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CSGO Skins Value


The value of CSGO skins is affected by a lot of factors. It’s based on the rarity of the skin, desirability, condition, patterns, the stickers on it and so on.

As you might already know you can check your skins price in the steam market, and you probably have skins that you don’t like and want to get new ones. We’ve created our guide to help players understand skin value. So it’s important to know when to sell or trade your skins with more profit and how to evaluate your skins with stickers.

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  • January 31, 2019


Every time a new weapon case comes out in CSGO the value of the pre-existing skins tends to go down. This is due to people selling a lot of the skins they had in their inventory to go buy the new skins, because let’s face it, it’s cool to have the latest flashy skins in the game.

As a result the new skins are a lot sought after and of course the fact that they are new means that fewer of them were unboxed so their price will obviously be high, and decrease over time. So if you want to sell some of your skins to get some of the newest skins in the game you should wait a few weeks, and sell them only after they reach their usual price. The new skins will continue to drop in value, especially if another case comes out. Then it’s the right moment to buy.


Every new weapon case contains skins that most people don’t care too much about and some skins that are highly desirable. AK, M4 and AWP skins are always the most wanted because they are the weapons people play with the most. But the design of the weapons is the most important part of their future value.

If you watch a professional csgo match you can see that a lot of the players use the same skins. Obviously there are a lot of popular skins in CSGO like the AWP Asiimov, AK-47 Vulcan or the M4A1-S Hyper Beast, and they are popular because they look amazing to the majority of the players despite being pretty common skins. Other skins are only valuable because they are quite rare like the Tec-9 Nuclear Treat which is very expensive compared to the most popular Tec-9 skins like the Tec-9 Toxic, Fuel Injector or Avalanche, which look nicer most of the time.


This one is pretty simple. Most of the time skins in Factory New are worth more than skins in Battle Scarred, due to the fact that the design of the skin has fewer scratches in Factory New. However this rule doesn’t always applies, because sometimes skins with a lot of scratches look more appealing to some people. Take the Awp Asiimov as an example. In Field-Tested this skin is worth around 25 dollars and 18 dollars in Battle Scarred, but Battle Scarred Asiimovs with Float Values superior to 0,95 have black scopes and for some reason a lot of people prefer this look of the skin and pay around double of the market price for one. Also, sometimes skins in worst conditions are rarer than in good conditions and that also affects their price.


If you didn’t noticed by now some skins have very different patterns for the same skin type. Look at the Case-Hardened skins and you can see this is pretty obvious: some of them have a lot of blue and are more appealing to the players than the normal yellow and grey skins. This results in overpay, if the skin has enough blue, and if the skin is almost all blue then you have a jackpot in your hands. Other examples of patterns are shown in Slaughter knives with diamond patterns, angel patterns and many others. There are also a lot of other skins with patterns, like all purple Sandstorm skins, full orange Glock Reactors, and many others, but the patterns in these skins usually don’t give you overpay because they are a lot common.


Stickers can make a plain skin look very good, or enhance an already good looking skin. It’s obviously a matter of personal taste and that means that when you sell a stickered gun you can’t expect the buyer to be willing to pay you market price + the price of the stickers you have put on it. As a general rule only very few stickers can give you overpay in a skin, and the rarer and desirable they are, the most overpay you get. Common stickers like the ones from recent tournaments are usually overlooked by buyers, even if the skin looks amazing with them. But skins with stickers like Katowice 2014 stickers, Crown-foil or Howling Dawn can give you a lot of overpay.

In most of the cases however you can’t expect the overpay to be a significant percentage of the value of the sticker. Most of the time buyers are only willing to pay 5-10% of the sticker in addition to the gun market price and that also varies along with your skins. If you have a Crown-foil in a AK Redline you can expect a overpay superior to the overpay you would get if you had a Crown-Foil in a AWP Safari Mesh for example, but if you had a skin with 4 rare stickers, like 4 Crown-foils, the overpay you would get would be a lot higher than 10% of the stickers.

The stickers positions are also important in the value of the skins, because if you have a skin with a rare sticker but you can’t really see the sticker when you play with the skin you won’t get the same overpay for it.


Once you’ve evaluated how much your CSGO skins are worth, if you have a skin which is high value and you don’t want to keep it, you can then gamble your skins for real money or to win skin upgrades or new skins. This can be done at any of the CSGO bet sites we’ve provided in the list below

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Many other factors contribute to the skins market price. Some skins are only valuable because they are in a collection where you can find a highly desirable skin, and that means that you can use the other skins to do trade-up contracts to try to get the skin you want. Also, skins from cases that no longer drop in game tend to rise in price overtime because they get rarer, and skins that only drop during operations rise in price until a new operation comes out, and then decrease during the operation. The steam sales affects the price of the skins too, because people sell their skins to buy other games. Skins with very low or very high Float Values can also get you a lot of overpay, especially in high-tier skins.

My advice to you is if you want to get profit from trading or selling your skins you have to be alert to all of these factors and always check the stickers, Float-Value and the market tendencies of your skins. If you have the information that a new case, a new operation or steam sales are coming soon you should sell your skins and then buy them again when their price falls, making you profit to buy more skins. Remember, information is key, and the more you know about things the more you can earn with them.

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