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CS:GO and Responsible Gambling


The number of people that have turned to betting on eSports in general and CS:GO as a game has grown dramatically over the past few years. There has been a real surge in eSports as a betting medium, and now it is as big as it has ever been.

We are seeing more events created because eSports is growing and linked to most of these events is betting. Not only do we see bookmakers accept bets on who will win the event, but we are now seeing them dive deeper to offer a larger range of betting markets to their customers. Alongside this, the number of bookmakers taking bets has increased, and that means the market has become a lot more competitive.

We are seeing better odds out there, things such as live streaming and in-play betting, and some great offers that people can take advantage of. However, it is important for those who are betting on eSports to remember that betting is supposed to be a fun pastime and to not drop into trouble and become a problem gambler.

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  • January 24, 2020


If you are in control of your gambling, you are spending sensible amounts of money that you can afford to lose and you only place bets when you want to, with no irrational moves, then betting is fantastic. It can add excitement to events you follow, giving you something or someone to cheer on during the event in the hope of landing a winning bet.

This is the good side of gambling, and for the vast majority of punters, it is the only side they see. However, there is another side to gambling that is becoming more and more common and that is problem gambling.


Problem gambling can be something that you think is very small, it doesn’t have to be a big issue. However, regardless of the size of the issue, it is a vitally important matter and for those affected, it is important that you talk to people and seek help from the right areas.

Problem gambling could be something as small as you needing to place a bet every day, even if these are tiny stakes and you have the money to spare. The fact that you feel the need to bet every single day is a sign that things are beginning to spiral out of control. Of course, there are more serious issues such as betting with money you don’t have and even stealing to fund your gambling habit, but the quicker this is caught, the easier the problem is to solve.


There are several things you should look out for when you are gambling, and these will help you remain in control of things, and away from trouble.

The first is that you should enjoy your gambling. If you are not enjoying it then that means the stakes are too high and there is too much at risk. Gambling is supposed to be fun, and it is at its best when it is fun, don’t let that change.

You should also bet on things that you know about and enjoy. We all like to try new things from time to time but there is a limit when it comes to your gambling. For example, if you are a CS:GO punter and find yourself looking for South American football games to bet on late at night, you probably need to think about what you are doing and change your ways.

Placing the odd football bet for a game you are going to watch on tv is very different, but betting for the sake of getting a fix on a sport you aren’t too interested in needs some attention.

Your stakes should always remain pretty level, with no big changes to them and this goes whether you are a big staking punter or a small staking one. Each bet should be given the same treatment, if you normally bet in small amounts then stick to that. One of the biggest mistakes a punter can make is to chase losses when betting on CS:GO, this almost never ends well.

Regardless of whether your last 10 bets have all won or all lost, your next bet should always remain the same stake to what you normally do. There is no such thing as a lucky streak and no such thing as being due a win. You will only win and lose based on your ability to pick out selections that are winners, there is nothing else involved.


The good news for those who are struggling with their betting is that there are many different organizations out there which can help you out. These have trained people on the other end of a phone who know and understand your problems, and they can talk you through them.

These people have a fantastic record of helping others out, and they are the experts in all of this. If you are sure that you have a problem then the worst thing to do is think that you can get yourself out of it without anyone else finding out. Speaking up and telling someone what you are going through is the best way to get to the other side and become a better person.

Help with problem gambling has never been as good as it is now, with many great companies and charities putting everything they can in place to help you out should you need it. Everything that is said during these conversations is confidential, and they can give you vital help when it comes to how to close and self-exclude yourself from gambling websites so that you don’t fall back into gambling.

Should you feel like you require help with your gambling then make sure you do something about it right now, and get in touch with one of the great gambling charities you have in your area.

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