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Gamma Doppler Guide: Phases, Values and More

Gamma Doppler Guide: Phases, Values and More

The knife is the primary weapon on Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, making skins and patterns for them highly sought-after. The Gamma Doppler is one of the most popular knife skins available on CS:GO.

These special skins were added back in June 2016, being available on Gamma cases. In essence, you will find the Gamma Doppler pattern in two different grades – Mythical and Legendary.

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  • September 27, 2022
Gamma Doppler Guide: Phases, Values and More

Finding a skin with Legendary status is significantly rarer, which means you will not have an easy job if you want to have one of these in your portfolio. Conversely, the Mythical pattern is considered the standard version obtained in cases.

There are four different phases available to the Mythical Pattern::

  • Phase 1
  • Phase 2
  • Phase 3
  • Phase 4

All phases feature shades of green and blue. With 80% of the blade in tones of dark blue in a combination of sea blue and black, the Phase 1 standard has not the favorite look according to most players.

Conversely, Phase 2 is more popular and features more greenish tones, corresponding to 80% of the blade. The standard applied to the Phase 3 standard mixes black, green, and aqua tones, making it uniquely crafted.

Different from all other phases, Phase 4 features tones of yellowish lime and makes the blade look brighter in clearer tones. As expected, the most sought-after standard is the Legendary pattern, which features a strong lightening tone of green.

Also referred to as “Emerald” among users in the community, the value of a Legendary Gamma Doppler skin can increase the value of a knife by 900% – that’s a massive increase!

For example, a combination of a StatTrak Butterfly Knife with a Gamma Doppler Emerald finish applied to the blade can be purchased for nothing less than $9,400 on the Steam Community.

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