for the smoke grenade, suggesting broader gameplay adjustments.


Anubis transitioned from being a community-made map to an official Valve-managed map in Counter-Strike 2. This latest addition to the Competitive map pool, originally in CSGO, has been fully reconstructed for CS2. 

Although Valve hasn’t released specific details regarding the changes, notable upgrades are evident, such as the introduction of water effects in certain areas of the map where water wasn’t present before, like near the pillar on the A bombsite.

Response to CS2 Map Changes

The community’s response to the CS2 map changes has been a mix of anticipation, adaptation, and appreciation. Valve teased the unveiling of CS2 for weeks, building anticipation within the community. 

The released changes to the maps brought excitement, introducing improvements like different tick rates, responsive smokes, and of course, the improved maps themselves.

The rework of classic maps was welcomed, delivering fan-favorite maps with upgrades while retaining their essence. 

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