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CS:GO Odds: The Top Sites For CSGO Betting Odds

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  • June 30, 2023


The popularity of eSports has been on the rise for a long time now and it’s showing no sign of slowing down. One of the biggest games that’s talked about in eSports is Counter Strike: Global Offensive, or CSGO as it’s more commonly referred to. The CS:GO tournaments that are played have started to be officially recognized as a sport with the players being referred to as athletes and having to focus on things such as their fitness, physique, and determination. With Counter Strike Global Offensive being such a popular game and players gaming both casually and competitively, it has one of the highest amounts of professional teams who compete in tournaments.

This naturally leads to CS:GO betting being extremely popular, with people betting on the match-winner for certain games, in-play events, or which team is going to win a tournament among many other bets.


When it comes to CS:GO gambling, We’ve got a vast range of different sites, all of which have different CSGO odds and markets. You’re going to be pretty much covered for any type of market or bet you could want with great CS:GO odds. Many of the CS:GO betting sites also have a great choice of other games you can place bets on, including in-play bets, and you can often find live betting as well.

If you’re a beginner to gambling on CSGO, then getting started and having access to the best CS:GO odds is very simple. A simple way to get started is to read this full guide, and then click on our list of CS:GO sites with the best odds above. After browsing our various providers, and checking their odds comparison tool if they have one, click on the one you like the look of most and get you’re all set.


In esports, there are tournaments called ‘Majors‘ which attract a lot of different teams, players, and bets. These Majors are the biggest games in the sport, getting the biggest sponsors and having the biggest prize money pool for the players to win.

For Counter Strike: GO, there are about 15 different majors every single year – it’s no wonder why it has the biggest prize pool in competitive gaming and has so many squads competing to win. This total prize pool reached a huge $15.85 million in 2020. We’ll go more in-depth about the different tournaments later – these are prime times to put a bet on!


There are a huge number of different teams that compete in CS:GO tournaments and even more players who play in them. When you’re thinking about placing a bet on a match-winner or any other bet, the better the team, the more likely they are to be the favorites for that tournament and the lower the odds for them will be for them to win. It’s also always good to know who’s regarded as the best team and which players are the talk of the tournament – maybe you fancy the odds of the tournament favorite or prefer the CSGO odds of the underdog to win?

In terms of the best players, Sweden has one of the strongest lineups of players out of all countries in the world. A notable player of theirs is Freddy Johansson Aka Krimz. He’s a member of one of the best CS:GO teams of all time Fnatic. Other Swedish players who are a force to be reckoned with include Jesper “JW” Wecksell and Olof “Olofmeister” Kajbjer. Between them, these three players have earned a total of $2,702,895 in prize money.

The overall best tournament team to play CS:GO are Danish superstars Astralis. They have the longest streak of holding the no.1 spot at over 1,000 days as no.1 team, have won over $8,000,000 in the many tournaments they’ve played in, and to top it all off, they’ve won the most majors out of any team in the history of Counter Strike: Global Offensive. As you can imagine, the CS:GO odds for them are usually pretty bad!

When it comes to some of the best esports teams to look for with CSGO betting, some of the best to look out for at the minute include Astralis, FaZeLiquidFnaticNiPEvil Geniuses, and Vitality. When it comes to some individual players you may want to look out for in an upcoming match, then you have ZyWOoS1mple, Dev1ceElige, and Brehze.


Most of the tips and tricks for any esports betting you want to do are essentially the same as betting on normal sports – the main trick is to have a genuine interest in the sport. Quite a lot happens in even just one year in eSports, with players changing which team they play for, shock defeats, and tournament rules changing.

The best tip we could give you for CS:GO betting – and esports betting in general – is to keep on top of who’s currently playing best and seen as the top player, which team may be having a good run, and all of the statistics to get a better feel for what the best bets could be.


Esports betting and CS:GO betting odds work exactly the same as betting on any other game or sport, with betting lines, CS:GO odds, etc. You need to do the same research on the statistics for the team, their previous matches, and their general form.

Whilst it’s a heavily team-focused sport, you also have to take into account the individual players on the team. Each player’s performance will be different, with just one player sometimes holding up the whole team or a certain player’s performance in a match can change the outcome of the whole tournament – there’s only 5 players in each team in a tournament!

Having such massive popularity all over the globe, you can usually find lots of different markets with great odds active for any one event and the ability to bet on most teams. The most common betting lines and odds you’ll find available to bet on with CSGO betting sites include:

  • Odds on the match-winner
  • Tournament winner
  • Map winner
  • Total rounds won
  • Total number of maps
  • Correct result

Because matches are made up of individual maps, you can find CS:GO betting odds for both the match winners and the map winners for you to bet on, as well as high-risk bets with great odds. Just because a certain team may have the best odds of winning a certain match, doesn’t mean they will win all the cards for that tournament. Different teams will be better when they play on a certain map. Therefore it’s always a good idea when to get to know the history of the people playing and how well they did on certain maps in the past when you’re looking at CSGO odds.

Studying the different teams and individual players on their streaming channels such as Youtube or Twitch will help you build up a knowledge base on the players and any team you want to bet on, which will give you an understanding of why certain betting odds are what they are. You can also watch how the team is training, their play style and get valuable information displayed on the screen such as training times for each player.

Now that you’ve gotten the hang of what kind of bets you can please on CS:GO, here are a few tips that’ll help you understand the intricacies of betting on CS:GO:


Not every team in CS:GO performs similarly on every map. For instance, a team may play insanely well on Dust 2 but not perform on Mirage. Due to the nature of CS:GO tournaments, we’ll often see teams competing in multiple maps. So, taking a look at their past performance and quantifying those to come up with some sort of judgement on how they perform on certain maps is a great way to get an idea of your bets.

Couple that with teams performing differently on CT and T and you are in for even more hard calls. A team can absolutely demolish the other on T side for example and really make the Series hard to win for the other team even when a swap happens due to their dominating performance.

Generally, teams that have a more captivating performance in earlier rounds tend to carry their momentum pretty well to tail rounds. This is because CS:GO’s economy (while having fruitful comeback mechanics), will always favor teams who win.

So, one side may be riddled with AK’s and AWPs, while the other team may just have one entry with an SMG and the others might just be going for their Deagles. While this definitely doesn’t mean that all hope is lost, it puts things in perspective. So, teams that have more balanced map performances tend to be better bets as compared to ones that perform really well in one map and tend to be a bit iffy in the others.


CS:GO is a team-based game. But, unlike games like Dota 2 where you are met with more of a team-based component and an individual player’s skill might not always lead the entire team to be carried, the opposite is possible in CS:GO. A few clutches handled and some clean AK-shots, and suddenly, the round goes from a losing matchup to a winning one. In essence, playmakers like S1mple and ZYWOO can completely re-define a match. Even when met against insurmountable odds, their experience of playing under pressure and their AI and game sense can help them overcome stronger teams and players, even when they’re outnumbered.

So, when placing your bets, be vary of these factors. It might not be as straightforward as you may think. However, the opposite is also true. Often, you’ll see the odds of a match skewed heavily towards a team that has one playmaker in their team. While it does make intrinsic sense, falling in the hype train can actually lead to you placing unreasonable bets. Ultimately, it is a more balanced and well-composed team that’ll win a match.

After all, you have professional players on both ends. And, while one player may just be better than everyone else, it is not to the degree where they absolutely stomp around the enemy team and expect no response. Yes, they may absolutely demolish the enemy team in some rounds, but that cannot be true for every instance.

Because of this, betting on a team just because they have one famous or hyped player isn’t very smart. Instead, you should take a look at the statistics and collective performances of both teams before you make a decision.


As we’ve mentioned, an individual player’s presence in a team can dictate a team’s performance for the enitre season. Similarly, the co-ordination and teamwork present within five players in a team can lead them to beat out more experienced teams by virtue of them just having better teamplay and coordination. Therefore, keep a look out for roster changes. A team suddenly changing half its roster might just perform extremely well or get completely stomped for the first few tournaments.

This is because most teams tend to go through a learning and re-adjusting curve after a major roster change happens. While this isn’t true for every team, it often is the case. So, when you see players being shifted around erratically, chances are that the team’s result in the next few tournaments might be erratic too.

Plus, oftentimes, you’ll see teams getting into a downward spiral of constantly losing matches because they haven’t been able to properly place their roles yet. Because of this, we recommend reading into how a particular professional player assimilates into teams, and how welcoming the roster itself is. This usually serves as a great indicator towards the entire eSport team’s performance for the next season.


Understanding the current meta of CS:GO can be crucial for informed betting. Each patch, update and even a major tournament can lead to a paradigm shift in the meta. Generally, this refers to tactics and strategies being used within a round or match. For instance, what kind of smokes are being thrown in a particular map, what lineups make the most sense, what weapons are the best for a particular strategy, etc.

Since this remains extremely dynamic (and is half the reason why people tune in to watch CS:GO in the first place), remaining well-informed about the meta of a match is very important.

A team that adapts to changes in the meta and is known to be more versatile with their lineups and overall strategy is the most likely to succeed and is, therefore, a smart choice to bet on. However, as more teams eventually catch up, they may quickly lose their advantage if they can’t expand on their skill as well.


CS:GO can turn out to be an extremely stressful endeavour. With huge prize pools, and generally young players, a lot of players tend to crack under pressure and not perform as well as you’d expect them to. Therefore, it is important to analyze how players and teams perform under various forms of pressure, as this can be a good predictor of future performance.

For instance, a seasoned player like Dev1ce is known for being able to handle clutch moments, demonstrating composure and the ability to consistently deliver under immense pressure. This goes for his previous team, Astralis as well. Honing a reputation for performing excellently in more high-stakes games, which is why they’ve been able to bag multiple Major wins over the years, cementing their reputation as a team that thrives under pressure.

But, it is also worth noting that past performance isn’t a guarantee of future results. And, even the most successful teams can stumble under pressure. In the 2021 Stockholm Major, the top team at that time, Na’Vi, fell to the underdogs in the semi-finals, demonstrating that even seasoned players can succumb to pressure in high-stakes situations.

When assessing a player or a team’s historical performance under pressure, it is not just about looking at the wins; it’s equally important to see how teams react to losses, especially in high-pressure scenarios. Do they bounce back? Or, do they get thrown into a downward spiral. When reviewing performances like these, some players or teams might just be going through a bad day. So, a single poor performance does not really indicate a pattern.

When betting, it is advisable to conduct a thorough analysis of a player or team’s performance history under high-pressure scenarios as it can provide valuable insights and enhance your chance of making successful bets.


Different tournaments have different formats and rules. This can have a significant impact on the outcome of matches. Some formats may favour certain teams due to their playstyle, their adaptability, or their performance under pressure. Getting an idea of the specifics of each tournament provides you with valuable insights for your betting decisions.


CS:GO has a multitude of scenarios where observing certain trends and strategies can be extremely beneficial for betting, they are:


Teams with an aggressive outlook in the early rounds can give you an indication of their overall strategy. This includes rapid Rush B plays or fast peeks for early picks. These teams could potentially take the first few rounds, providing early momentum, which could be avdantegeous for “first to 5 rounds” or “first half winner” bets.


Teams with effective map control and superior economy management secure more rounds and subsequently matches. They’re typically better at balancing their budget between rounds, which help them purchase better weapons and equipment. This strategy often point sot a more successful team, potentially assisting with “match winner” bets.


Teams or specific players known for their aggressive peeking and opening duel often secure the first kill of the round. betting on “first kill” can be a good strategy if you identify aggressive players or teams.


Generally, the entry fraggers or the AWPer deal the most damage in a team as they face the first contact with enemies. Identifying players who excel in these roles can guide “player with most kills” or most damage bets.


Certain players are known for their ability to “clutch” rounds. Paying attention to the track record of players pulling off successful clutches can be beneficial when betting on “last kill of the round” or “clutch master” bets.


AWPers play a crucial role in CS:GO matches. Known for their insane aim, they deal significant damage or really pick off some important picks. Teams with great AWPers (looking at you Na’Vi) often rely on them to make key plays. You might want to consider these players when betting on “most kills” or “firs tkill of the round”


Some teams, due to their high-level strategic execution and coordination, have a higher success rate in planting the bombs or defusing it. These aspects can be relevant for “first bomb plant” or “bomb defusal” bets.


The first and sixteenth round of a CS:GO match is known as a pistol round. These reset the economy for both teams. Some teams have players who excel with pistols and therefore have a greater chance of winning these rounds. This is useful for “pistol round winner” bets.


Teams often have a preferred bomb site on each map where they tend to execute more frequently. If you know these preferences fo ra particular map, it can provide insights for “bomb site plant” bets.


Some teams are known for their ability to win rounds despite having weaker weapons due to their superior strategy and team coordination. These teams can often pull off surprise wins in ‘force buy’ or ‘eco’ rounds. Generally, these are also the teams that either are known for their clutch potential, or have a great pistol round player in mind as that’s probably what they’ll be using when they are in an eco.


Some teams have a reputation for turning games around in the second half, even after a poor first half. For instance, Team Liquid demonstrated an insane comeback in ESL Season 9 LKiquid found themselves trailing 8-14 against Astralis. Despite this, they demonstrated an impressive comeback, securing eight consecutive rounds to win the map 16-14. This led to them actually winning the tournament.


Like teams, individual players may also perform better on certain maps due to their roles or comfort with the map’s layout. For instance, s1mple seems to perform the best on Dust II with an extremely high average kill per round on the map. This kind of map-speicifc performance can significantly influence the outcome of games and thus should be taken into account when betting as well.

As you can see, there’s a lot of strategies that you can utilize when placing a bet in CS:GO. And, you’ll need some in-depth knowledge to be able to make the most out of the game as well.


Counter Strike was first released over 20 years ago, back in 1999. Since then CS:GO has become one of the most played first-person shooter games of all time, with a huge competitive scene and it is still huge in countries like Sweden, France, and Denmark. Counter-Strike Global Offensive is the most recent version of the game, released in 2012.

The two squads are on different sides – one team playing as counter-terrorists (or CT) and the other team playing as the terrorists (T), each team having its own goals and missions. The winning team will be the one team that manages to complete the mission for that game mode.


Competitive gameplay is the main gameplay type you’ll see when watching professional CS:GO – or any esports event – and the only game type played competitively is bomb defusal. The main mode when it comes to CSGO betting, Two teams of five players playing against each other head to head in a match consisting of 30 rounds, with the teams switching sides after 15 rounds (half-time). Each round lasts 1 minute 55 seconds, but if the terrorist side manages to complete their objective (plant the bomb) then the timer for the round automatically goes to 40 seconds. The average competitive game lasts around thirty to forty minutes, although if it’s a particularly close game it can stretch to over an hour. If both of the competing games reach 15 rounds, then the game is considered a tie.


Casual games are very similar to competitive, except with a few changes. Teams in casual are up to ten people and the game ends after either team has won only eight rounds. Players are also able to spectate the game after they die, something that is forbidden in competitive games.


This is the only mode to be played at a competitive level and the most popular mode to be played, the goal of this mode is for the terrorist team to plant and detonate a bomb, whilst the counter-terrorists have to disarm the bomb. If either team manages to eliminate all members of the opposing team, then they automatically win.


This is a hybrid mode combining bomb defusal and arms race, except removing the whole economy system between rounds. players have to kill other players to level up their guns and if players manage to kill multiple players during a round, they can get bonus utilities such as different grenades.


Arms race has players racing to kill other enemies and working their way through different weapons with each kill. Players start with SMG’s and upgrade their weapon with every two kills, ending with a golden knife. The player who gets the first kill with the golden knife wins the round. Players will have to work through 3 different SMG’s, 4 rifles, 2 shotguns, 2 sniper rifles, a machine gun, 4 pistols, and finally the golden knife.


Comprising up to 16 players on a map, this is the bare bones mode for not just CS:GO but all first-person shooter games you find in eSports. Points are accrued by killing members of the other team with whoever reaches the target amount of kills being the victorious team.


At the moment, there are four different tiers of tournaments that teams play in and that punters can bet on. The world’s largest eSports Wiki, Liquipedia, has categorised the CS:GO tournaments as follows:

  • S-Tier tournaments, also known as premier events, are where the best CS:GO teams and players compete for the big prize pools and where the most odds and betting lines are available. Teams can be competing for a slice of some real money – $250,000, $500,000, or even $1 million prize funds. Due to the nature of these tournaments, they’re usually hosted in one location over a LAN (Local Area Network) in front of a crowd.
  • A-Tier tournaments or majors. Just below the premier tournaments, you’ll also find some of the world’s best Counter-Strike GO teams competing here. These tournaments have what’s called ‘open qualifiers’, allowing more teams to register. Some of these A-Tier tournaments act as the qualifiers for the CS:GO Major Championships.
  • B-Tier. These are a newer format in CS:GO, and are hosted regionally. Taking place both online and through LAN, prize pools typically range between $2,000 up to $5,000.
  • C-Tier or minors. These are almost always played online and feature amateur players. Sometimes they have prize pools, but they’re certain to be smaller than the bigger tournaments!


The CS:GO Major Championships – or the majors – are the biggest tournaments that are played in the Counter Strike Global Offensive world. These Majors are sponsored and hosted by the creators of Counter Strike, Valve, and were started up in 2013 after Valve realized how popular CS:GO was. The major championship has grown every year – the very first tournament had a prize pool of $250,000 which has since grown to $1,000,000 over the years and is one


Flashpoint is one of the newer tournaments in the CSGO world, having only had 2 tournaments played. It’s led by the Immortals Club and Cloud9, and features 4 teams who qualify to play for the $1,000,000 prize pool.


The Intel Extreme Masters isn’t just one tournament. It’s a series of tournaments that are sponsored by computing and tech giants Intel and are played all over the world. Several different titles are run in these formats, including Starcraft 2, DOTA, League of Legends, CSGO, and more. In total, 32 teams will qualify to compete for a share of a $250,000 prize pool.

Find out more about Dota 2 gambling on our page here.


Loot boxes are in-game boxes that players get when they reach a new level. You can also buy CSGO loot boxes for real money, but the odds of the different items stay the same. Inside of these boxes, players can get a range of cosmetic gear for their guns, knives, and gloves. The rarity of getting these items is indicated via a colour system – Blue is the most common and has the best odds, whilst yellow items have the lowest odds and are the rarest. The odds of getting the different types of item are:

Blue – 79.92%

Purple – 15.98%

Pink – 3.2%

Red – 0.64%

Yellow – 0.26%

If players don’t fancy the low odds of bagging a yellow item, there’s also a very active online market for buying or selling these weapon and glove skins from other CSGO players. It’s worth noting these skins don’t affect the performance of the weapons and are purely cosmetic.


Yes, it is absolutely worth it to bet in CSGO tournaments. Primarily, the game itself is filled

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