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CSGO FOV Command – Change Your Field of View

CSGO FOV Command – Change Your Field of View

To increase your chance of winning a Counter-Strike match, you need to bring more to the table than just raw aim. Godlike individual skill may work in some cases, but you also want to get any type of legal advantage possible, right? In this piece, we are going to discuss the importance of CSGO FOV command and how this can help you win more games.

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  • September 29, 2023
CSGO FOV Command – Change Your Field of View

What is FOV & Why is FOV Command Important

Every video game that is played in the first-person limits a player’s field of view. The fact is, anyone who is playing a competitive game like Counter-Strike Global Offensive will want to free up as much screen space as possible.

The field of view command adjusts what you see on the screen. Ultimately it allows you to see a wider image as it increases the distance between the player model and the screen.

To put it in perspective, the higher the FOV number you use, the more information you will see on the screen and vice versa.

How to Use Console Commands to Adjust FOV Settings

Changing FOV in CS:GO can’t be done by using the in-game settings menu. Here are the necessary steps that will help you adjust viewmodel settings easily by using command sets.

configure game settings

Launch Counter-Strike Global Offensive, navigate to the “Settings menu” and find the “Game” tab. There, you will find a box that says “Enable Developer Console”. Make sure that you select “Yes” in the dropdown menu.

With the basics out of the way, it is time to change FOV in CS:GO by using the developer console. If the “Enable Developer Console” is set to Yes, you can open it by pressing the tilda(~) button on the keyboard.

Type in the following console command: “viewmodel_fov”. Keep in mind that the default FOV is set to 60, and you can change that to the minimum value of 54. It is important to mention that the maximum value for this viewmodel command caps out at 68.

This is the main CS:GO FOV command you should use as it will create a more observable game world. We also urge you to try different FOV settings in order to find your sweet spot.

Additional Viewmodel Commands You Should Consider

With the basics of the client’s FOV out of the way, let’s talk about other console commands you can use the change your FOV.

First and foremost, use the switch hand command: “cl_righthand”(1 or 0) to determine what position suits you the best.

If you want to use a left-hand side model, make sure to type in the cl_righthand 0 command. Using a right or left-side model makes you more focused on the crosshair.

Many players tend to determine their dominant eye and hold the weapon contrary to the dominant eye. For instance, if the left eye is more dominant, players will hold the weapon in the right hand.

You can also use the “viewmodel_offset_(y/x/z)”. X determines how far to the right or left your gun is. A minimum value for the X command is set to -2,5 while the maximum value is set to 2,5.

Y developer console command is directly related to high FOV. It will determine how close the gun is to your character. The value ranges from -2 to 2.

Lastly, the Z command will change how far up or down the gun is.

There are also various other game settings that are going to help you change FOV in one way or another. For instance, you can address how much recoil is shown. Moreover, you can also configure actual FOV by adjusting how the gun barrel moves.

Benefits of Using Field of View Command

When playing first-person mode competitive games, it is important to get an advantage over your opponents in any way possible. There are several benefits of switching from the default value and exploring your options.

field of view in csgo

Firstly, if you can make the game feel more comfortable during competitive play, we are positive that your shooting accuracy will increase as well.

You should know that there are no best viewmodel settings as these are all personal preferences. Some players will prefer higher FOV while others will look to decrease their field of view.

Changing FOV in CS:GO Private Matches

Even though you can change FOV default value in CS competitive games, you should be aware that this command maxes out at 68. However, if you are playing against friends, you can get an unfair advantage by using the following command.

Firstly, use the in-game console, type in “sv_cheats 1” and press enter. Afterward, enter the “fov_cs_debug_150” command. Keep in mind that you can increase this number even more, but it is going to make the game unplayable.

This CS command set expands the field of view by a lot and helps you spot players coming from various angles.

Can You Get Banned For Using FOV Commands?

No, you can’t get banned for using field of view commands. Best CS players also use this command as they are looking to get as much advantage over their opponents as possible.

FOV Settings Counter-Strike Global Offensive Pro Players Use

Professional players also use CS:GO FOV commands to adjust how their game looks on the screen. The majority of pros are sticking with the highest possible viewmodel command(viewmodel_fov 68).

Here is a fun fact for you. 1 in 10 CSGO pros uses a default FOV value(60), while everyone else is using the maximum available field of view value.

If you are still unsure about wanting to try changing CS:GO FOV, use the information we just provided you with and test this command out. Remember, if you do not like it, you can always return to the saved CSGO config.

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