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How Many People Play CSGO?

How Many People Play CSGO?

Are you wondering how many people play CSGO? Almost 10 years after the game was released, Counter-Strike Global Offensive started breaking records. In this piece, we will touch base on daily player count, peaks, and demographics. On top of that, we will compare CS player count with other Steam games and much more so don’t miss out.

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  • September 1, 2023
How Many People Play CSGO?


According to the Steam charts website, in 2023 CSGO averages around 1,200,000 users per day. With that being said, the peak player count in the last 30 days is 1,369,511.

Let’s compare these numbers to 2019 and 2020 in order to determine when was Counter-Strike more popular. In 2019, CSGO averaged around 650,00 while in 2020 we saw a big increase as it closed to million players.

In 2021 and 2022, Counter-Strike had its ups and downs and the figure mostly averaged around 900,000 concurrent players per day.


Counter-Strike Global Offensive was released back in 2012. Almost 10 years after the release, CS started breaking records. How does CSGO record compare to other Steam games? It is time to find out.

Let’s take the 10 most popular games on Steam. Keep in mind that we will include both single player games and multiplayer titles.

  1. PUBG: Battlegrounds – PUBG broke all of the records with 3,236,027 concurrent players. Even though Counter-Strike Global Offensive did not come close to this record, it is important to mention that PUBG: Battlegrounds is in reality a dead game that averages around 300,000 daily players.
  2. CS:GO – 1,802,853. That is how many people played CS:GO in a single day. This record was set in May 2023, almost 11 years after the release. According to analysis and live player count, the number of players is not dropping any time soon. All of this could lead to another CSGO record being broken.
  3. Lost Ark – even though Lost Ark had its five minutes of glory in 2022, the game is nowhere to be found right now. After topping the charts with 1,324,761 players across many countries, players got fed up with the game modes and the same weapons. At the time of writing, Lost Ark averages 75,000 daily players.
  4. Dota 2 – this MOBA title has a big player base and a very popular esports scene. Let’s face it, everyone heard about The International. Dota 2 never came close CSGO’s all-time peak. But, we have to give credit where credit is due, Dota 2 has been around since 2012 and still has a stable player count and excellent gaming community.
  5. Elden Ring – despite having an excellent start by hitting the peak of 952,523 average players, the game crumbled and never came close to this number again. In recent months, this title has averaged around 35,000 gamers per day.
  6. New World – once again we are seeing a game with a decreasing player count. During peak hours, New World accumulated 913,027 concurrent players. However, in the last couple of months average players per day dropped straight down to 12,000.
  7. Baldur’s Gate 3 – this title came out of nowhere. According to Steam charts, Baldur’s Gate 3 averaged 1,000 daily players in the last couple of years. In July and August of 2023, the player base jumped all the way to 440,672 daily players.
  8. Cyberpunk 2077 – after the initial hype, the gaming community became aware that Cyberpunk 2077 is not a finished product and this average player count dropped instantly. At the time of writing, there are 16,000 active players per day.
  9. Goose Goose Duck – it is interesting to see that the indie genre found its way on this list. Due to the fact that this game uses a free to play model, the numbers are high with a peak of 701,898 players.
  10. Apex Legends – everyone expected Apex Legends to be higher on this list. Despite being a competitive esports title, Apex had an all-time peak of 624,473. We need to keep in mind that this game is available on other platforms as well.


In 2020, Riot Games released Valorant as a direct competition to Valve Corporation and Counter-Strike Global Offensive. Do you want to find out how many people play these two games, and who has more players? Let’s dive right in! website put in place statistics that reveal the following. 1,600,000 people play Valorant every day. Steam Charts, on the other hand, revealed that around 1,200,000 players play Counter Strike Global Offensive every day.

counter strike global offensive player count statistics

According to the information that is available to us, we can agree that these two multiplayer FPS titles are amongst the most popular shooters on the market. You should also know that both games have a strong presence in the esports world.

However, Valorant is a much newer game and it is going to be interesting to see whether they will keep the current base of players for years to come.

Another topic worth discussing is the use of terrorists and counter-terrorists in all of the Counter-Strike series and editions. Any form of terrorism is a topic no one likes to talk about hence why national televisions and news portals are shying away from broadcasting news about the game.

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Ever since Counter-Strike Global Offensive became free to play, player count started to rise. Both young guns and experienced gamers wanted to try the game and see what the hype is all about.

We have seen a 30% increase in player count since Valve Corporation announced that the game is free for everyone. Many people play CS:GO and the total number of active players is slowly increasing. There are a couple of reasons for that.

What do you think, how many people play CS:GO because they want to earn free skins by getting drops? In our opinion, this number is high. Moreover, the competitive nature of the game is also something that we need to mention. Active players like to be challenged hence why they are coming back to play on a regular basis.

There are various ways of playing Counter-Strike. The most popular game modes are bomb defusal where terrorists are trying to plant the bomb while counter-terrorist are preventing them from doing so. Hostage rescue and Danger Zone are often played.

A statement made by the Counter-Strike Global Offensive team explained CS perfectly. The game is easy to understand and hard to master. The more time you invest into it, the better you get. One tap, perfect spray control, smartly used utility, an ace, or an epic clutch, these feelings never get old.

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In global, the five countries that play Counter-Strike Global Offensive the most are the United States, Brazil, Germany, United Kingdom, and Russia.

csgo players per 1 million citizens

Leetify put in place an interesting analysis with over 7 million unique matchmaking players that were analyzed by their team. Here are the results based on most Counter-Strike Global Offensive players per one million citizens:

  1. Denmark – 78,892
  2. Estonia – 77,260
  3. Finland – 76,873
  4. Latvia – 58,537
  5. Lithuania – 55,374
  6. Sweden – 55,273
  7. Portugal – 51,560
  8. Norway – 46,422
  9. Poland – 37,786
  10. Slovakia – 34,003

Now that you are familiar with countries that have the highest player count in Counter-Strike Global Offensive players per million citizens, it is time to go over the five countries that have the fewest. Results here could surprise you:

  1. India – 324
  2. China – 486
  3. Pakistan – 500
  4. Indonesia – 665
  5. Mexico – 851

The average age of active players is 27. When it comes to pro players, the oldest professional is 75 years old and currently plays for the Young Guard, one of many Ukrainian Counter-Strike Global Offensive teams.

Alongside playing Counter-Strike, 10% of new players also enjoy playing Apex Legends. An additional 7% of active players compete in Valorant as well. Keep in mind that 20% are playing all three mentioned games.

Around 50% of Counter-Strike Global Offensive active players are only interested in playing the game. They are not interested in Counter-Strike tournaments and leagues where pros compete for money and fame.


Sooner rather than later, Counter-Strike Global Offensive is going to be replaced by Counter-Strike 2. So, what is going to happen to the player count? Are we going to see even higher peak periods?

We strongly believe that the release of Counter-Strike 2 is going to break all the records and that the edition of CS is going to take the #1 spot from PUBG: Battlegrounds.

cs2 release could break the Steam record

The hype around playing CS 2 has been building for several months. More and more players are switching from other games just so they can prepare to compete in the Counter-Strike Global Offensive sequel.

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Now that you are familiar with player count in CS, it is time to ask yourself, how many players are using CSGO gambling sites? The answer is a lot.

Popular sites like CSGORollCSGOEmpire, and CSGO500 provide the full package for both beginners and experienced gamblers. Here, you can enjoy various games including Crash, Plinko, Case Openings, Roulette, and Case Battles. On top of that, you can bet on professionals who are playing CS:GO in various tournaments and leagues.

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