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CSGO Betting Markets


The world of eSports betting has changed a lot over the past few years. At the start, we had only a select group of bookmakers offering bets on the sport, and those were offering the bare minimum when it came to markets. Now we have a fantastic range of bookmakers taking bets, and all competing with each other to provide the best possible service.

This means we have seen an increase in the prices on offer, so punters are getting a better deal and it has also given us an increase in the number of betting markets we can choose from. Gone are the days when the only bet you could place was on who would win the overall event.

If you are looking to start betting on CS:GO and you want some help with the betting markets that are on offer then here is our guide to the freely available main betting markets.

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  • January 30, 2020


It doesn’t get any simpler than this, but this is the perfect place for newcomers to start, even more so if you are not experienced betting on any other kind of sport. Here your goal is simple, choose who you think will win the battle. The score doesn’t matter, the method of victory doesn’t matter and the game length doesn’t matter, all you need is for your selection to win.


There are two other main betting markets that you can use to place bets on the overall match when you are betting on CS:GO. The majority of good betting sites will offer these markets for you to use.


This is a market you can use to bet a team to win convincingly or to back an underdog to keep things close. The handicap line is a fictional line created by the bookmakers and these are popular in all different types of sport, with sports like American football using these on a regular basis.

The line is used to bring the two teams closer together. For example, in a game that has three maps and a strong favourite, the favourite for betting purposes on this line will start at -1.5. This means they have to win by two clear points to win the game, which is a three map game means they have to win 2-0.

Looking at this from the opposite side, someone that is +1.5 has an advantage of 1.5 points, so they need to avoid a 2-0 defeat. A 2-1 defeat or any kind of victory will mean they win on the handicap line.

The main reason this market is used is for when people want to back a big favourite to win convincingly. If you think a team is far superior then instead of backing them on the win line at a poorer price, you can use this line, back them to win comfortably and get a better price on your pick. You are adding another element to the bet here, but if you fancy them to win strongly then the better price is worth the risk.


If you would like to place an eSports bet on a CS:GO contest but you don’t want to choose who will win the battle then this is the betting market for you. The total maps market is based around how many maps will be played in the contest. This is an over/under line and for games with three maps, the line is set to 2.5.

What this market is effectively asking you is will the game be over after two maps, or will the game need a deciding map to see who wins. If you think a team will win easy and the game will be over in two maps then you need to back under 2.5, while if you think it will go all the way and need a deciding map then you need to back over 2.5 maps.

The way this market works, there is no possibility of a draw happening, so this is a straight two-way market, do you think there will be two or three map rounds in the contest.


You can also place a bet on the individual maps if you wish, narrowing the game down to a smaller section for betting purposes and there are many ways to bet on this.


This is another very simple market, where you have to choose the winner. This time though, you are not choosing the winner of the overall event, but choosing who will win a particular round. Betting is available before the start on the early map rounds, with in-play markets created should the game need more rounds to find a winner.


Inside each may are a series of rounds, with the winner taking the point for winning that map. One thing you can bet on is the score of those rounds inside the map, and a handicap line based on that. For example, do you think the rounds will be closely fought or will someone come out comfortably on top and claim the point with ease?

This is a slightly more complicated betting market, so one for experienced CS:GO punters, but certainly one that you can use if you wish to.


Just like we had the total maps over/under betting market for those betting on the overall game, inside each map you can bet on the total number of rounds. This is a way for you to guess whether the game will be one that is over quickly with the minimum number of maps or whether it is one that will take a lot of time to complete, and go right down to the wire.

These two betting markets are available on the early maps, and again should the game go on longer and require the later maps then these markets will be created and made available in play for those who wish to bet on them.

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