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Dota 2: The International 2023 Playoffs Predictions & Analysis

Dota 2: The International 2023 Playoffs Predictions & Analysis

The stage is set for the best 16 teams as they will clash heads in order to determine who will come out on top. In this piece, we are going over every match alongside providing detailed The International 2023 playoffs predictions that you can bet on. Without further ado, let’s get straight into this one.

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  • October 19, 2023
Dota 2: The International 2023 Playoffs Predictions & Analysis

Tundra Esports vs Entity

The defending champions are up against a side that did not show much in recent matches. The fact is, Entity is not a bad team, but the players that are supposed to carry them through nail-biting moments do not show up more often than not.

According to betting sites, Tundra Esports is a solid favorite in this one. In their last five matches, Tundra claimed three 2-0 victories, one tie, and a defeat to Nouns. Contrary to that, Entity did not look good at all. In their last four matches, they are winless.

Combine that with poor competition they faced off against such as Team SMG, and 9Pandas, and you have a team that is in a serious slump right now. When we look at the head-to-head ratio for these two teams, we noticed that Tundra did not lose a map to Entity in the last four events.

All in all, the match is simple for this one. Even though the odds are not as high, we believe that Tundra Esports will overcome Entity without breaking a sweat.

Prediction: Tundra Esports to win
Odds: 1.48
Betting Site: Roobet

Keyd Stars vs BetBoom Team

In our opinion, Keyd Stars do not know how they ended up in the playoffs of TI. This roster was unable to win a single match they played during the group stage, and somehow they pulled through, as PSG Quest was even worse than them.

On the other hand, the BetBoom Team is a seasoned roster filled with veterans who attended plenty of TI’s. During the group stage, they won three matches and lost two. To be honest, it would be a big surprise if Keyd Stars win this match, and the odds prove that.

Overall, these two teams never played against each other, but one thing remains certain. BetBoom Team brings a lot more to the table. However, betting on the match winner will not yield big profits. This is why our pick for this The International 2023 playoffs match is a correct score bet.

Prediction: BetBoom Team to win 2:0
Odds: 1.48
Betting Site: CSGO500

Evil Geniuses vs Gaimin Gladiators

Despite being the outright favorites to win this edition of TI, Gaimin Gladiators had to work hard in order to qualify for The International 2023 playoffs bracket. In their last five matches, they won two against arguably the weakest teams. On top of that, they lost to both LGD Gaming and Talon Esports. Last but not least, Nounes were able to snatch a map from them as well.

To be honest, Evil Geniuses are playing even worse right now. They qualified for the playoffs without winning a single best of two match during the group stage. The only reason why EG advanced is because they had it their way against Team SMG.

Overall, everyone loves a good underdog story, but we simply do not see it happening in this match, and here is why. Gaimin Gladiators bring much more to the table. The previous best of three bouts all went in Gaimin Gladiator’s favor. Moreover, their individual skill and cohesion are miles ahead of EG’s.

Even though the odds for this The International 2023 playoffs match are not high at all, they represent a nice odds booster for your accumulator.

Prediction: Gaimin Gladiators to win
Odds: 1.22
Betting Site:

TSM vs Shopify Rebellion

Since this is a clash between two North American teams, we have a lot of available information to go through. First and foremost, it is worth noting that the only reason Shopify Rebellion qualified is because Thunder Awaken did not even show up to this event.

After an initial draw against Thunder Awaken, Shopify’s steak continued as they lost to Team Liquid, BetBoom Team, and Team Spirit while winning another point in a draw against Azure Ray.

Contrary to that, Team Solo Mid had their ups and downs in the group stage. Despite having some questionable defeats such as the one against Virtus.Pro, TSM did well during the group stage of TI 2023.

Both Team Solo Mid and Shopify Rebellion played a lot of matches against each other. In the last five of them, we have seen two draws, one TSM victory, and two Shopify Rebellion wins. However, it is important to mention that most of those matches kept fans on the edge of their seats and could have easily gone the other way around. For this The International 2023 playoffs prediction, we are betting that a third map is going to be played.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2,5
Odds: 2.08
Betting Site: CSGOEmpire

Azure Ray vs Nouns

After watching their last match against Tundra Esports, we came to the conclusion that Nouns came prepared for this edition of TI. In a group where they were considered as outsiders, Nouns played their hearts out. Despite not winning a single match, they were able to pull through to The International 2023 playoffs.

On the other hand, Azure Ray is a squad built around former PSG.LGD players, so we know what these guys are bringing to the table. The fact is, Azure Ray looked smooth during the group stage as they only lost one match against BetBoom Team.

It is also important to mention that Nouns and Azure Ray faced off during the Bali Major, and Azure Ray had it their way without breaking a sweat. Even if Nouns pull out a similar Brewmaster and Chaos Knight combination, we believe that Azure Ray players are way too experienced and that they will handle them with ease. All in all, the smart money is on Azure Ray in this one.

Prediction: Azure Ray to win
Odds: 1.35
Betting Site: BC.Game

LGD Gaming vs 9Pandas

We all know how good Chinese Dota 2 teams are. However, the Asian Dota 2 scene is nowhere to be found during this year’s Dota Pro Circuit. If we take a closer look at the outright odds, we can freely say that Dota 2 betting sites did give LGD Gaming a lot of chances to top their group.

However, we should state that LGD Gaming had a relatively easy group and an even better seeding match. Their last three matches revolved around Beastcoast,, and Keyd Stars. All three of those teams were massive underdogs. Chinese squad is red hot right now, and it will be interesting to see what will they bring to the table against 9Pandas.

9Pandas were placed in a group where they did not have much to cheer for. Playing against Team Spirit is not something anyone would look forward to. However, they stood their ground and qualified as the third-best team in the group. Moreover, in the seeding match, they upped the pace even more by defeating the BetBoom Team.

In conclusion, betting sites believe that LGD Gaming are massive favorite in this match. To be honest, we do not agree with that. 9Pandas proved that they can play against some of the best squads while LGD Gaming defeated the weakest teams in the event. We suggest a small value bet for this one, that being 9Pandas to win.

Prediction: 9Pands to win
Odds: 2.84
Betting Site: CSGORoll

Team Liquid vs Talon Esports

There is no denying that Team Liquid are playing some of the best Dota 2 right now. In the group stage, they accumulated three wins and a single tie which led to a loss of a single map throughout the event.

Talon Esports, however, had a rough start, and there were a lot of question marks regarding them reaching The International 2023 playoffs. However, two victories in the last two matches of group stages booked them a spot in the seeding match where they contested against Gaimin Gladiators. Overall, this seeding match was filled with mistakes from both sides, and Talon Esports were able to come out on top in this one.

In summary, we believe that Team Liquid brings much more to the table than Talon Esports. To be honest, Talon could have easily lost their match against Gaimin Gladiators despite accumulating a massive lead. Even though this will probably be a real banger, we are siding with Team Liquid.

Prediction: Team Liquid to win
Odds: 1.35
Betting Site: Roobet

Team Spirit vs

Is there really much to say about this match? Team Spirit is by far the strongest team in The International 2023 and their performances prove that. So far during this event, they are yet to lose a map, and they played against serious competition.

On the other hand, had a lot to play for, especially due to the fact that they had to compete in the regional qualifiers. On paper, this team does not have many star players or veterans, but their cohesion and teamplay is solid.

Sadly, the odds speak for themselves, and at the time of writing, Team Spirit is the biggest favorite in The International 2023 playoffs with the odds of them winning a match set to 1.12. There is not much money to be made on such a bet hence why we are going for a straight 2-0 win.

Prediction: Team Spirit to win 2:0
Odds: 1.45
Betting Site: CSGORoll

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