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Fade Guide: Patterns, Skins and Percentages

Fade Guide: Patterns, Skins and Percentages

Technically, the Fade pattern can be described as a category that encompasses many other sub-patterns available on CSGO weapon skins. As with any other CS:GO skin pattern, the primary element is the set of colors.

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  • October 4, 2022
Fade Guide: Patterns, Skins and Percentages

Fade skins come in a mix of gold (yellow), pink (red), and blue (purple). These skins may also show a lack of color in the form of grey, which significantly affects the value of a skin.

The greater percentage of grey featured in a Fade knife, the less it is worth. There are two ways to categorize fade patterns: by percentage or through a 1001 pattern index.

In terms of percentage, the more faded the blade looks, the bigger the pattern percentage. Even though it may sound too simplistic, it is not that simple to categorize all Fade knives.

While the standard percentage ranges from 80% to 100%, knives like Falchions can feature 85% to 110% of fade, considering how the pattern applies to the blade and the handle.

The 1001 pattern index refers to the number of pattern versions of the same skin. It is not hard to find Fade skins that look identical but have a different pattern index. Many users rely on this method to assess whether a skin is “Full Fade” or fake.

A solid way to check it is to inspect the skin on CS:GO, click on the “Info Image” icon, and check the “Pattern Template” number. Then, you just need to compare this number with the “Full Fade” numbers found on the knives’ fade page.

If the “Pattern Template” number is the same as one of the numbers listed as “Full Trade,” then you have a 100% Fade item. Use the two methods combined for maximum safety and results, and you will not regret doing so.

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