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Best Cheap CS:GO Stickers

If you’ve paid attention while playing CS:GO then you will have seen stickers. These are an in-game item, and when you collect them you add them to your weapon skins. If you have a single weapon skin then a maximum of four stickers can be added.

However, there are two weapon skins, the G3SG1 and the R8 Revolver which differ from this, they can each have five stickers on them. Just like many other aspects of CS:GO, the stickers all have different rarities attached to them, they have different qualities and of course, they all look different.

It is important to note that if you add a sticker to a weapon you have then the item will be removed from your inventory and placed on the weapon permanently. This includes if you go on to sell the weapon, it will leave you and go with the sticker attached. The value of a weapon can be increased or decreased by the sticker on the skin, so look out for this when you are buying or selling.

Look out for pro team logos, event logos and many funny images on the stickers which are in the game. Anyone can create a sticker, though it does have to be voted into the game so if you are creating something, try and make sure it is going to be popular with fans.

How to Get Cheap Stickers in CS:GO?

The great news for those who are looking to get stickers for their weapons is that they can be sourced in several different ways. The easiest is to open a sticker capsule if you are lucky enough to get one. These can drop onto a game after the match has taken place, look out for them as you can get either regular or community made stickers through capsules.

They can also be bought or traded too if you want to. Places such as the Steam marketplace or CS:GO gambling sites are the places to head to if you want to do this. Just remember that you need a capsule key to open them once you get your hands on a sticker.

If you have money to spare then you can buy stickers in game from the store, look in your inventory for a coupon that allows you to do this. Finally, we need to touch on tournament stickers if you have the opportunity to get one of these. They don’t need a capsule key and can be purchased directly in the shop without one.

How to Put a CS:GO Sticker on Your Weapon?

This is very simple to do but it is still a question that many have and one that still needs answering. Go into your inventory and select the sticker you would like to use, then choose the weapon you want to put it on. You will be given four options for the four spaces where a sticker can go, choose one and then confirm, that is all there is to this process, nice and easy for players of all experience.

What are the Different Rarities of CS:GO Stickers?

There are a total of five different levels for CS:GO stickers with different colours and rarity attached to them all. You can find these below to help you work out which you should target and which are the most valuable.

Blue Sticker – High-grade rarity
Purple Sticker – Remarkable/Holo rarity
Pink Sticker – Exotic/Foil rarity
Gold Sticker – Souvenir/Foil rarity
Gold Sticker – Contraband

Can CS:GO Stickers Downgrade?

The good news for those collecting stickers is that they cannot be downgraded, they have the same value while ever you have them. However, you can scrape the stickers which give them a vintage feel. This is limited though, so only do this when you really want to, otherwise, the sticker will be removed.

How do Stickers Change the Value of a Weapon in CSGO?

When you put a sticker onto a weapon, more often than not it will decrease the value of the weapon while ever it is on there. However, remember that you do have the ability to scratch off the sticker if you wish, returning value to your weapon.

If a sticker is rare then it can add value, but it will need to be very rare to have a strong effect. The value of a sticker is only strong if there are people out there wanting to buy them. You will see stickers turn popular for a period before loosening off again, so if you are selling you need to cash in at the right moment to get the best deal for yourself.

What are the Different Styles of CS:GO Stickers?

Most stickers are of a normal style, but there are other variants out there to look out for. The holographic stickers which are also known as holo rarity, have an extra texture layer.

This makes them look better, with a holographic reflection on them. You also have the foil rarity, which are embossed foil stickers with either a metallic or gold foil outline.

What is the Difference Between the Two Types of Stickers Available?

There are two different types of stickers to collect, these are tournament stickers and regular stickers. The tournament stickers are team logos, pro player signatures and another series known as autograph stickers. If a team or player you get can feature in tournaments, you have a tournament sticker. The rest of them are known as regular stickers, that are not related in any way to anything that could be involved with a tournament.

Create Your Own CSGO Stickers

If you are feeling creative then you can create your own CS:GO sticker. To do this, upload your sticker and allow the Steam community to vote on your design. Valve choose the best of these, it needs to fit the game theme and also be legal, and the successful stickers are then uploaded into the game.

Many people try to create their own sticker as it is a great claim to fame for players of CS:GO.

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