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ESL Pro League Season 18 Playoffs Predictions

ESL Pro League Season 18 Playoffs Predictions

On September 26th, 8 teams will fight to stay alive in one of the most exciting CSGO tournaments to this date. With some of the top contenders already being eliminated, the chances are high that one of the dark horses will pull off another miracle run. In this piece, we will provide predictions and analysis for ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs. Do not miss out on our picks and a chance to profit from betting on this event.

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  • September 25, 2023
ESL Pro League Season 18 Playoffs Predictions

BIG vs Eternal Fire – Playoffs Round 2

After a dominant run in the group stage of ESL Pro League Season 18, BIG is taking on Xantares and his crew who just completely dominated the Danish CS:GO roster, Astralis.

After going 2-0 up against solid teams like Heroic and Monte, the path was carved for BIG to book themselves a direct spot in the quarterfinals. However, they were not able to edge out ENCE. Despite losing, BIG showed fighting spirit against arguably the best CS:GO team right now.

Even though Eternal Fire barely secured a playoff spot, they proved that they deserve to be here. At the moment, they are riding a three-match win streak and the best part about it is, that they did not drop a single map in the process. In the first round of ESL Pro League playoffs, the Turkish franchise stomped Astralis.

Map veto should be easy to predict. BIG is going to permaban Nuke while Eternal Fire will look to remove Ancient as early as possible. The likeliest choice for the Turkish side is Vertigo and they looked insanely good on this map in recent bouts. The German-based roster will look to capitalize on either Mirage or Inferno.

In the eyes of betting sites, this match is nothing else but a coinflip. However, it does not take much to find value in this bet. We strongly believe that Eternal Fire has an edge in this match. They will definitely get to play Vertigo and they look unbeatable on this map. If BIG do not play their hearts out on Inferno or Mirage, they could find themselves in a lot of trouble. All in all, the smart money is on the Turkish squad in this one.

Prediction: Eternal Fire to win
Odds: 1.86
Betting Site: CSGOEmpire

Complexity vs Monte – Playoffs Round 2

After we successfully predicted a close match between Monte and Fnatic, it is time to once again see what is on the table for their upcoming bout.

Complexity narrowly missed out on a quarterfinal spot in the 18th season of the ESL Pro League. After beating 9INE and Cloud9, Complexity did not keep their composure as they were edged out by G2.

Monte went through a real rollercoaster. Despite beating similarly ranked teams like Rooster and MIBR, no one really gave Monte a chance to advance so far in the event. However, they proved everyone wrong by defeating Fnatic comfortably on Anubis and Vertigo.

Ukrainian squad could find themselves in a lot of problems after the map veto is finished. One of their go-to maps, Mirage, is getting permabanned by Complexity. Monte, however, will remove Inferno first. Luckily for Complexity, this is not a map they prefer playing anyway. When it comes to potential picks, Anubis seems like a logical choice for Monte. Keep in mind that Complexity is currently riding a 100% win rate on Anubis(7/7). If they want to get an early advantage, Complexity should pick Overpass as Monte never showed any potential on this map.

Once again, we are provided with even odds for this match. In our opinion, Complexity has a higher chance of coming out on top, but they are not the smartest bet here. By removing Mirage, they are unlocking a path where they can edge out Monte. However, Monte is dominating on Anubis, while the same can be said about Complexity on Overpass. Once again we believe that a decider will have to be played to determine a winner.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.85
Betting Site: CSGORoll

FaZe Clan vs MOUZ – Playoffs Round 2

Even though FaZe Clan looked destined for the quarterfinals, they did not show up when it mattered hence why they will have to clash heads against on-fire MOUZ. Here is our take on this match.

To be honest, FaZe Clan could not get an easier draw. After initially beating 9z, they also had it their way against Fnatic. However, ropz and co. did not show up against Natus Vincere as they were completely battered on Anubis and Nuke.

If MOUZ did not lose their opener to MIBR, there is a high chance that they would qualify for the quarterfinals. However, they had to take a long path and right now they are matched against one of the top contenders. In the first round of ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs, MOUZ dominated FURIA(16-4, 16-5) who realistically did not show up for this match.

It should not be that hard to predict a map veto for this match. Anubis and Vertigo are getting permabanned. There are two solid picks for both teams. FaZe Clan should have the upper hand on Overpass and Inferno, while MOUZ will definitely have their chances on Mirage and Ancient.

Betting sites agree that this is going to be a close match and we agree with that. However, FaZe Clan is filled with veterans who are capable of adjusting on the go while the same can’t be said about MOUZ who often struggle when on the back foot. To be honest, the odds on FaZe Clan are too good to pass on hence why we are sticking with karrigan and his squad in this bout.

Prediction: FaZe Clan to win
Odds: 1.75
Betting Site: CSGO500

Movistar Riders vs 9z – Playoffs Round 2

If someone told us that Movistar Riders(currently the 27th best CS:GO team in the world) is going to start their ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs campaign in the second round, we would not believe them. With that in mind, they will have their hands full with 9z who just pulled off a massive surprise.

To be honest, Movistar Riders got lucky with the initial draw. After beating FURIA, a team that is in a serious slump right now, the Spanish-based franchise also dominated GamerLegion. However, once the first serious squad showed up, Movistar Riders were nowhere to be found as Vitality left them without a fighting chance.

9z had their share of lucky games, but they proved to all of the doubters that beating M80, Apeks, and 5yclone was just the beginning. Even though 9z had their ups and downs against Virtus.Pro, their structure and entry fragging were on point as they sealed a narrow 2-1 victory.

When it comes to map pool, these two teams have a lot in common. For instance, both teams tend to permaban Vertigo. This time around, we are positive that Movistar Riders will actually look to remove Mirage from the map pool. As for the potential picks, Anubis or Overpass should do wonders for Movistar Riders while 9z can look for their chance on Nuke.

All in all, these two teams showed up in the second round of ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs somehow. Due to the fact that they bring similar individual skill, we should be in for a banger. In our books, it is pointless to predict a winner in this one as it could go either way. By far the best bet for this match is to go for the over 2.5 maps.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.85
Betting Site: BC.Game

Fnatic vs Monte

To be honest, no one gave Fnatic or Monte any chance of qualifying for the ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs. However, one of these two teams is going to advance even further. Let’s find out who will that team be.

In their last four matches, Fnatic is sitting on three victories and one defeat. They defeated Imperial, 5yclone, and Apeks while dropping a game to the FaZe Clan. On the other hand, Monte had its ups and downs in recent weeks.

After losing to BIG, the Ukrainian roster edged out team Rooster while losing a close match to MIBR. However, with their backs against the wall, Monte played their hearts out and closed a 2-1 series against one of the best CSGO teams in the world, Heroic.

Since this match is played in the best-of-three format, knowing what to expect during the map veto is important. We know for a fact that Monte will permaban Inferno while Fnatic will want to remove Mirage.

It is important to mention that Mirage is the most played map for Monte recently, and they will definitely feel that ban. There is another option for Monte though. Anubis is their most likely pick and we believe they will pull through on this one.

Fnatic, however, will have plenty of maps to choose from. In our books, Overpass seems like the best choice for the Swedish franchise as Monte struggled on this map. He has a 25% win rate over 8 matches.

To conclude, both teams did not look that good during the group stage. With so much on the line, we are positive that they are once again going to play their hearts out. At the moment, CSGO match betting sites are providing even odds for these two teams. Instead of trying to predict a winner, we would advise a bet of over 2.5 maps.

Prediction: Total Maps Played – Over 2.5
Odds: 1.81
Betting Site: Try your luck at gambling on a CSGO match at CSGORoll

Astralis vs Eternal Fire

With device firing on all cylinders, Astralis is once again looking like a solid team. However, the Danes will not have an easy task against fired-up Eternal Fire that is filled with raw firepower.

During their ESL Pro League Season 18 run, Astralis showed that they have what it takes. After being battered by Ninjas in Pyjamas in their opener, they bounced right back with three straight 2-0 victories.

Eternal Fire had a much better start after beating 9INE. But, they did not bring anything to the table once they played against Virtus.Pro. No one gave XANTARES and his squad a chance in the upcoming match against Cloud9, but they proved everyone wrong. They did the exact same thing again once they played versus Team Liquid.

Map veto should be straightforward regarding this bout. Eternal Fire never plays Ancient and with this ban, they are removing Astralis’ favorite map. On the other hand, Astralis is most likely to ban Anubis and this has been a go-to map for the Turkish side for a while now.

This map veto will lead to Eternal Fire picking either Vertigo or Inferno. To be honest, we do not rate them high on either of these two maps. The Danish roster should look to take things to Overpass as they won 7 matches in a row here and we do not believe that Eternal Fire have what it takes to beat them on this map.

All in all, Astralis was always known for its ability to shut down players who rely on individual skill to win matches. This is exactly the case with Eternal Fire. On top of that, map veto is heavily favoring Astralis in this ESL Pro League Season 18 match and we are positive that they will come out on top.

Prediction: Astralis to win
Odds: 1.49
Betting Site: CSGOEmpire 

Virtus.Pro vs 9z

The CIS-based roster is by far the biggest favorite of this ESL Pro League Season 18 playoffs round. Are you going to use Virtus.Pro as an odds booster for your accumulators or does 9z stand a chance in this one? Let’s find out.

Jame and his squad did not have an easy route to playoffs. After beating Team Liquid, they tried their best against G2, but it was not enough. However, Eternal Fire did not bring much to the table as Virtus.Pro sealed a 2-0 victory. In their final test, Virtus.Pro went head-to-head against Team Liquid, again. They did not have many problems closing the series as they won 2-1.

However, 9z had arguably far easier competition. After losing to FaZe Clan and Imperial in a one-sided affair, 9z claimed three victories against M80, Apeks, and 5yclone. To be honest, neither one of these three teams posed a threat to him.

We do not think that map veto will play a key factor in this bout. However, Virtus.Pro has a massive advantage in this department as well. By removing Nuke, 9z is left without the only map where they stood a chance. This will leave Virtus.Pro with a wide range of available picks such as Overpass or Anubis.

Overall, there is a reason why Virtus.Pro is such a massive favorite in the eyes of CSGO gambling sites. We simply can’t find a good enough reason not to bet on Virtus.Pro in this one. However, since the betting odds are not as high, we will go for a riskier option, that being a clean 2-0 victory.

Prediction: Virtus.Pro to win 2-0
Odds: 1.75
Betting Site: CSGO500


This one is going to be a real nail-biter. Both teams are fired up for this match and they definitely deserve to be here. We believe that one team has an advantage in this bout, and here is why.

Despite losing their ESL Pro League Season 18 opener to MIBR, frozen and his squad stepped up by winning three remaining matches without dropping a map. Once we mentioned that they defeated the likes of Evil Geniuses, Heroic, and MIBR, their recent form sounds even better.

In their last five matches, FURIA only lost once. They defeated Grayhound two times, Ninjas in Pyjamas, and GamerLegion. However, once they were matched against top contenders, they did not stand a chance as Astralis stomped them hard.

Map veto should be interesting since these two teams share similar permabans. First and foremost, MOUZ will look to remove Anubis while FURIA can opt-in to remove either Overpass or Inferno.

There are only two maps FURIA can go for, that being Vertigo or Mirage. On the other hand, MOUZ can opt-in for Inferno if it is not banned, or Ancient. In our opinion, they are much stronger than the Brazilians on either one of these maps.

In conclusion, both teams should get a comfortable pick for themselves. In terms of firepower, we can’t rule out either team. In their past meetings, MOUZ got the better of FURIA and we believe that the same thing is going to happen in this one as well.

Prediction: MOUZ to win
Odds: 1.55
Betting Site: BC.Game

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